LOFT fitting room reviews in XXSP and 00P

Today (Monday) is the last day to submit entries for my summer work outfit giveaway (feel free to send em' until midnight). Coincidentally, I came across a LOFT store this weekend that was stocked with XXSP and 00P items. They were having 40% off all regular priced items, so I couldn't resist trying some items on.

I know retailers shun in-store photos...but I think it can be a great marketing tool for them (for positively reviewed items, of course). What do you guys think? Should bloggers stop photographing items that they don't actually own?

1. Ornate Zebra Pencil Skirt in 00P, $69.50 before discounts.

Liked: Simple black and white animal print on a classic pencil silhouette, in a smooth, cooling fabric. I have a lot of solid tees and tops which need to be jazzed up by a print skirt like this.
Disliked: As you can see from the 3rd pic, the 00p was a bit big on me. I prefer my pencil skirts to sit higher up on the waist and hit right above the knee.
In the last photo (below right) I am holding in an inch or two from the back - so if you are a little bit bigger than me, then this would fit well.
Continue reading for more reviews...

2. Beaded Ribbed Tank in XXSP, $29.50 before discounts.

Liked: very pretty satiny trim on the neckline and store detailing. Ribbed material was very stretchy and even a little snug on me. Great after-discount price for an embellished tank.
Disliked: bra lines showed through ribbed fabric, but this is more so because my push-up bras are NOT seamless. I need a seamless one ASAP! The model online shows no visible bra lines whatsoever.

3. Blooms Print Empire Dress with Ribbon Hem in 00P, $89.50 before discounts.

Liked: This was my favorite item on the rack...
Disliked: ... and my least favorite one on the person. It looks so cute and romantic on the model online, but was just frumpy and long on me. The 00P was not snug on me and the babydoll cut did not flatter.

4. Modern Slim Leg Jeans in sz 00P, Rinse Wash, $59.50 before discounts.

Liked: My fave item from the batch! I was so surprised that these almost fit me considering the 00P skirt and dress were big. I know these don't look too fitted in the pics, but I always shrink my jeans in the washer/dryer. **edit - per comments below, readers said LOFT jeans stretch out instead of shrink after washing** I really liked the color, the stretchy fabric, and the cut. Overall a great option for those who with slightly bigger legs and want slimmer jeans that aren't "cut-my-circulation-off Skinny."Also an awesome value for denim.
Disliked: The waistband could be more snug. I thought this was odd because the thigh and hips pretty much fit me, but the waistband had an inch or two of extra room.

5. Shimmery Jacquard Skirt in 00P, $69.50 before discounts.

Remember this? AlterationsNeeded posted it and got some mixed feedback. I had seen this in store before and did not like it at all, but since she loved it so much I decided to give it a shot. Consensus....? Cute!!

Liked: First of all I thought the waistband was icky black elastic. It is actually a sturdy grosgrain ribbon. Secondly the shimmer was more delicate than I remembered it to be. I also didn't realize it was fully lined with comfy pockets until I saw AN's review.
Disliked: although this is much cuter than I initially thought, it is still not my cup of tea. I'm just not a shimmery Gap kids jacquard skirt has not yet seen the light of day.

Shopping verdict: Since I spent so much at the outlets last weekend, I did not get anything during this trip because nothing was perfect for me. My top picks for petites are the zebra pencil skirt and slim jeans (if you are at least half to one size up from me). I also came really close to picking up some baubles:
I am so impressed by LOFT's earrings this season. These were beautiful and weighty - not at all like plasticy costume jewelry. I passed on these gems because I already got some J.Crew crystal jewelry from the outlets last weekend, but I just saw that these are all sold out online!

Anyone get anything from the 40% off sale recently? Please share : )


  1. I like the first skirt, but I agree that it needs to be smaller. That's how LOFT pencil skirts fit on me too... almost but not quite small enough. I have the same dress in white coming in the mail, but I guess I shouldn't expect too much after seeing it on you. I've only tried on their jeans one time but even the 00P were way too big, and I still don't think I'd fit into those skinny jeans. And that shimmery skirt just doesn't seem to photograph very well!

    I actually enjoy seeing fitting room pics because it's hard to really tell how things fit based on stock model photos. And if I see something I like I would definitely go out to get it or order online (when I otherwise would not have), so I don't know why retailers are so against it.

  2. I, too, spent too much at the outlets last weekend. I actually used the BR coupon you posted, so thanks for sharing that!

    My outfit for your giveaway is getting sent to you soon!

  3. Do they shun in-store photos in the dressing room? I know retailer don't like people taking photos in their stores because they don't want you to copy their layout.

    I like the animal print skirt. Too bad it's so big on you. The least fave is the empire waist dress. It does look frumpy and there is too much material from the waist down. The jeans are super cute and flattering and the length is prefect. Too bad the waist is so big and even if you do put a belt on it, it'll scrunch up the material.

  4. I always have to wear a big waist belt over my pencil skirts or I get the awkward flappy extra space. Nice fitting room review! I like the ribbed tank a lot

  5. I really like the first printed skirt and the last skirt! The jeans look great on you but a size down would fit much better.

    The dress is cute, but it's a bit pricey considering that you can get something similar at like forever 21! :P

    P.S. I'm extremely jealous of your body! You're so thin!!

  6. you are so tiny, lucky girl! i think they all looked great on you :)

  7. I liked the zebra print skirt the best. and that first pair of earrings in that peach quartz colour and tear drop shape. pretty! p.s. i love the sandals that you were wearing when you went out shopping, very chic.

  8. I love the jeweled tank and those jeans look great! Also the earrings on the left are stunning! Love the dark colours =) Great post!!

  9. I love the zebra print skirt on you (I was pleasantly surprised when I tried on the skirt myself and had to go up to a size 0 petite so that it wouldn't look too hoochie). I'm hoping this means that their sizing will be more "tiny petite" friendly! The jeans look good on you too, but since their pants and jeans always tend to stretch out at least one size I wouldn't buy them with any extra room in them. I find your in-store reviews most helpful and agree that it really is a great marketing tool for the retailers.

  10. Oooh I got a bright pink top from the sale- it looks great with jeans. It was the only one in store, and luckily it was xxs!

  11. That animal print skirt and earrings are my favorites. LOFT store in my area does not have any of these in xs or xxs. My last two trips were wastes of time like I mentioned in my blog. I probably won't go there again even if it is 90% off - I am done..sigh -_-

    I think in-store reviews are good for both store and its customers. An outfit that doesn't look good on one person may look good on another since everyone has unique body. I enjoy seeing these kind of reviews.

  12. I have those jeans too and they fit me very similarly! Gappy in the waist, but perfect everywhere else. They definitely fit slim!

    I got a really cute cropped navy blazer at my LOFT this wknd... I'll have to look at it when I get home to share the details. AND! I actually saw it in a 00P too! I almost bought it for you (or any other 00P blogger out there) but I think that's a little too creepy haha

  13. What kind of sandals are you wearing? I love 'em!

  14. I recently just discovered yours and AN's blog and started going to LOFT b/c they have Petite sizing. I bought this in a XS: Pistachio&defaultSizeType=Petite

    There was little to no difference btw this and the XXS on me, but supposedly the Sales assistant noticed it and told me the shoulders fit better if I went up a size.

    It's lightweight and perfect for Fall. @ least here in San Diego. They had it in store on the mannequin w/the sleeves rolled up underneath a white dress. Looked casual and effortless.

  15. Ah ha! I knew I wasn't crazy when I liked the jacquard skirts! I'm thinking it's a night time skirt (thicker fabric + shine).

    I'm glad the jeans fit in the leg and thigh, but along with the big waistband, I'm not digging the fit in the front. It looks puffy and creasing in all the wrong places.

    Totally agree that LOFT and AT are both upping the ante on their costume jewelry! I get so tempted!

  16. I actually own a pair of modern slim fit jeans from LOFT. I usually fit their 00P, but had to up the size to 0P for that particular one. Problem was waist was a bit loose. I thought the same thing as you did. I usually shrink my jeans in the wash. But this one actually didn't, if not stretched out a bit. So I have to wear a belt with it. What a pain!

  17. When retailers vastly expand the quantity and quality of petites clothing...

    When shopping at 5'4" and under becomes as effortlessly easy as it ought to be...

    When the number of stores at which we can truly buy clothes off the rack exceeds the fingers I have one on one hand...

    ...then petite bloggers can stop photographing clothes they don't own. In the meantime, carry on! :-)

  18. Your blog and fitting room photos have definitely brought Ann Taylor and Loft to my attention and in a good way even though the clothes don't always fit you or don't always get the best of reviews. Before I thought AT and Loft offered only business clothes, so I only focused on BR. But now I see so much potential in their clothing and especially jewelry. To me there's no real difference in photographing items you own versus don't own.

    Do you know if retailers have a problem with buying just to try on then returning? I would understand if they had a problem with that. I feel slightly "dishonest" returning things so I always try to buy only if I truly have the intention of keeping the item, which is always hit or miss for petites unfortunately.

  19. I really like the tank top and the skinny jeans. Those are my favorites on you.

  20. I really like the tank top with gem embellishments the most. I need to go shopping with you. I've recently been going through all your posts looking for work outfit ideas. It's so hard for me to dress up casual items into work appropriate. You always make it look so easy! {*AHH!}

    I really wanted to enter your contest but I have no spring work attire ideas. I started working not too long ago so my work wardrobe is still limited. BOO ME! Hopefully you'll have another giveaway and by then my wardrobe will be bigger.

    <3s Serena.

  21. Fitting room photos and subsequent reviews are good in my book... even if those reviews are negative!

    It's the same as if you're reviewing cosmetics.. if its unflattering and you return it I still appreciate the review even though you never owned the product. What may not work for some may work for others, so I don't understand how retailers would be against this. The more information, the better!

  22. I love seeing fitting room photos and reviews!!! Even if the person doesn't end up buying it! It gives us ladies a good idea and its nice to see clothes on "REAL" people!!!! :)

  23. Did you wear the TLBC bra when trying on these tops? Or were you wearing a different bra? It's just I'm thinking of buying bras from TBLC but I'm not sure I want to invest that much in a bra that might not work out for me in the end.

  24. Wow, thank you guys for sharing about the jeans stretching out instead of shrinking down ...good thing I have enough children's jeans to last me a lifetime.

    I personally love seeing reviews on others whether its purchased or fitting room. Diesel even has cameras in their fitting room (general area, not inside each room) that lets shoppers post pics straight online. At least SOMEONE is embracing the idea of "free press."

    Tricia - I am not wearing TLBC, just some random push up from China. If you are thinking of buying I would recommend the Lucia lace (all the ladies who have it have nothing but positive reviews - you can ask AlterationsNeeded). I also really like my Sascha strapless. I don't recommend the Angela as your "investment bra" because I think the cups are too push-up for everyday wear, and may show through under tee shirts.

  25. yesterday i went on loft's website and saw that select dresses & skirts are 50% online and in-store, including the zebra pencil skirt! so i got it =) but daaang girl, you are so tiny! i had to get the 2P!

  26. Hi! Which LOFT store do you go to? I've tried one in the Fanueil Hall area and sadly they barely carry any petites.

    1. houston premium outlets:P

    2. idoubt you would go there but it has petites

  27. Super cute blog. I had to send you this link when I saw this post! Look forward to browsing through your blog!

  28. In-store photos are great when it's for review purposes. I think it's a good sales technique, and it saves time for the rest of us when we see how something looks on an actual person!


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