Samples Sales & A Good Coupon

Just wanted to do a quick post to share a coupon and some sample sales that I'm actually interested in!

1. Gap's "give and get" is back! Click here for a 30% off in-store coupon.

This is a pretty awesome's good on anything from Gap, Banana Republic, Gap outlet, BR Outlet, and Old Navy from August 26th-29th. The best part - 5% of what you spend goes to charity.

2. Sample sales I'm watching. All of these happen to be on Hautelook (click here for a referral):

- Today: Stila Cosmetics.
I bought the smokey eye quad on xppinkx's rec. She said she loves it as much as Urban Decay's Naked palette!
- Tomorrow: Mackage Coats.
I've heard so many nice things about this brand from fellow coat aficionados. They have size XXS.
- Wednesday: Urban Decay.
I'll be looking for their highly reviewed primer potion! My bare lids are a terrible canvas for eyeshadow.

3. Petite Fashion Challenge #1 is this week! Refer back here for the rules. If you're still interested in participating, please fill out the little form below so I can make sure to link to you accurately : ) Non-bloggers, feel free to send me your photos.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the challenge! Can't participate because of my extremely limited wardrobe, sadly.

  2. Getting nervous about the challenge LOL. I tried a few things out this weekend but didn't take final pictures yet as the light was not shining in the house nicely :(

  3. I was so happy when I got the Gap/BR/ON coupon in my inbox this morning! :D

    I've thought long and hard for this week's challenge, but nothing comes to mind! I don't even own anything like that! (long dresses, capris, wide pants, etc.) Maybe I'll join in the next challenge!!

  4. I'm interesting in the Mackage coats too! Sent my link in...Capris. =)

  5. By the way, off-topic..but do you have any other recommendations for petite denim jeans asides from Allison Izu? Preferably those that offer size 22/23 or a small 24.

  6. Submitted my "Petite Don't" form! I'm afraid it's not very imaginative, but should still be fun. Can't wait to see everyone else's submissions!

  7. I visualized something in mind that I "thought" would work out but it turned out to be a total diaster. It sure is a challenge. I do not have a back up plan and time is running out!

  8. This challenge sounds like fun! I'm a little confused by it though.. so are we suppose to try to make a "petite don't" work on us? Do we upload photos on our own blog and link it to you?

    Thanks! :)

  9. I was stalking Stila today too. I didn't let myself order anything though b/c I'm more excited for UD on Wed though the 24carat lipglosses were calling my name.

    I like UD's Primer Potion but when you think you've run out, try to cut the bottle open & you will find almost 1/4 of the bottle still left in there. Jen from frmheadtotoe prefers UD's Primer Potion b/c she says it's less oily but I prefer Too Faced Shadow Insurance b/c unlike the Primer Potion, you're not sticking bacteria from your eyes back into the bottle, AND with the shadow insurance tube, you get to squeeze all of it out (more bang for your buck).

    I'm hoping they'll have UD's Surreal Skin Mineral Makeup on WEd!!!!! Do you primarily use Bare Escentuals mineral makeup?

  10. I just submitted my input form. It was tough to accomplish "Petite Fashion Challenge" #1 but I got it done :) I will keep my eyes out for Mackage Coats too. Thanks for the couponn codes.

  11. can't wait for your challenge :) ! i don't know if that romper outfit i did forever ago even counts - it turned into a petite "do" xD

    ooo that is a good deal for UDPP! i hear great things about it but i'm too cheap to dish out the full $18 too when i usually only use eyeliner or mascara and skip the shadow xD

    i did it! i finally godaddy'd my blog and made it into a .com (with tons of troubleshooting from my bf) hehe yay!

  12. Thanks for the coupons and sale notices =) Always very handy!

    Can't wait to see some of the competition results =)

  13. Thanks for the coupon! I love your blog!

  14. Thanks everyone who submitted!

    Abby - maybe next time : )

    Jessy - most designer denim brands make a 23 or 24 but the remaining proportions don't work that well. For example I tried on Rock&Republic size 23...the waist was TINY but the knees were at my calves and the jeans were a foot too long. I would try kids (if you don't have a big tush) like Gap, H&M, Abercrombie, and American eagle size 00 short fits pretty small too.

    Aubrey...well now that you put it that way with the bacteria in a bottle, lol! If I get it I 'll have to look for less germy ways to apply it. Elle from elleandish did a little post on cutting the bottle in half and putting the remains in a little jar. And yes I still use bare minerals...but the coverage is so light that I don't see much a difference afterwards. It'll be interesting to see what they have for sale on Wed!

    J - yup, that was the idea. You can click the link above next to bullet # 3 for more details.

    Nelah & Curls and Pearls - yea this one was a toughie...every "petite dont" I tried on really did look like a "dont." So don't fret if you can't pull something together in time but we'd love to see it if you do : )

    AN - lol! I just saw your response. I actually love wearing'll be fun to see them on you.

  15. Yeah but it's soo hard to find a rack under 23. I go to Holt Renfrew (have you heard of it?) and the racks start at 24. -_-' As for the kids department, I've tried them out but there's just something about them that doesn't look right to me. AE 00 leaves a bit of a gap on me as well, but I don't know..I just go with a 23 and shrink it now.

  16. Jean-- i have a whole bunch of wide legged pants! Super busy this week, but if I have time I'll snap a few pics. Thanks for hosting the challenge though and can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.

  17. Did you end up with a Mackage coat?! I saw the sale this morning but can't afford one unfortunately because I just bought one in stores (that I'm sadly having a bit of buyer's remorse with because I sprung for the XS instead of the XXS because it was on sale for so cheap....). But do share! Hope you did-- I'm interested in seeing how the XXS fits on teeny tiny you.

    Have a great day Jean!

  18. Jessy - my fave jeans are H&M kids skinnies in sz 11/12 (wear them in many posts). Have you tried those?

    Ping - ooh, I hope you have time to snap some pics. I loved the trouser pants on you previously and wouldn't mind seeing more wide pants.

    Jen - I signed on at about 2pm today and of course everything was near gone. I wish they'd have those sales at night! Can't wait to see your new coat on the blog.

  19. Nope, I haven't. Thanks for the suggestion! I'll try them out next time I'm there :D

  20. I see that the Primer Potion on Haute is On Hold. I wonder if you got yours already.

    Then I went to sephora and I found this:

    Best of both worlds. Hygienic tube AND it's still UD's orig formula for Primer Potion.

    Reason I asked whether you are wearing mineral makeup is b/c I currently wear UD's mineral makeup (on Haute), and I hardly see a difference either, but it makes me feel good to know it's somewhat better for the skin than before, when I was using Mac's Studio Fix and didn't realize it was comedogenic =/

  21. I think I mentioned this before, but I found that size XS in Mackage fit like a size S.

    Definitely try the Urban Decay primer potion, I don't wear eyeshadow ever w/o a primer b/c it's such a godsend. I'd recommend Too Faced Shadow Insurance over the UD though - easy to squeeze tube that lasts forever and works just as well. The UD primer, you waste half the product due to the shape of the bottle though there are tips for getting it out if you google the info.

  22. yay I entered my romper post after all. I hope it's okay xD The "before" picture was too unsightly to show on the internet so I did leave a picture all the way at the bottom of a "petite no-no" version of the outfit :)

  23. Aubrey - I was busy with work then hastily signed on 20 minutes late...the primer potion was forever on hold after that : ) I'm so bummed, it was so cheap! Great find on Sephora (glad they finally realized how awkward the packaging was) but oh so costly!

    Sunny - yup, you did warn me! So you're another one for the Too Faced Shadow Insurance over UD. Hmm..


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