Review: Banana Republic Non-Iron Dress Shirt in 00P

Those who have been reading my blog for a while may know that I detest button-up shirts. It is almost impossible to find one that fits perfectly (for many women, not even just petites), plus I'm not a big fan of the look. I'd much rather wear a pretty silk blouse, than some bunchy, wrinkle-prone button up shirt.

Please forgive this winter-y ensemble..I grabbed the first pencil skirt I could find, and ran outside for pics!
Shirt: Banana Republic Fitted Non-Iron Button Up Shirt in Indigo Sateen, sz 00P
Skirt: Theory Joanie sz 00
Wedges: Tory Burch Sophie sz 5.5
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Fit: The 00P is very narrow and fits me well in the aspects of shoulder width, bust, waist, and sleeve width. Those with chests larger than 32B might bust out of this size. As you can see, the chest area of my shirt is almost stretched taught. The sleeves are also an inch or two too long for me. This is not surprising, because a petites line must accommodate women up to 5'4" and I am just 5.'

Sidenote: To combat the bust button-gap issue, readers have suggested using a pin, fashion tape, as well as wearing a similar-colored cami underneath. Any other suggestions for preventing an inadvertent peek show?

Material: Too early for me to tell, but there's no way this will remain completely wrinkle-free. In the last photo, the parts where the sleeves were folded up are already very creasy. I much preferred the sateen material over the regular one as it was smoother and cooler to the touch. I would say overall quality is a few notches above H&M.

Price: Affordable. BR frequently has 40% off coupons which would make this shirt about $36. All of these are on sale right now from $29-$44.

Accessibility: Very good. 00P can be found in-store (petite sections) and seems to be well-stocked online, currently available in every color but one.
Yeech...not liking the side view of those wedges. Makes my feet look huge! Must stick with pumps...

Back view: tucked vs. untucked, typical frump-a-licious fit of a button-up shirt.

Sleeves too long. I don't want to pay $20+ for alterations, so will just wear these cuffed.

Verdict: Overall, a good shirt for tiny petites. I don't own any button-up dress shirts, so I'm leaning towards keeping it. Also, I only paid...

While I was in BR, I also stopped to try on their new Logan pants. I saw their horrid fit on AlterationsNeeded, but I am bigger than her so I thought they may fit me. In sz 00P:
Erm...nope. The waist was 4+ inches too bit, and was super bunchy throughout. Worst 00P fit ever.

Also tried on the shoes that I was eying from their Fall collection (a sz 6 surprisingly fit)...
Heel and platform are way too chunky for my tiny calves/legs. Looked a bit dis-proportionate.

Normal pump, but in my opinion the shape is not as flattering as Ann Taylor's perfect pumps.

Sigh...BR just didn't do it for me this time! What do you guys think of their offerings as of late? And do any of you own this non-iron button up shirt?


  1. I think you look fantastic in that button down! Admittedly, I am a bit partial to them, as I used to wear them when I was in the corporate world. I loved wearing a crisp white button down with grey slacks. I've never seen one at that fantastic price, though! Wow!

    I haven't been to BR Petite in ages. I go nuts in there! I'm sad to hear it's not delivering; BR is usually amazing!

  2. Excellent usage of the BR Rewards coupons! I have a $20 one burning a hole in my wallet as we speak!

    I've almost bought those BR button down's before too, but never quite pulled the trigger. I would want to alter it, and I just don't wear button downs enough to justify it.

    Ahhh...more awful Logan pants! Thanks for posting! I'll add it to the email I'm going to send BR. You know what's funny? I left a review of them on the BR website (I was nice, but honest) and it's not there!

  3. I think the last thing I liked from BR was the grey Miranda pump but it's all sold out in my size now.

    As for button-ups, I like Ann Taylor and Talbots! Talbots has a pretty extensive petites line, but you probably already knew that :)

  4. You bigger than Alterations Needed,NO! Both of your are soo tiny! She actually looks taller. Congrats on starting the trend on the bra giveaways. You started it and now all the petite girls are hoping on the bandwagon. I cross my fingers and hope they contact me, but highly unlikely since my blog isn't dedicated to being petite. You are definitely a super model petite girl. You just look so classy in everything you wear and you wear really nice clothes even casual days. I miss working in an office to wear office clothes, but I am so much happier going back to teaching. I LOVE THE BUTTON UP ON YOU!!! The thing is, you make anything and everything look soo good!

  5. Everyone needs a button up shirt, BR seems to fit fine. I have the same shirt it white. I detest BR pants, they are never flattering on me. I don't have to dress up for work much but Brooks Brothers has some great fitting blazers for petites. Button up shirts might be worth a try there. I'd hit the outlet store b/c they can be pricey.

  6. I'm not a fan of button ups, but that one looks decent on you, especially when cuffed and tucked in. For some reason BR shirts just don't look right on me and they remind me too much of the uniform I used to wear in high school. =P

  7. I'm surprised it fits you so well... my BR button-down in XXSP, admittedly from 4 years ago, fits terribly even though the material is nice. The shirt looks a gazillion times better tucked in, and I seriously LOVE that skirt! I also agree with April that it's YOU that makes everything looks good lol.

    I personally love wedges, but usually with long pants because then only the tips peek out and look like flats and give the illusion of longer legs. With skirts, I can see how they can look clunky, especially in a darker color.

  8. Do they sell petite sizes in the stores? I asked at one particular mall but the lady told me they didn't. I'm not actually considered petite but I acquired my dad's short legs so I'm always stumped when I go shopping for pants. =[

  9. By in stores, I mean in BR stores.

  10. Wow, the Logans are horrendous. I can't believe they would size a 00P like that when their other pant and skirt items (i hope) are not like that.

    Button ups are so hard to pull off. I have some for years that I haven't touched because they are so intimidating. I hate the wrinklyness of them! But your non-iron one is good on you! I still think you look so nice in warm shades, like tangerine :D The navy suits you as well, very down to business :)

  11. I hate button-ups too - they flatten me out and never tuck in properly gahhh. This looks great with pencil skirt though and you can't beat that price :)

    I like those wedges! Of course I'd want my feet to look a little bigger so as not to accentuate my chicken legs xD

  12. YAY! You finally got one!! I just got 3 more pinstripe non-iron BR's...only because they were so dirt cheap- they don't fit as nicely as the one I got at the outlet but same 00p size..strange!

    I think it looks great on you with the sleeves cuffed!!! And don't you just love the Theory "Joanie" skirt? I can't get enough..LOL I want to wear it all the time!

  13. wow you only paid $0.29? that's such a great deal! i only like button up shirts if they're baggy, like bf tees :) i feel like they make my chest look funny if they're tight...maybe it's just me. I love that skirt and those flannel pumps are so cute!

  14. I've been following your blog for quiet a while and write today with some excitement...I went on a impromptu shopping trip and found this store called Mango. I was AMAZED at how well their XS's were fitting me and their Sz-2 pants were a perfect fit! I am 5'4" 97 lbs. 32, 24, 34. Landed up buying 3 linen trousers, one jeans, and a cargo. Was wondering if anybody else in the petite community had tried them..? I'm quiet a clothes novice by the way..

  15. How funny! I posting a review of the BR button down on my blog today too. Haha. The 00P fit me well across the waist, but too tight across my chest and shoulders. I am a little bit larger than you though.

  16. @PAG: I think the pants fit on you almost exactly the same way they did on me! UGH!

    @katchimo: Some BR stores have petites. You'll have to check their website to find out which ones.

    That said, I don't think Banana is 100% bad. I still love some of their denim. In fact, I think they're more comfortable than many other brands!

  17. I do think the shirt fits you pretty well. Loving the color. It's very suitable for Fall. The outfit you have put together. After I start blogging, I wear more fitted clothes. Before that, I was OK with whatever "seems" to fit and that's why I have tons of BR button down shirts. They are probably will go to donation soon. What a great deal for the shirt
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  18. Woah, what a deal. I do like the color a lot!

  19. I have that shirt, from last year's collection. I also have a really difficult time finding button downs, and was surprised that the bust darts and the narrowing of the waist were in the right place for me (I'm really short-waisted so that rarely happens). It fit really well... until I washed it the first time, according to their washing instructions, and it shrunk! Now the cuffs are just a little tight and the bust area is a little tight. The whole thing feels clingy and uncomfortable. So be careful with the washing -- treat it as more delicate than it thinks it is.

  20. Holy cow, those Logan pants! I am intrigued and want to try them now! I'm much bigger than you and AN, but I'm starting to think I might actually fit a 00! Insane.

    I also still love those wedges, even if you do hate the side view :)

  21. I'm not a fan of button downs for the same reasons you mentioned. I read ch3r's review too and I'm still amazed that it's TIGHT at the bust! I think this one looks good on you and it's a nice basic to have in a great colour. And I guess you can't eat that price!

  22. I am not a fan of button up shirts either. I agree with you that I'd rather wear a pretty blouse. The sleeves are definitely long, but the way you are wearing in the first pic, I think it looks pretty good...cuffed and tucked in. Maybe they make button up shirts a little longer for the reason of tucking in?

    I love wedges and have a few pair, but from the side view, they look like boat shoes. heehee...i still love them because they are so comfy.

  23. To solve the gaping problem - try sewing a tiny snap closure to the placket in the space between the buttons. If you know how to do hidden stitches it won't show on the outside and should control the gapping.

  24. I don't care too much for the neckline this button-up creates, it's a bit severe looking... I like when it leaves a slight "v" (not plunging lol) so it gives a more feminine look...

    I've had very good luck with H&M short sleeve size 2 (I have a pic in my pearl necklace post..), and their shirts don't wrinkle, perhaps b/c of their cheap mat'l? LOL. The short sleeves make it easy to wear under a cardigan/vest/sweater without having to worry about yucky bunching >_<

  25. The button-up looks promising (but only when tucked in). I frequently have the "my boobs don't fill out this shirt" problem with button downs, so I'll definitely check this one out - Thanks! =)

  26. Hey girl - longtime lurker and fellow Boston resident here.

    I snagged a 00P in this exact shirt and it fits the same on me. It's a keeper for me, for sure. I got mine at the BR in the Lechmere mall two weeks ago, I also snagged a white blazer in 00P. It is unusually easy to find a 00P there.

  27. I should mention, though, although the fit is fantastic, I have no idea what to wear this button down with! I don't have a lot of gray, white, or beige bottoms (nor do I really want any because I have such golden skin so gray or beige doesn't really flatter my skintone) and white is just way to impractical (dry cleaning $$$).

  28. This shirt didn't work for me. It's too tight in the bust. I tried sizing up but then the rest of the blouse is too big. It's definitely designed for a small busted woman.

    Most of my button-ups come from Mexx.

  29. Oh my, when you said no-iron I immediately took notice! I abhor ironing, so yay for less elbow grease! My bust is almost nonexistent, but it's my bust in the bras that I usually wear that might make things a bit tight.

    BTW I noticed you wearing those cute sandals from Target! I tried them on but they were too big *sigh* I'm glad you're putting them to use ;)

  30. why is it that the shirts are tiny and the pants aren't? Argh...

  31. I have the exact same shirt in 00P as well! I bought it back in March before I discovered your blog so needless to say I was a naive petite shopper then. I got it online for $26 (60% off + 25% Bing cashback). I'm so jealous you got it for $0.29! That's definitely a deal to brag about :)

    I ironed the shirt before wearing and the wrinkles that did come back were minimal, acceptable I'd say. However because the color is dark blue and the material is that shiny "sateen," I felt like the wrinkles were more prominent than they would have been on a non-sateen shirt. And because of the dark color it is somewhat of a lint magnet, though not as bad as some black pants.

    I actually prefer the regular shirts over the sateen ones because when I was wearing this shirt with black pants, I felt like a Latin male singer just ready to rip open my "silk" shirt into a plunging v-neck, lol.

    Anyway, I like how you paired it with that wool skirt. This would make a decent fall/winter outfit.

  32. Do you plan on doing a review on your asos stuff soon? I'm wondering if it's worth order clothes from there.

  33. Wow! What a deal! The shirt looks fantastic. I also like BR shirts, but it just doesn't fit me, too short with Petite, too loose in regular size. :(

  34. Bella - I was under the impression that Talbots petites doesn't go down too small in you know their smallest size and how it fits?

    Couture & Crayons - same question, is Brooks Brothers "tiny petite" friendly? I've never been inside a store...

    April & PetiteXXS - oh no...stop the compliments, lol! I am does this stick figure body "make" anything look good? PetiteXXS I agree wedges look better under pants, that way the huge block of wedge isn't so obvious!

    katchimo - I would go to their website and use store locator and select Petites. Some stores don't carry petites so I used to call the ones around me and ask which one has the largest petites section to make sure I don't waste my time!

  35. RP - the Theory Joanie skirt is one (if not) my fave and I always reach for it too. It just goes with everything and is lightweight enough to be worn in the summer with a bright colored top. Happy to say it was worth the $90 splurge...

    Abhitoabby - ah yes, I have tried Mango before but I wasn't impressed. Glad you found success, though! I think you fared better with it because you are much more slender at 5'4" and 97 lbs. I have a few petite friends that are 2 to 3 inches taller than me and they really like to shop there as an alternative to H&M.

    Anon @8:55 i definitely suspected something would go wrong after a machine wash, whether a shrink, or mass wrinkles. Thank you for the heads up. When I get this cleaned I will either hang dry or just sacrifice the $ at the dry cleaners.

    Sophia - some of their shirts wrinkle like crazy but I had one that held up okay. You really have to be picky when shopping there. Oh, and I think the severe V neck here is due to a crease (lazy me left it in the shopping bag for days and it got crushed at the neckline).

  36. Wendy/HM63 - I was very surprised I "filled out" the bust area, being a 32A. I can't believe the chest is cut so small...I can see how women who need to size up for the chest reason will probably find the rest of the shirt to be too roomy.

    Marisol - A fellow Bostonian, yay! The last time I went to Lechmere, the BR there did not even carry petites. I remember this vividly as I settled for something from their regular womens dept. Must've been a long time ago, eh? My secret is the Chestnut Hill BR...a pretty good sized petites dept and it's a women's only store. Too bad there is a size 00p/5.5 shoe size employee there all the time and she admits to snatching up the good sale stuff and returns in tiny sizes!

    I think this will look best with gray, and even though you claim you look bad in should try different shades. Light, medium, charcoal...all three shades would work with this top, and they can't all clash with your skin tone! A gray skirt is also a work staple...I'm still on the hunt for one in suiting material (did not love BR's).

    R. - lol! Okay i can definitely see the Ricky Martin look. Note to self, do not wear the sateen with black pants.

    Jackie - I know! Isn't that strange? I'm trying to picture their fit model for this stuff...teeny, tiny in the bust area with a thick waist and bloomin hips...

    Tricia - Oh, I didn't get anything from Asos - I noted that in my original post but I apologize for the confusion...several people have been asking about the review! I'm trying to spend more on work clothes that I can wear 5 days a week instead of casual attire.

  37. Great review Jean! Despite your distaste towards button-up shirts, I think they look lovely on you. I'm not a big fan of them either, unless they're a boyfriend fit, in which case, they're a lot more comfy and a lot less "office attire". This is totally unrelated, but I think you should become a petite model! You already look like one haha, I mean it! Any way, I've tried BR petite things before, but things never seem to fit me right. I'm only an inch taller than you but I weigh a lot more than I look, so sizing can be tough for me. The shoes are cute but def like the Ann Taylor pumps better.

    Have a great weekend! xo

  38. I have several of the BR sateen non-iron shirts and I love them. They are a fall staple for me (jazzed up with necklaces and sweaters, etc.). I just throw it in the dryer and the wrinkles come right out.

    I thought your dry cleaners had lost your Theory skirt, I guess they found it? That's great! I love how it looks on you.

  39. I have not bought a button-up since my recruiting days back in college! I recently bought some button-ups from BR too (tailored-fit), and they're not *so* bad. They definitely up the professional factor when worn with pencil skirts as I feel more grown-up. I can't pull off wearing them with pants at all though because then I just feel a little too stuffy and boyish in them. LOL.

  40. I got 3 of these and had to take 2 unworn ones back. The striped one DID wrinkle like crazy, the blue not as much. The proportions were off, too bad because I had hopes of finally finding a decent button down. I would have bought more if they worked. For me, not NEARLY long enough to tuck in, which renders them useless. But if I size up for length, everything else too big. Bummer. I noticed you said they are a little better then H&M's- I can't wear theirs at all because they are see through. Have you found any there that aren't? I can only wear them in winter with a sweater or vest over top.

  41. Omg, you paid 0.29 cents for a button up shirt, you are definitely flaunting. =0P
    I have a BR top that fits nicely at the waist and shoulders but the length is so long! It tapers at the back so my rump is punctuated and looks ginormous. I always try and tuck or throw on a blazer on top.

  42. Nicole - yup...the boyfriend fit button up is a totally different style which is very casual and chic, unlike button ups for work : )

    Nukem - About 2+ weeks later they quietly delivered it to my apt with NO notice or apology! I can't complain though b/c I was so relieved, as the skirt was sold out by then.

    Anon @2:21 - You must have a longer torso than me because the length on these are more than enough to tuck in for my 5 foot frame : ) H&M has lots of different button-ups in their various departments, and you can tell whether the material will be decent or not just by touch. I had this one from a few years back that was a surprisingly nice material and felt more like these BR ones than their cheapy offerings these days!

    Hanna - I would say most if not all button ups would look better tucked in, to avoid the "rump" area being exaggerated.

  43. Yep I have a long torso but very thin/petite frame. Condondrum!

  44. Agree totes about BR shoes. Look hoochie-ish to me -- too much platform, too thick/chunky, too TOO ;-D

  45. I shop at BR a lot since they have a Petite section and I think I get good deals but goodness how did you manage 29 cents?!!

    That's impressive!

    - Marilou

  46. Try Brooks Brothers petite shirts - once in a while they have a sale, 2 for $99. The petite sizes fit well, and I usually get the tailored or fitted styles (classic fit is more boxy). Have a BR non-iron dress shirt and the material quality does not even compare. The Brooks Brothers shirts are so iron-free that if you unfold and hang them, the wrinkles come out on their own. :)

  47. I like the J Crew petite slim stretch shirts (button ups). I usually wear the petite small in them so for slightly smaller folks maybe the PXS would do?

  48. Regarding the gaping problem with most button down shirts, have you heard of The Shirt by Rochelle Behrens? I haven't tried them on, and I don't know how their XS's fit, but they are made by a woman who used to work in DC politics after she got sick of button downs always showing her bra or being too loose. They have strategically placed buttons and whatnot. Thought you might like to try it!

  49. Wearing a properly sized shirt displays an impressive sense of fashion and professionalism.chestnut hill Men CH620


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