Craving Now & Outlet Sales

TGIF! I forgot to do a post for today because I did work til I dozed last night, but I have the day off to go outlet shopping : D ! First though I wanted to show this cardigan again:

I posted about this on my sidebar ages ago having a sneaking suspicion that it ran small - and it sure does. Check it out on the lovely Chloe (pretty sure she is wearing sz XS). It looks super cropped and shrunken fit on her which is great news for tiny petites. Crave crave...too bad it is still full price!

Today I will be hitting up two sales:

1. Theory Outlet Backroom Sale

2. Banana Republic Outlet sale on top of sale on top of sale. Click here for a printable coupon.

Hope I luck out with some good finds! What are everyone's plans for the long weekend (well, US readers only)? Anyone hitting up the outlets as well?


  1. have fun! i haven't been to an outlet in 7 years or so, can you believe it? there's one near LA but i haven't ventured there yet.

    i think i'm going to force my parents to drive me out to the beach to watch fireworks :) it will be a nice break from being indoors and studying

  2. That cardigan looks so girly..I like it. I am going to break my piggy bank and go shopping this weekend (I have to waive my no buy policy :))! It has been too long since I bought clothes and my wardrobe seriously needs a makeover. Too bad there is no outlet mall near where I live..the nearest one is more than an hour away so I will stick with a regular mall nearby.

    Have fun with your shopping.

  3. Pretty cardigan! I have actually never gone outlet shopping (*hangs head in shame* lol) and I'm not exactly even sure where to go around my area. I was never tempted to because I've always thought either I'll go crazy and spend way too much $$ or I'll come home disappointed and empty-handed. All that may change of course if I find out there are crazy bargains to be had! Hope you find some good stuff and definitely share! :)

  4. Yes! Half-day today at work, so I was planning on spending the afternoon at the outlets. This is another reason why I love your blog - all the links to coupons! Looking forward to the BR Factory sale =]

  5. Have fun and good luck! Looking forward to seeing and reading about all your finds!

  6. Good luck finding stuff!

    That cardigan IS cute! I never would've thought to browse their stuff until Ping pointed items out to me, and the intro video on their webpage is so cute, and young. Very dif from their visual displays in store.

  7. haha sophia and i were talking about this caridigan yesterday. it is indeed very pretty in person!

    ohh i got my corso como simone sandals yesterday too. theres so much cushion on the bed of the shoes, it makes squishy sounds when i walk...likes like i'm farting every step i take. lol!!! maybe i'll wear them this weekend and see if the air will deflate from the cushion. let me know how you like it!

  8. Thanks for posting the coupons! I'll be making a trip to the outlets after class tomorrow. Hope you found some goodies today =)

  9. Hi Jean! :]

    Oo outlet shopping! The closest ones near me take about 45 minutes to get to. You're making me want to head out there this weekend! haha.

    No big plans for me I think. Maybe a BBQ or two. I'm excited to see what you find from your outlet adventure today! Good luck on your outlet shopping!

  10. I am going outlet shopping tomorrow! Hope I find some goodies! The Jcrew cardigan is super cute....pricey but hopefully it will go on sale soon :)

    Can't wait to see what you goodies you find on your shopping venture!

  11. Thanks guys! Angie/PXXS - you guys live near an awesome outlet in LA (Desert Hills) and an okay one in SD (Carlsbad)!

    Nelah/Love n Salt - Have fun shopping ladies! Can't wait to see your finds.

    Van5Virginia - woo, good luck and have fun! The BR Factory store was chaos even on Friday! Plenty of finds to be had tho, and I think the coupon I posted is good only for an extra 15% off.

  12. Hey! just popping to say hi! even though I'm not petite, whenever anyone asks about blogs for petites I always refer them to you :)



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