Reviews Coming Soon (& Ann Taylor coupon codes)...

I'm on a pants roll this month...

Ann Taylor is having $20 off PLUS free shipping on any full priced pant (no code needed). I don't think I've ever tried on AT 00P pants so this will be a first. Chloe says that these twill stretch pants run small so I got them in the lighter color, in addition to the trousers above (love the texture for Fall!).

The $20 off is stackable with the following:
- AUGUSTAFF25 for 25% off $150 or more - exp 9/5/2010
- AUGUST20 for 20% off $100 or more
- 3% cash back at ebates

Coming soon: a big giveaway to be announced tomorrow, plus lots of Gap pants reviews (one keeper)!


  1. Jean, it's funny! I just ordered those pants this morning (in tweed). I have never tried AT pants either so I am curious to see how they fit. Plus we need more pants for upcoming Winter. I'll be sure to check our your giveaway tomorrow

  2. Can't wait till tomorrow. :) I'm guessing the keeper is the straight leg one.

  3. Hey Jean. I'm excited to see your Gap pants. I'm curious to see if they run pretty consistent with diff cuts. I wished my jeans were a little longer now. I like a little scrunching on the bottom for my skinny jeans and after I got it altered they don't scrunch anymore! argh.

  4. PLG - oh nice, I love seeing the same things on fellow petites. I have a feeling they will fit much better on you in the waist and length.

    Vicky - good guess : ) I had a good feeling about em and Gap delivered!

    Ping - I know what you mean about the scrunch...I like it too on skinny bottoms. To answer your question Gap pants sizing definitely does not run consistent. The one I am keeping probably fits more like your skinny jeans...the rest are a different story.

  5. thanks for the codes, i just returned a few of the modern trousers last week (the 00P weren't too big...the fit in the booty was a little off) but i will try again!! plus i wanted to try AT denim too and was waiting for a code...i saw those gap pants and ordered them too with 40% off. I've got a slightly bigger booty than you, so hopefully the 00 still fits. If not, i might have to go up a size??? fancy that!

  6. I have never tried Ann Taylor pants, but LOFT's OOP work pants are a problem for me...they do not fit me right in "the booty", just like Annie's problem. I get this weird wedgie, and the waist is just the tiniest bit too small. The OP waist is perfect for me, but the butt is only a minor improvement. :(

    However, I did purchase a pair the casual Marisa Slim Cargo Pants in smokey rose from LOFT in OOP, and they are just slightly baggy on me. I really need to have pictures to share!

  7. I love Ann Taylor pants on 00P, some of my favorite pants more than Loft just because their inseam runs a bit longer than Loft pants. I'm 5'3'' so they look better on me when i wear high heels. Though they still leave a bit of gap in the waist. But I don't mind. I totally prefer the look of ann taylor over loft pants :) I can't wait for your reviews. oh I also got a couple of the GAP legging jeans in OOP they fit great on me. I'm happy...

  8. Yay! Can't wait for your giveaway :) Anyway, I just wnated to say that you are always such a great resource, Jean. Thanks for always being so honest in your product reviews and for making sure less informed consumers (like myself) know what they are getting with products!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. hi doll! the 'true straight' and 'slim cropped' gap pants look really good online. waiting to go try them out at gap later!

  10. Those pants look really nice! I need to purchase myself a good pair of dressy pants for the nights I don't want to wear dresses. I hate how some of the things I like from you don't ship to Canada!! Grrrrrr..

  11. Oh, I love Gap! Can't wait.

  12. oh talking about this, we both need to get a new pair for work

    Cheers, B & Liv
    B L I V B O O K: darling&diva ♥

  13. Annie & Michelle - oh that you guys mention it, I took some photos of my "keeper" pants from the rear and it doesn't look so hot.

    Karito - I loved the legging jeans on Chloe...I wanted to get them too in dark denim but already bought a ton of stuff. GLad to hear you love them! They're next on my list from Gap then.

    Metta - hope they work for you! The true straight were wayyyy too long on my short legs.

    Jessy - places should really ship to Canada more! The costs aren't really that much more at all, just the hassel of a customs form.

  14. HI, THANKS FR THE CODES!!! Could you plese provide expiration? thanks

  15. The pants in the pic look super nice!


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