Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Shopping Recap: LOFT

The Ann Taylor & LOFT friends and family sale ends tomorrow, so I popped into both stores today to try my luck. Boo Ann Taylor for not carrying extended sizes...I browsed for 2 minutes, found no sz tiny returns, and left. LOFT however, surprised me again with their selection of pretty & feminine pieces, with plenty of XXSP items in stock.

Again, use code FRIENDSFB for 30% off, or print out this coupon for in-store.

1. Petite Ruffle Front Halter w/bow tie back, sz PXS, $35 after coupon.
This is an online exclusive but I found a return. I checked online on my phone and saw that there were no PXXS's online, either. The color is a soft periwinkle that is really pretty in person. Although the side view is boxy (I may try taking it in myself), I decided to buy it after seeing how cute it looked tucked in.  I think I will get a lot of wear out of this tucked in under my plain black suits : )

Verdict: Purchased!

Continue reading for more reviews....

 2. Petite Cotton Ruffle Jacket in 00P, $69 after coupon.
I usualy don't like LOFT's blazers (boxy shape) but I actually loved this one. The body could be more fitted and the sleeves could be more slim, but the silhouette (nipped waist and flared hem does wonders) is very shapely and the details are so feminine. I will get this if it goes on further sale. $70 is what I pay for my beloved Theory jackets from the outlet so I thought it was too much
Verdict: waiting for further sale!

 3. Petite Ruffled Front Cardigan sz XXSP, $49 after coupon.
Kelly's favorite cardigan! I had to try this on after seeing it on her. True to her words it fits really nicely, but I thought it was expensive, plus didn't love the color. This comes in a lovely gray in regular sizing, but not in petites.
 Verdict: would recommend.

4. Petite Shoulder Ruffle Cardigan, sz XXSP, $35 after coupon.
I'm on the fence about this one...I actually quite like how it's styled in the stock photo with the brown waist belt. The ruffle just seemed a tad out of place to me, like it was thrown on. I wish it were in the same color as the sweater.
 Verdict: passed, but it can be cute.

 5. Petite Multi-Tier Shell, sz XXSP, $35 after coupon.
This is a little overdone. I felt like a birthday cake. The only thing I liked was the pale peachy color.
 Verdict: no-go.

6. Petite Tiered Silk Skirt, sz 00P, $56 after coupon.
Pretty concept, but like most LOFt skirts, this is too big for tiny petites. I have two very similar skirts from H&M (see this old post) and they were $30 each and fit much better than this.
 Verdict: Pass for tiny petites. Potentially nice on women who are at least a size up from me.

 One thing I wished they had in XXSP was this top, in moss green:
This seems perfect for wearing casually with jeans or under a suit for work. They only had a Petite M left and the color was really nice in person - perfect for Fall. I also loved the exposed back zipper. I envision lots of olive  green, rust orange, and mustard yellow colors for Fall...I can't wait!!

My shopping/buffet eating outfit today. Stretchy garments are a must for all-you-can-eat places!
Tanks: Theory sz P, Leggings: H&M kids sz 10/11, Sandals: Miss Trish for Target

All you can eat brunch alfresco-style. Yum!


  1. PAG--I saw that top (Twisted Neckline w/Exposed Back Zip) online and loved it. I found it in my local Loft store and tried on the PXXS in green (as pictured). While the fit is okay, there was something about the neckline that didn't sit quite right with me. I spent a decent amount of time readjusting, but ultimately felt it was too ambiguous and abstract for work and had to leave it behind. :(

    Let us know if you find it and are able to make the neckline a bit better. I still have hopes for this top!

  2. The 1st top is my favorite too. You sure will get lots of wear out of this top. Periwinkle is a nice color too. It's not one of the color we would buy all the time. Great find!

  3. Oohh! I am loving the ruffle front halter on you. I am about to step out to the mall so will definitely have to look for that. I also found the olive green top but am on the fence about it as I too find the neckline a little disconcerting. Cute outfit for the buffet!!

  4. Yin & Janet - ah, you guys have confirmed my fears. I thought it looked a little awkward on the model. They could have made it drape so much more nicely. I think I was more drawn to the color and zipper detail : )

    PLG - I agree it's not a color we see a lot. It's perfect for Spring...I wish that top came in Fall colors!

  5. why do you consistently look so perfect? i'm so jealous :) i like the teal cardigan on you and that dark green colour!

  6. very cute. my favorites are the first top and the shoulder ruffle cardigan

    roxy @

  7. Love the first top on you!! : )

    I agree about stretchy garments for AYCE places. ; ) Especially sushi! <3

  8. Wow, you really took a journey into the world of ruffles during this trip - which I LOVE! I love love love ruffles. I actually like #5 and bought something like it at F21 a few weeks is very 'birthday cake' but kinda cute :) Good finds! Makes me want to go shopping... :D

  9. My favorite on you is the blazer - that hem is adorable! I hope you are able to pick it up at a better price and add it to your wardrobe.

    I really like the ruffled cardigan on you. And the colour looks great - it's probably just personal preference on the colour. Did they have it in the other colour?

    The first top looks great tucked in! I'm sure it will be very versatile.

  10. Jean-- look pretty as usual. i like #1-5...even#5! even though you think its over the top. Wow great fines! They all good great on you. I went in there last week and took a quick glance, but didn't find anything I like.

  11. I am loving the Petite Ruffle Front Halter and the Petite Shoulder Ruffle Cardigan!! Too bad you passed on it :P

  12. The first top is super cute! I love it! Thanks for the review!

  13. I really like the jacket on you (#2) -it looks great!

  14. PAG all the blouses look AMAZING on you! You have such a nice body--seriously. We may almost have the same measurements, but I don't have the same figure. I would love to have smaller thighs like you. Hehehe! Mmmm brunch looked yummy! Justin and I had brunch today too. Heheh! :)

  15. Oh wow you really are tiny! But I love the ruffle shirts on you, super superrr cute, I think the multi-tier shirt would look really nice underneath a blazer or something to give the look some texture. But I especially like the first shirt posted that you purchased :D

  16. I was just peeked at the Loft website and thinking on the Halter top. Would you then have to wear a strapless bra or xback-strap? I also loved the olive green top but the comments are making me rethink. Love the jacket on you but then you always look good.

  17. I just got my LOFT package.... and my favorites are the first top and the exposed back zipper top! I also tried on the silk skirt in store and it fits exactly the same on me. Don't really like #4 (randomly thrown on ruffle) and #5 (preggers) either. And I'm on the fence about #3 (ruffle cardigan)... I've already bought too many cardigans lately, but it's so pretty!

  18. I love the first ruffle top! I'm always weary about ruffles, esp tiered ruffles because it tends to emphasize the width of a person so I think only really slim girls can pull it off. My personal opinion but since you're slim, it doesn't make you look wide haha. The blazer/jacket is really cute too and I like that it's a neutral beige colour so you can wear it with a lot of things. I'd def pass on the multi-tiered white top, too much going on there. And the tiered skirt is cute because it's not ruffly but I think the length needs to be shorter for you in order for it to look more proportionate. Your iPhone camera is really great for your shopping recaps! The quality is so clear. Looks like I might have to invest in an iPhone haha

  19. I LOVE your outfits! I love how you find clothes that fir=t you so well.. I'm pretty small too so it gives me hope!

  20. I actually like #4 and think it would look really nice with dress pants or a pencil skirt. Not a fan of #3 (except for its colour), though.

    By the way: Has anyone noticed that AT and LOFT often have fewer colour selection for petite sizes (sometimes by A LOT)?

  21. I personally like the ruffle cardigan, I like unusual details in clothing though. The ruffle jacket looks similar to the peplum jacket that I have seen on Jen from HerWaiseChoice and Chloe from TheCloeConspiracy! Must keep a watchful eye on that one .... =0D

  22. Those are some really cute cardigans and tops that you tried on. I wish I had a Loft or Ann Taylor store at my location. I could check it out and order it online, but I'm not too sure of the sizing and like to try on clothing before I actually buy it beforehand. Really cute stuff though!

  23. I saw the shoulder ruffle cardigan online and thought it was cute, but then saw it in store and wasn't convinced. Kinda weird detail.

    Too bad the ruffle cardigan didn't come in a color you like. I'm in love with mine. =)

    I tried that silk skirt and had a similar experience. I thought it would look better if it were tapered like a pencil skirt. The A line looked frumpy on me.

  24. It's been a couple of years since I ventured into an AT Loft, but after seeing so many reviews on their clothing, I'm tempted to go see their clothes in person and try some things on. My fav of all the pieces you tried on is the cardigan (#3) ~ it fits so well at the shoulder and looks like it would be quite fitted when buttoned up! But yeaa.. $50 after coupon? Does it have any silk or cashmere in it?

  25. The front ruffle halter looks so cute on you. I'll get one if I, uhmm, some years younger. :) The twisted neckline is still my favorite despite the above comments about the neckline. That's the special part to me. i have called the local store to hold one, can't wait to see how it looks on me.

  26. Oh, forgot to mention that I like your buffet picture.I never had buffet outside. Must be a joyful experience on the gorgeous Saturday.

  27. I tried #1 yesterday and loved it as well. I agree with exactly what you said about the top. I thought the tie at the back was a nice touch. I certainly would have grabbed one if it weren't out of my budget even with the coupon, and actually a bit too fancy for my workplace. I did get a pair of the Julie pants for only $8, though! Perfect fit, too, with no need to hem or take in anything, as I am petite as well. Thanks for letting us know about the coupon!

  28. I really liked the two cardigans that you tried on. I thought the teal one looked really good on you. The grey ruffled one was pretty too! I personally would have gotten that of all your picks. But I love cardigans.

  29. That first ruffled top is my favourite. I'd wear that under a jacket or something.

    I also like all the stores you've listed, but not only do we not have a Target or Ann Taylor LOFT here, but I haven't found theory yet!!

  30. I got the Cotton Faille blazer today for $29.99! Extra 25% off sale :)


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