Urban Outfitters XS Review - Help me decide!

**Henrietta Pertuz Petites is having 40% off all items w/ code" summer40" to make way for her Fall collection. Two things left in sz 0: this gorgeous cream/navy silk blouse, and the Newport Dress **

So last Friday I ordered a few things from Urban Outfitters after discovering that they had free return shipping. The items came so fast (2 days), and those who chat with me on Twitter already know that I am pleased with the haul. It's really rare for me to find items that satisfy the categories of fit, style, AND price!

First up, this Kimchi Blue lace skirt in sz XS, $29.99:

Pros: Super feminine and flirty, great details, fits me perfectly both waist and length-wise.
Cons: SHEER! I am wearing a nude slip skirt from Target. Also, I wish the lace paneling went all the way around, instead of just on the front.

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One last pic of the details, because it's so purty!

 Next up, this Kimchi Blue Lace Blouse and Pins and Needles Silk Skirt. Both are $19.99 and sz XS:
Both pieces are a lil crinkled from shipping and just need a hot shower steam:
(blouse is sheer; wearing a cami underneath)
If you think this outfit looks familiar...it's because PetiteXXS reviewed very similar items just yesterday!

Pros - fits nicely on me both tucked in and let out. Pretty detailing.
Cons - very, very delicate...I can see myself easily snagging this then kicking myself for it.

Pros - Very tiny fitting. Nice, stretchy, gathered waist plus pretty ruffle detailing on the bottom. Also, $20 is a great price for 100% silk!
Cons - In the model photo, you can see that the hem has already come unraveled on the ruffles. It doesn't look so nice that way!

All in all, I can see potential in each of the three items if I put some effort into the styling. However, although I like everything, I don't wear a lot of casual attire so I have no need for all three. I'm very torn ... please help me decide by voting for your fave (if any)!

PS - Of course, right after I ordered I stumbled upon this white summer dress in XS. So perfect for summer! For those who plan on ordering anything, remember you can get 2.5% cashback on U.O. with eBates.


  1. The blouse is a keeper for sure. I too think it is odd that the paneling does not go all the way around with the first lacy skirt. As pretty as it is, it could look like a slip. The second skirt I think could be more versatile.

    My vote is for the blouse and the ruffle skirt. But for those great prices, it's hard not to keep them all!

  2. my fave is the first skirt because it is absolutely perfect for summer and spring.

    i'm not really feeling the blouse plainly because i have no idea how i would style that. i foresee headaches. lace and sheer is so beautiful but you can't just walk outside in a bra :/

    the blue skirt is all right. you have much prettier ones than that one already :)

  3. The first skirt is really pretty but the need for a slip makes it kind of fussy, and I also don't like how the lace paneling doesn't go all the way around.

    The lace blouse you already know I like :)

    I also like your blue skirt much better than the one I ordered since yours is 100% silk, has more details, and is cheaper! I don't like how the ruffles unravel though, that may or may not be the deal breaker for me. It depends on if you have similar items already I guess.

  4. My favorite is the lace skirt! Even if you have to wear a slip, I can see you styling it in all kinds of fun ways. Too bad the paneling isn't all the way around.

    The lace top is pretty too, but the way the lace is paneled makes it look funny with a different colored tank under it. I think it needs a nude cami to really be workable.

    I'm torn on the silk skirt. It's cute, and I like that it's silk, but it just doesn't do it for me.

  5. Love both outfits. I really like the lace top with the blue skirt. =)

  6. you make everything look so nice! love the 2!

  7. I'm voting for the lace top! I could see you dressing it up if the need arises :)

    I do think the silk skirt is nice too. I've seen a product called "Fray Stop" at the craft store before. I think its around $5? Perhaps if you use a tiny bit of that around the ruffle edges it will stop fraying.

    From the Joann craft store website: "A solvent based anti-fray glue for use in the binding of fibers to prevent fraying of fabric hems.
    Resistant to normal washing."

    I haven't used this personally so I'm unsure of how good it is, but if you buy pretty silk blouses with raw edges in the future this would also be helpful as well.

    Good luck on you decision! :}

  8. Love the lace blouse- I knew I'd seen it yesterday ;)

  9. My favorite piece is the blue skirt.

  10. :) I love the blue skirt combo AND the first skirt too...I can't decide haha. All the pieces are so unique! I love them all... :) (I'm absolutely no help but I just can't help but love all the outfits you put together :D)

  11. This is how I feel when I go into UO...torn. I think everything looks nice on you, but nicer on you. You have a great body and I don't think these items do you justice! I don't like the elastic waist on the pink lace skirt. I like the lace top--the botton detailing on the back is cute. I also like the blue skirt because of the ruffles. If you don't see yourself wearing any of the items more than once, I'd return them. I have so much stuff in my closet just sitting...and I'm thinking to myself why did I buy this. Not because its ugly, just because its hard to match/pair with.

  12. All three pieces look super cute on you, but I'm voting for the lace top. I think it's the most versatile of the three. The first skirt is gorgeous, but the fact that you need to wear a slip with it would make it a little bit of a nuisance IMO (but I do really love it!). The blue ruffled skirt is also pretty, but it's probably my least favorite of the three items.

    I'm in agreement with Ping, though--if you don't see yourself wearing any of these items at least a few times, I'd return them all. I'm trying to do the same with the things that I buy impulsively, as I also have many, many items hanging in my closet that hardly ever get worn.

  13. Decision decision! :D I actually like the blouse and the peach skirt. Maybe because you can pull off the "romantic" look so well and I like seeing you in feminine pieces :)

    Though you got them on sale, if you can't see yourself wearing them pretty often, then just stick to 1 item and return the other 2. That way, you'll still satisfy your shopping craving but you won't regret spending your money on things that are "impulse" purchases :)


  14. Definitely keep the lace skirt & lace top, the silk skirt can go because I agree, if the hem is going to start fraying like it is in ALL of the colors on ALL of the model pics, it doesn't look that nice!

  15. I would keep them all! THey look so cute. The prices are great too. I just ordered two dresses from urban on friday also and they fit perfectly!

  16. If it were me- I'd probably keep them all..LOL But my fav is the lace skirt and lace top :)

  17. All three look good on you, but my favorite is the blue skirt. Second, the blouse. The lace skirt is cute but to me it looks kind of like a slip.

  18. Not a fan of the lace skirt. Looks too much like a slip. The lace top is a keeper. I think it looks very pretty on you.

  19. i'm a fan of all 3 :)especially the skirts. they were all such a good deal! plus I love kimchi blue! i have a few pieces in my wardrobe as well. the pairing of a skirt/dress with a blazer is in right now, so i could see the lace skirt paired with a white blazer of some sort a la sjp!

  20. Thank you everyone for your input - these comments are quite helpful. It seems like everyone has varying opinions and good points. Although it looks like a slip, I am a big fan of the innerwear as outerwear thing and think I will keep the first skirt.

    Soo - it's like you read my mind! I just went to H&M today in search of a summery boyfriend blazer, and ended up buying one in light khaki but I'm still on the fence about the quality. Thnx for sharing that link - SJP looks fab.

    Kristy/Em/Ping - I know...I'm really trying to stray from "impulse" purchases and also keeping stuff I'll never wear more than once. I'm going to narrow this purchase down to just 1 to be good : )

    Elleandish - Fray Stop...what a great tip! Although I don't want to test it on the silk skirt, I think I will pick some up for my linen scarf which is fraying like crazy.

  21. I also vote for the lace top. It can be easily worn underneath a jacket with jeans, under a sweater with tailored pants... and give your dressy clothes a feminine twist. The skirts are too sheer and appeared poorly made, so they might look too cheap to incorporate into your professional wardrobe.

  22. Are you not going to keep any more items because my vote is to keep the first two! Lace in general is more prone to snagging, that's just how that design is unfortunately, but there's no excuse for the 3rd skirt fraying that quickly!

  23. I would keep them all. They all look so pretty and feminine on you. I am definitely going to order something from UO after reading yours and PetiteXXS's reviews...plus 20% off is going on right now at Chloe's. Thanks for the review. It was great as always

  24. I do like the first skirt a lot..looks good on you..but im just not a fan of the waist part though. Did you try it with a belt?

  25. Mizz J/PLG - yep I'm just trying to keep one : ) PLG can't wait to see your purchases.

    Pansy - you're right. I'm keeping the top because it's the most versatile! Thanks for convincing me : )

    Yvonne- I know, I don't like the elasticy look either! Wish I had a pretty patent belt like the model.

  26. awww...that skirt looks really good on u~!

  27. I love the kimchi blue lace slip/skirt in the first set of photos. the light peach colour complements your skin tone better than the light blue skirt. I also like the lace paneling details better than the ruffled hem. However, I do like the kimchi blue lace top that you wore with the blue skirt, so if anything I say keep those two. You look pretty either way though :)

  28. Hi I'm a new reader. This is an awesome blog! :)

    I really like the pink skirt. It's perfect for the summer season.

    BTW, can I ask where you got the white tank? I've been looking for an opaque white tank to go with my skirts and yours looked great. Thanks for your help!

  29. Hi PrettyInPink - welcome! The white tank is from H&M in sz 2. I stock up on all my tanks and tees from there because they run small, plus have tons of colors and options. I think this one was $12.95 because it was "premium cotton," but they have lots under $8. Hope this helps!

  30. What a great blog. Thanks for sharing. I'm petite like you (a few inches taller) ;). I'd love to know what brand are your shoes in this entry? I love the nude color.

  31. I just wanna say, for a short girl like me, when I wear a skirt, it is easy to make the waist looks wide(thick), how to avoid this shortage?..T.T


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