UPDATED: Ann Taylor Stackable Coupon & Shoe Sale

* Psst - the Rock & Republic blushes that I've fallen in love with via Jen are on Ideeli today from $18-$24. I picked up "Seduce" and a backup of my favorite color, Tease (mauve-y, cooler pink) which I wear almost every day. Click here if you need an invite.

Hi lovely readers - I apologize for the lack of reviews and posts of value lately. I've been traveling for work and haven't had a chance to photograph through my stack of packages at home.

Here is another quickie because a reader (thanks Lucy!) alerted me that Ann Taylor's current shoe sale is potentially stackable with coupons. Of course I couldn't pass up the chance to get another pair of beloved perfect pumps at over 50% off:

The deal: This weekend, get $50 off and free shipping (no minimum) on any full-price shoe purchase

Stackable coupon: EBATES20 gives you 20% off any reg-price purchase of $150 or more. To meet this minimum I ordered 5 and 5.5 to try on for size. My coworker said their oxford pump looks fab in person. *UPDATE: "108026956" gives you an extra 30% off these shoes with no minimum needed. Worked for me - thank you so much aquav87!

Cash back: 3% back if you shop AT via ebates

The last time I posted a stackable coupon, it stopped working after one day...probably when LOFT noticed the glitch and removed it! So get your shop on if you were eying any of the AT pumps : )


  1. i wonder when AT will come to canada! i love their clothes!


  2. I love how you're always looking out for us petites even when you're away on travel! Thanks again for the tipoff on this deal.

  3. Ahh wish I could afford these! They're gorgeous shoes and love the low heel!

  4. p.s. scuba seamed pants arriving Monday.. I really really hope they fit!

  5. I used your link to sign up for Ideeli and got the blush in Seduce and Lust. I also got the pressed powder in Chiffon, crossing my fingers that it'll match my skin tone! Thanks for the heads up on these deals :)

  6. oh i meant Tease and Lust, not Seduce :) but boy, they all sound sexy haha.

  7. I love your posts. But I always end up buying something after... :| not good for my wallet. lol

  8. Are these super comfortable? I'm going to the US this weekend I want to check it out!

  9. Okay, I am seriously considering getting a pair of practical "work" shoes with this coupon... darnit Jean, I'm supposed to be not shopping! :P

    Those suede pumps look gorgeous, and COMFORTABLE! Are they? They look like something that can be walked in all day.

    Hope you're not too exhausted from traveling for work! Looking forward to seeing you post more again :)


  10. Ann Taylor sent me a code for 25% off on an entire purchase of accessories (including shoes). I used it on top of the $50-off shoes, and it worked! No need to buy $150 minimum just to get this additional discount. The granite pumps are now $75.60 with the code, which is 108026956. Hope it works for you! And if you have an Ann Taylor card, you can get 30% off instead of just 25% =]

  11. Roxy - what a bummer they're not in canada! I don't know where I'd shop for work clothes.

    RL - I have to thank readers (special thanks to Lucy and auav87 for alerting me so quickly lol). I am just happy to spread the word because I love these shoes for work : )

    Sophia - ahh, my scuba pants have been sitting in the mailroom since Monday! Let's see who will get to them first lol.

    Sunshine - I love tease and I think it can be universally flattering on different skin tones. I really hope you will like it too! You'll have to let me know what you think when they arrive. I'm especially curious about the powder in chiffon. I looked on makeupalley and the reviews were mixed.

    Tiffany - I share your pain. I wake up every morning to emails about these deals from either readers or retailers, plus read all these great blog reviews. Everyone is an enabler!

    Anonymous - do check these out while you're in the states : ) I wouldn't say they win a gold medal for comfort, but I wear them all day, every day while at work (not for commuting though...) and they are not uncomfortable. They took a few days to break in (and I stretched my size 5's with newspaper) and then all was good.

    Jen - I hope they are comfy : ) But I wouldn't say AT pumps are something you'd want to walk in all day outdoors. They are great for indoor office wear but I scuffed up my heel after 5 minutes outdoors "in the rough."

    Aquav87 - I used your code and got the same price as you ($75.60), so 30% off without an Ann Taylor card. Since there was no minimum I just re-ordered for the savings. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  12. OMG... just got my perfect pumps last Friday and am loving them. Would've totally jumped on getting these if I didn't have my Via Spigas (which I wear to work and out all the time). Wish there were some Porcini's left...

    Forwarded this to all my friends who have been lemming for some pretty suede pumps after seeing my VS pair.

    P.S. I got a Mint.com warning this month for spending double my shopping budget. All the blame goes to you girls and your blogs. HAHA.

  13. Oh wow, I didn't even notice that. I guess there is a glitch and the system gave us 30% instead of 25%. (I don't have an AT card either.)Anywho, this shopper is definitely not complaining!

    And you're welcome for the code =]

  14. awesome, thanks so much for posting!! i got a pair of $228 boots for $112! i also had a 20 dollar reward.

  15. omgosh THANKS SO MUCH! I got 2 pairs of shoes for 225! 2 "perfect pumps"...i couldn't decide between animal print or plain black ones.. I took your advice on how if you're b/w sizes choose size down, so hopefully it fits! THANK YOU!

  16. LOOOOVE your blog! Thanks for the discount code & sale tip, just ordered my first pair of Ann Taylor shoes. Hopefully the size 5 fits :)

  17. MichLA - I'm so glad you loved the pumps! lol...I don't bother setting the shopping budget : ) It varies so much from month to month, plus I return so much from online orders that the over budget alert would pop up every day!

    Leena - Nice!! Which boots are those? I wonder how tall their boots are, haven't had the chance to try em on yet.

    Annie - I'm curious how the leopards look. You'll have to keep us posted. The black ones are definite keepers for work. Btw, if it ends up a little tight, try stretching them out stuffed full of newspaper wads. The 5's were almost painfully tight on me at first, but 5.5's had some slippage...but newspaper did the trick.

    Pandora408 - Thank you so much : ) I hope the 5's fit you as well (but they do run about half size big), I love my AT pumps!

  18. I bought the patent graphite this summer at the outlet for about $45 after discounts(what a steal) so I was hesitant to get another pair with only $50 off. However, the code sold me and I got the blk leather (sz 6.5) and suede navy(6). I prob wont keep both but my patents are 6.5 and they have a bit of slippage but still very comfy IMO. I'll keep whichever fits best...lol! Thanks so much!!!

  19. I am also a petite one and I have found that your website is extremely helpful for all petites out there.
    Thanks so much.


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