Makeup Review: ELF False Lashes, Brow Kit, and Blush

No fashion-y stuff today, but stay tuned because there are goodies coming in mail:

1. Double Breasted Trench in 2P - Nordies is the only US retailer that offers Burberry trenches in petite sizing. It is a shocking 40% off during their Anniversary sale (ends Aug. 2nd) plus I used ebates for an extra 3% cash back.

2. Kids Ivybridge Trench in girls sz 12 - When readers ask about Burberry kids, I always try to deter them. I feel that kids coats - although much cheaper than womens - just don't compare to the cut and quality of their adults line. But in the name of research, I took one for the team and ordered the kids version of the womens Ivybridge trench.

On to today's post...
I tried ELF Cosmetics back in 2004 when they first opened shop, and was pretty disappointed in most of my $1 items. Six years later, though, their offerings have grown significantly, so I decided to give ELF another shot. Scroll to the bottom of this post for a coupon code!
(Above) Me wearing all three products purchased:
Continue reading for my video and review...

1. e.l.f. Essentials Natural Lash Kit ($1) - I got 2 pairs of these in 2004 and wore them many times (cruise dinners w/ parents, nights out, blog photos) before they begged to be discarded. I then resorted to drugstore lashes that were 6 times the price and way too dramatic for my liking. No, these are not quality lashes (don't use a curler on 'em or they get crinkly), and beauty gurus probably scorn them, but they do the job for me.

BEFORE (natural lashes with mascara)  ---> AFTER (no mascara, with ELF falsies)
Repurchase? Yes, yes, yes. 

2. e.l.f. Studio Blush ($3) - I was hoping for a true coral, but this came out light pink and a bit sparkly. I think I am biased because my only other blush is by Rock & Republic, which is both matte and pigmented. But the online reviews for this are pretty superb, so don't listen to me...

Repurchase? No, but not a bad product.

3. e.l.f. Studio Eyebrow Kit ($3) - my fave product from this haul. My brows are the weakest point of my face...they are coarse with sparse patches and the hairs stick out wherever they please. I used to use Smashbox Brow Tech to tame & fill them in, so I was thrilled to find this wax/powder combo for a fraction of the Smashbox price.
 Before: My natural, patchy brows
After: Still not great brows, but slightly less patchy
Repurchase? Yes.

Readers - Do any of you own these products? What are your favorite items from this affordable line? Also, I wanted to get some informal feedback about my random beauty & "Life with PAG" posts. I know the premise of this blog is supposed to be petite fashion, so I don't want to stray too far and lose your interest!

$5 off


  1. i like it alot, you look lovely as always!

  2. I know what you mean about the ELF lashes!! I do like the look of them (they look amazing on you!) but yes, they are flimsy. For lasting power, you must give Korean lashes a try! There are 2 brands ~ Darkness and Shisem that I highly recommend to you... a pair can last for 20 wears and they can endure cleaning and curling and still look like new :) And they're like $3-4 for 2 pairs!

    My fav ELF products are the luscious liquid lipstick in Bark and and Baby Pink.. they create the perfect luscious pinky nudy sexy lip ^_~

    Heh I'm sure you know that I love this post! I would love to see more posts like this thrown in here and there!

  3. Great products!! I'm awaiting a massive package from elf :) So excited!!

  4. I really like your "Life with PAG" posts and I don't mind random beauty posts, it's good to get feedback about different products.

    I've never tried anything from this line before, I have heard of it but strangly enough ever since I started my blog I've been getting emails from ELF almost daily!

  5. The brow powder is my fave product too. I think filling in the brows really helps frame the face. The falsie are not too dramatic...I like it on you. It opens up the eyes and makes them look sparkly. You look very pretty as usual.

    I have tried elf eye shadows before and i have like 10 trios that are untouched and unused. I'm not a fan. The colors don't stay well on my oily skin and the color turns warmer through out the day. When it comes to shadows, I really like Bobbi, Mac & Trish M.

    Personally I like the fashion post better than the makeup reviews...but that just me. Makeup doesn't interest me as much.

  6. What a coincidence! I recently received my package from ELF which includes all of those products you mentioned... and the same colour blush! My all-time fave ELF product would probably be their bronzer. LOVE it in Warm Tan.

    I really like the Candid Coral, but like you, I expected a more coral colour as well. I found that it took me a few extra strokes to get the colour onto my cheeks. The pigmentation definitely needs improvement.

    If you're interested in ELF product reviews, I'll be posting one up around the end of this week along with my hauls from ASOS, Urban Outfitters, and a bunch others. : )

  7. I love your "random beauty & Life with PAG" posts!! Actually, I think they are one of the things that help set your blog apart from other petite fashion bloggers. Or at least why yours is my fav. ;)

    I am a pre-dabbler in make-up but I'm also hoping to learn a few things by the time I enter the work force in a couple years. As a pre-dabbler, it's very overwhelming to come to a hardcore make-up blog because I lack a lot of the presumed knowledge to get something meaningful out of it. I enjoy learning about makeup from your blog because it's so much more simpler for someone who just wants to dabble.

    Anyway, I'm sure a lot of readers will agree with me that varied topics in a blog is a plus. And I think your beauty and life posts really help accentuate the petite fashion aspect of your blog. Keep 'em coming!

  8. Hey! A beauty haul is a nice change up for the blog. I love the lashes on you. I just bought Candid Coral too weeks ago but still haven't used it. The brow color is a nice fit for you. Overall, great haul. =)

  9. The lashes look like they really make a difference in the before & after pics! And I like how natural they look because most of the time falsies are too dramatic for me.

    I enjoy the non-fashion posts because I feel like I get to know you better, and also because I'm also a make-up dabbler and it helps to know which products are stellar and which ones to not even try.

    Btw do you tweeze, wax or shave your brows? My brows, instead of being sparse and unruly, they're long and dark and unruly so it's harder to manage (can't fill in to reshape).

  10. I like the new ELF studio stuff! I've read bad reviews on the original line, so didn't really venture past the lip shines that all the YouTube girls were obsessed with. I tried the tone-correcting concealer recently and it's great! It's only $1 so I think these will be good to have in my purse for emergency touch-ups. The brow kit is a favorite of mine too! It really is a great alternative to the expensive kits I've resisted buying. I have the medium one and only use the wax as well. The powder is way too coppery/red for my liking, so it's a definite pass.

    I like your random beauty posts. :)

  11. I agree with all of the comments above that you should continue beauty blogging. I started reading blogs solely for the purpose of "omgah what is eyeshadow and how do you put it on..."

    The false eyelashes are definitely a keeper, I like how they are longer at the edges.

  12. Hanna - How funny...eyeshadow was also completely new to me when I started reading beauty blogs/ watching vids and I haven't exactly come too far since, but at least I own two now.

    MichLA - ah, thanks for sharing about the concealer. Another item to try out the next time I make my annual order!

    PetiteXXS - with all your hair comments you have given me the most confusing image about what you look like, lol! You have the smoothest and fairest skin (in blog pics, anyways) so I can't picture these descriptions you're giving me. My brows are also dark and unruly but I'm really guilty of over-plucking. The individual hairs are LONG so sometimes when I pluck I mis-calculate where the root was, and it ends up patchy. I also use this little razor tool to trim them (a makeup artist in China introduced me to it) which can be found at any drugstore.

    Anon @ 11:24 - A PRE dabbler, lol! So I am one step above as a mere dabbler : ) Thank you for leaving such a nice definitely brought a smile to my face. I wish I knew your name since I know a number of returning readers leave comments and it is unfortunate that I can't address you properly.

  13. Pearls & Curls - oh, that is odd...I've never gotten junky emails from them!

    Ping - Thanks for the tips...I won't be trying those, then. I have oily lids and eye makeup usually does not stay.

    Sophia- wha? $2-$3 for two? I want to see how these look! Just tweeted @ you demanding pics : )

  14. Thanks for the reviews! good to know on the brow product - I was recently just looking at urban decay's, but I don't want to spend so much on something like that! This is a great alternative!


  15. great post, you look gorgeous with all the products on! those lashes look really natural on you! i tried a pair once but they didn't look good on me...and then i lost them. i have all the studio blushes and i really like them, some can be a bit powdery but i like how affordable they are and most of them are nicely pigmented. i also have the brow kit too, i don't really like the wax because it gets kinda clumpy or something on my brows, but the powder is nice :)
    as for your beauty and life posts, i enjoy them all! sometimes its nice to take a break from what you're used to blogging about and focus on something else....that's why i try to incorporate a little bit of everything on my blog, even thought most of it still beauty related :)

  16. I've yet to try anything ELF! I have seen a few items at Target before but nothing has really tickled my fancy.

    Those $1 lashes do look nice though! Lately I've been wearing falsies almost every day... Dramatic ones on the weekends and natural ones for work. I'm getting too dependent on them :(

    If you ever want to try some natural asian lashes (Daiso) please let me know! I'll send some of my favorites for you to try...on me of course! :)

  17. Great makeup review! ELF products are hit and miss for me. I used to order their products awhile back before they changed the shipping charges so it was a lot cheaper and more worthwhile to me. I just went to their site and it's changed so much! There's a studio line now? Goodness. Any way, I really liked the e.l.f. concealer and clarifying pressed powder, but other than that, I found the quality of their products to be disappointing but then again, you get what you pay for right? I like the way those falsies look on you; natural and not too overwhelming. I like the way it enhances your lashes and make your eyes look bigger. I used to use Smashbox's brow tech too (loved it), but the price tag is a tad much, so I ended up using a brow powder set from The Body Shop instead. It doesn't come with brow wax but I didn't use it too much when I was using the brow tech any way, so it works for me.

    Oh and apparently if you spend over $35 at E.L.F., you get free shipping and the offer expires at midnight, so hopefully it's not too late!

  18. love the whole look! you're gorgeous as always.i also have an elf eyebrow kit and it's super useful.oh, and i also love your before and after pics! yes, do more random posts please :)

  19. I haven't been to ELF in over a year and they've definitely changed a lot!

    I used to get their sample mineral makeup pack (1 concealer, 1 blush, and 3 foundations) for $3 including shipping. I didn't pick the right colors for my skintone, so the samples were a bit useless except for the blush. I agree that the blushes are too shimmery, but then again I use NARS Orgasm and have the same issue.

    I enjoy your beauty posts because they're informative and helpful for everyday wear. =)

  20. being a cheapie when it comes to makeup, i swear by ELF. usually my money is wasted when it comes to trying their $1 line but their studio and mineral lines deliver! hehe i ALWAYS use those 50% off codes so that in the end shipping disappears and i can actually save a buck or two on the products themselves.

    my faves from studio: complexion perfection (use it all the time as setting powder), concealer pencil in light. these two and i have seemingly flawless skin, which is great because i hate liquid foundation that feels so thick on your face in summer. their blushes are crappy bc you have to really pick them off to get them going - i have candid coral too and i've only used it twice or so meh. blushing and bronzer powder is the best nars dupe i've seen and i use it all the time. you might not like the shimmer though but it's worth it. i've used the brow kit but i like my anastasia brow wiz better :) creme eyeliner in black but this will smudge if you blink too much

    mineral line: any of the e/s! they are so crazy pigmented and awesome. lipstick in rosy tan is the best shade for me (a mature rose) that isn't drying/fills in lines

    regular line recs: luscious liquid lipstick in maple sugar - gives my lips the perfect tint and it stays moisturizing! matte nail polish topcoat is really cool but i prefer my polish glossy

    can you tell i use way too much elf? hahaha i blame my college friends that introduced me. i haven't tried the falsies so it's good to know they look so natural and nice :D !

  21. I've never tried the ELF false eyelashes. They look great on you though. Very natural. Long curled lashes can really open up the eyes. (I don't ever curl my fake lashes either. It totally makes them crimpy. I do however curl my own lashes before applying the falsies and apply 1 coat of mascara to bind them together.)

    I love false lashes. My favorite is this brand called "Model 21." It is a pack of 10 lashes for $10 on Amazon. They have a ton of styles, from everyday looks to over-the-top nightclub lashes. I found a store in Orange County, CA that sells a pack of 10 for only $6. Score!!

    I see you are also using my favorite lash glue. I hope you were able to find them in the shade "Dark." I personally don't like "Clear" glue b/c you can always see the glue unless you go over it with a liquid liner.

    For eyebrow wax/powder duo, I use Benefit's Brow Zings. Ugh, they go up in price every year! Maybe this ELF kit will be my alternative. Thanks for the review.

    I enjoy "Life with PAG" posts. Adds variety and a personable element to your blog.

  22. I have oily lid as well and couldn't avoid creasing after two hours. I had my aha moment after trying lid primer (from a Mary Kay party I wanted to avoid). It truly doesn't crease no matter what brand I use - drugstore or higher end. Now I would like to try those paint pots from Mac. Have you tried lid primers?

  23. ooh wauw you loook stunning!! love your lashes

  24. You look lovely and very natural. I like blushes but haven't found the one that matches my skin tone. I have to check out the R&R blushes you have mentioned in your previous posts. Sure, I'd like to see more of your beauty posts. I enjoy reading everything from you not just petite fashion. Have a great week!

  25. Have never heard of this line.

    I use Smashbox's BrowTech and love it. It's expensive but it lasts a long time so I don't care. An angled brow brush for application is a must.

    For product reviews I recommend

  26. Your look is very natural and lovely. I have been trying to find a pair of natural looking falsies and I would love to give this brand a try. I totally agree that most false eyelashes are too dramatic.

  27. very pretty! i also own the candid coral and the pigmentation was horrible! i kept dipping my brush in it and it didn't really show up on my skin...i know i got a bit darker over the summer but i'm still pretty pale :(

    ELF has really excellent makeup brushes if you are interested! i made a nice ELF haul recently and am in looove with their blush/bronzer duo, blending brush, and kabuki brush.

  28. looking beautiful as always!
    To prevent crinkley lashes, start using the curler at the very base, then gradually move up so that your lashes don't stick up...or you could be pressing too hard as well. Just an IMO though :)
    I've tried ELF products before and for the pricing, it's not bad, but the fall out of the make up and lasting power are so-so. If you have the time to reapply in the middle of the day, then I would repurchase, but since I'm in and out seeing clients...not so ideal :p

  29. I agree with a comment above about the concealer! I am using Apricot Beige because the Light Beige is too light on me. I would prefer to use this over MAC because it's light, moisturizing, and covers what I want!

  30. Forgot the feedback part, I personally love reading your random posts, it gives me a peek of your personal life and I feel like I get to know you as a girl friend, not just another petite fashion blogger. It gives readers a variety.
    I can understand your concern with your blog' main purpose but I don't think it hurts if you would do it every now and then ;) Your blog has a clear focus and is way more structured than mine, and most importantly readers absolutely adore you and want to know you.

  31. Forgot to respond to your question. I love your fashion blog but Yes, pls do the random makeup/skin care blog. I've always mentally commented on your flawless face but love it too when you wear eyeshadow. What shades do you use to do a smoky look? It's hard to tell in your pictures or video cause the outside lighting fades during sunset IMO.

    Thought about Urban Decay's Naked Palette? Expensive but they're nude enough for work.

  32. I don't own any of the products you reviewed by I own several ELF products, like their eye and face brushes (AMAZING), cover stick (pretty good), mineral eye primer (AWESOME) and eyelash curler (GREAT!) I'm thinking of trying the bronzer from the Studio line but I hate their shipping fee to Canada :(

  33. I think all of your posts are great so just keep em comin! :)

  34. I have two E.L.F. blushes. I love them, their cheap & pigmented enough if you apply a generous amount.

  35. ohh & I looove their oil blotters, $1 a pack!

  36. keep these posts! so what if they don't focus solely on fashion? I like them because there aren't a lot of affordable tips for us asian ladies about makeup.

  37. *hahaha, i meant, there aren't a lot of tips out there in general, so it's nice to have bloggers like you who WILL review and use these products and give us some pointers.

  38. you look like a k/j-pop star!

  39. Thank you for the post. I will definitely check out the lashes and the brow kit. I don't think I need filling; perhaps extend the lengths of my brows :).

  40. Thank you guys for your nice comments and helpful many product recommendations to try! Seems like the concealer and some of their studio items are your favorites.

    Sonic - there are actually lots of beauty tips out there, but some of them are a little "advanced" for me, or the items used will overwhelm me. I see a lot of looks I like, then notice the list of products used that is 10 - 15 items long...I kid you not!

    CanadianPetite - funny you mention that palette because I'm really tempted to pick it up after seeing it on so many beauty bloggers. I hardly ever buy eyeshadow palettes because half of the colors won't appeal to me...but I actually can't even find one color on the UD Naked that I don't like. If I do end up getting it I'll have to check out primers like you mentioned...never used any! Are you getting the palette?

    AubreyOhDang - ah it kills me that you Californian girls have these neat stores that sell discount Asian beauty products. $6 for $10 is awesome and I'm so interested to see what they look like on you. Oh, I didn't even know the glue came in colors. I got it at CVS (can't believe how expensive it is...$6 or $7 for glue?) Where do you buy your colored glue?

    N - thanks for the tip on the lash curling. I definitely clamp down too hard which is why it crimps...I'll have to try a more gentle hand and move from bottom up.

  41. Great review! The lashes look great and for that price you can't really go wrong eh?

  42. Lovely pictures and wonderful post! =)
    May i suggest for eyelid primers -
    Two Faced Shadow Insurance. Eyeshadow stays on longer and colours are more vibrant on top of the application.

    Bare Escentuals bareVitamins Prime Time Eyelid Primer. Also very effective in holding ur eyeshadows all day without creasing.

    Have tried both and they're all awesome! i kinda like the two faced shadow insurance better cuz a whole tube can literally last u a veeeeery long time!

    For fake eyelashes - im using this brand called Princess Lashes. They're really amazing cuz its handmade, natural looking, cheap and yet the lash bone is really soft unlike most fake eyelashes whereby the bone part is really stiff.

    u can check it out on this site

  43. I saw CanadianPetite's comment. The naked palette is AMAZING. I was thinking of doing different looks and posting them but I'm still kind of recovering from my microderm burn *sigh*
    Best primer to make eyeshadows stay is UD Primer Potion in Sin because it's a champagne color so you can use it as a high lighter as well. The palette is definitely worth the 44$

  44. ps-you can use some of the darker shadows as a brow filler!!

  45. I actually like the brow set and eyelashes, I have that blush, prolly used it once so far, need to delve into it a bit more.

    Lashes make quite the difference and they don't look like $1 lashes on you!!

  46. After reading this post I went straight to elf's website to do some shopping. You definitely can't beat makeup that's $5 or less, at least there's not much to lose when it doesn't work out :D! I ordered 5 pairs of the natural false lashes that you reviewed and a bunch of other random things I probably didn't need hehe.

    Your post also inspired me to dig out my Shu Uemura lashes and youtube how to apply the lashes with an applicator I bought from Sephora. Having this applicator/clamp thingy realllllly helps! If the $1 falsies are comparable to the $20 ones from Shu Uemura, I might just switch and wear them much more often.

  47. One vote from me to keep "life with PAG and random beauty" posts. I love reading them. :)

  48. You look gorgeous!!! I like all your posts but my favorite is the outfit ones :)

    You have really nice skin too!!!

  49. I love reading all your posts, whether it be about petite fashion or makeup or lifestyle :) I think you have a knack for what's around you and you show everyone how level headed and down to earth you are :)

    ELF is a brand that I like but not love. I think they have some good products. I have tried the brow powder and I love it! I also have the Smashbox brow tech as well but the prices of the two are so different. The ELF one does the job :) I've never tried their natural lashes before. You look amazing as always :)

    I totally agree with you on the Burberry coats. The kids and the adult styles differ so much!

  50. @PAG: I think the dark tone glue is a bit harder to find. Drugstores will usually just carry the clear tone. I got my dark tone glue @ the same asian cosmetic store that sells the pack of lashes here in socal. However, good news is...(drum roll) I did a little research, and Sally Beauty Supply store carries the LashGrip in "Dark" in store! Sally Beauty Supply online says it's $3.99; I expect in store should be the same price. I really think you'll enjoy the darker glue better.

  51. The lashes looks great on you! I dont normally use glue that comes with it..I like the dual one at Walgreen. You should try shishem or darkness lashes..they last pretty long!

  52. Yes, I will def get UD palette when I go across the border in Aug. My local Sephora has not rec'd their shipment yet (what's with that??) besides it is $65 Canadian!! When you get yours pls do a review.

  53. wow, thanks for the review on these elf products! i passed the beauty aisle in our local tar-jay and was surprised to see elf products. i almost purchased the falsies, but decided not to. glad to know that they're pretty great. i love how they look on u! i may have to go back and get them:)

  54. I found your site when you commented on my friend Liang's blog (I took her new hair pics)! Always looking for more petite/Asian makeup and clothing blogs. Thanks for this post. I bought some e.l.f. stuff just now - hopefully you get some commission off of that. :)

  55. @AubreyOhDang!

    hey where is that store in orange, ca? ive been looking for a store that sells model21 lashes for a good price. let me know! thanks girl!

  56. False lashes have been around for a long time but in recent years they have become more and more popular for people going on nights out or for a special occasion. Some people are even wearing them daily as they just feel naked without them. False lashes help to open up your eyes which make you look less tired. Fake eyelashes do not require layers of mascara and when applied properly will last all night.
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  57. Those false lashes look really natural! I purchased a pair from an Asian market, and they were just too dramatic looking for me. I'm going to have to see if I can find these ELF ones!

  58. I tried the lashes a couple of months ago. It gave me problems, and I'm not sure why? Once they were on (and didn't blink), they looked great but anytime I blinked, off they would come. Do you think they stay on your eyelids better on bare skin or with makeup on?

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