A new petite brand to try + free ship

I hope everyone's weekends are going well...I know mine is! I have a big haul from yesterday that I can't wait to share with you guys next week, but first I wanted to mention that UK retailer ASOS is having free shipping to the US this weekend (no code necessary).

I'm not an expert on UK sizing, but PetiteLittleGirl bravely ventured out and tried their regular sz 6 in this post. The dresses were a bit big on her, but I have a feeling that their petite sz 4 will fit much smaller. I have had several readers suggest this size to me saying that it is tiny! Size chart says that it is equivalent to Euro 32, which at H&M fits like a US sz 00.

I'm passing on this sale, but here are my picks, all $30 or less and all still left in Petite sz 4:

I think the deeper V neck adds a sultry twist (and chance to show off a good push-up!) and the fluttery hem is very feminine.

2. Petite Floral Tea Dress, $25.36 - another floral pick, with an edgy exposed zipper in the back.
3. Petite Pleat Detail Shift Dress, $30.44 - I am drawn to this shift dress in bright coral. I think it would also look nice with a skinny waist belt.

* PS - For those who don't live near a Theory outlet, I found out that they ship to you for a flat rate of $15. I picked up the Caprine Jacket in a creamy white (see it on AN here) in sz 00 for $75:

For those who are interested, I included the tag for easier locating. See store listing here.


  1. Wow that's a great deal on the Theory jacket - very cute.

    I have never tried ASOS either... I wonder what size a 5'3" 110-115 girl would be?

  2. When I was in London, I would always just go for the smallest size possible- I know in French Connection that was a 6, but at places like H&M I would literally just grab things in the smallest size they had. Hope this helps!

  3. I love ASOS, I have a size 6 dress from them and is TIGHT on me, but I have fatter arms, don't forget! I can't wait to see your haul!!

  4. I have the ASOS PETITE Longline Breton Stripe Top in UK Size 6 and it fits just right! I definitely wouldn't be able to fit a UK Size 4 even if I tried :P And I'm still a size XS. Then again I do have kind of a large chest size X{ (ahem!) heh. I think a size 4 would be no problem for you though! Try it! :)

    I've ordered only that top plus some additional petite leggings and I love their products!!! Still trying to find what to buy this time around, maybe I'll have to pass since there's nothing that has caught my eye yet.

  5. Oh, Ilove the second dress! I've been looking for a dress with a zipper on the back like that ! Hehe.

  6. ooh i've always wanted to try asos! thank you for sharing, jean ^__^ (still adjusting to calling you that fu fu fu)

    that theory jacket looks great! creamy white is always superbly ladylike. those are some cute floral dresses too. looks like you scored on great deals!

    hehe thank you! yes, F21 is a hot mess. i usually feel super dizzy trying to look for anything inside stores. luckily there is the website, and unfortunately there's the website. their never-ending inventory is so tempting always!

  7. Did you find lots of great stuff at the BR outlet sale? Been debating whether or not I should go, but don't feel like braving the crowds, esp with baby and hubby.

  8. Thx guys for your sizing feedback! Sounds like a petite 4 is def small enough but i think I did enough shopping yesterday!

    Anon- it depends on what you're looking for. I believe that the merchandise at the br factory store is a step below the regular store, and the regular store isn't top notch quality to me either. The prices were really good though if you want basic knit tops, work pants and button ups, ect, but the crowds are bad! Not recommended w hubby n baby : ) I got one linen button up for $7.

  9. Hi Jean, do you mind posting a picture of you wearing that white jacket from Theory? I just came back from there and got a different one instead. Also $75. I didn't even try this one on. :( I thought the material was a bit stiff?
    Also BR outlet has everything 50% off (as opposed to 40% as advertised) which was a pleasant surprise. But I didn't get much out of it. I did however got one 00P dress skirt for $30 which isn't a fantastic deal but it fit gorgeously which I really appreciate. The other thing I picked up were some earrings for $2.50 each (orig. $16-25). Just want to share. Have a great weekend!

  10. The ASOS website is down. Do you wanna take credit for that, due to your awesome blog post ;)

  11. I LOVE ASOS! I just got my order from them last week. I bought a size 6 tee...baaaad idea. It's so big and loose on me. *sigh*..

  12. Man, that's one hellavu deal on that jacket. That's sample-sale territory, without the funky return policies and silly clock timers. Go Petitegirl!

  13. Vicky - just emailed ya and I'll try to post one.

    Little_Miss - yikes! I've been trying to check their site for hours now but I guess they didn't anticipate all this USA demand for free ship : )

    Jessy - aw, I hear that some sz 6 runs really small but not always. You def. need a 4!

    Lawgirl - I've heard great things about the NYC Theory sample sales...but have never gone. This was final sale only though...so I guess it's not much better than sample policies : /

  14. Jean, I just posted a couple of iphone pics for the Theory Jacket I got on my blog in case you are interested.

  15. pls post measurements of the dresses when u receive them = ) i've bought a dress in UK 6 from ASOS before but it was too roomy. hoping that UK 4P will fit me better (we're probably arnd the same size).

  16. I have no idea how I missed this post!! hehehe I got the same Caprine blazer at the Theory outlet too!!

    Can't wait to see it on you and the reviews on ASOS petite items!

  17. Oooh I've browsed ASOS several times now, and they do have cute stuff! Waiting to see something special enough to entice me to buy :)


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