Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Work Outfit Giveaway

**The giveaway is now closed. View all the outfit entries here**

Happy Monday, readers! I'm super excited today to announce another work outfit giveaway. I love doing this every season to see what you ladies are wearing to work. Now that it is officially summer, I'm feeling lightweight fabrics, vibrant colors, and bold jewelry (none of which I really own...rats!).

Giveaway prizes courtesy of:
The marketing manager of LOFT recently came across my blog, thanks to AlterationsNeeded (check out her post for a preview of LOFT's Fall collection). It feels great that such a large retailer has become aware of the petite community online.

How to enter:
- Email me (petiteasiangirl(at) a photo of you in a favorite summery work-appropriate outfit, and list where the items are from. Please also feel free to share your field of work.
- If you are petite, please feel free to share the sizing info and your measurements for reference.
- If you have a blog, feel free to include your link. 

- To be fair to all participants, please submit a photo taken just for this giveaway. ie: If you are a blogger, please no photos from previous posts.
- Although "work-appropriate" dress codes can really vary, please use business casual as a baseline.
- Entries will be accepted until midnight EST on Monday, July 12th.

There will be 2 winners chosen by readers.

I did a quick video to show the awesome prizes LOFT sent (please bear with me as this is my first "talking" video and it's a bit choppy : P ). Thank you, LOFT! I know whoever wins these are going to love them. 

The accessories shown in the video are no longer available, however be sure to check out LOFT's current collection. I've listed my favorite items below:

Can't wait to see everyone's outfits! I remember the first time I held this contest in Fall 2009, I was so excited to get three entries. Funny thing is, 2 of the three ladies now have their own petite fashion blogs!


  1. I don't usually enter giveaways but that scarf has really inspired me! And by the way, thanks for letting us know more about you! It's always nice to feel more "connected" to the bloggers I follow if that makes any sense...

  2. Wow I'm so excited for you that you're being sponsored by such a large retailer! The prizes look great and it's always fun to see all the entries and see what people are wearing. I think you should post your favorite summer outfit too! :)

    Btw, you remind me a lot of Jen from frmheadtotoe in your video for some reason... and thanks for showing the quick how to wear a scarf because I've always mimicked the look but never really knew how others really do it.

  3. What an exciting contest. Those prizes look lovely. I will send my favorite summer work outfit your way. Thanks for hosting the contest. It's really cool to get noticed by such a large retailer like LOFT.

  4. Anonymous - Of course that makes sense! I love it when readers leave comments or tidbits about themselves as it makes me feel more connected to you guys. Hope you decide to participate!

    PXXS - lol, I'll that as a huge compliment although I have a long way to go. Jen encouraged me to join the Youtube community so I am testing the waters : )

    PLG - can't wait to see! I've been enjoying your posts.

  5. You have a name! I feel so much better that I can call you something other than "PAG" :3 I didn't imagine your voice so mature! Seems like we both have low voices (I squeak more when I'm nervous on camera though).

    Your eyes are HUGE. My bf's mom shops at LOFT a lot hahaha : )

    I will see what I can do - this sounds fun! I have a few pieces I usually use for interviews and I dressed up a bit for my research lab at first. Now that my mentor has made it clear that he's a "I listen to Green Day on Pandora while I work" type of guy, there's no need. Haha he does make fun of my mismatched nails and Hello Kitty rain boots a lot.

  6. oh fun!! I was so mad that I missed your last giveaway so i'll definitely send in a pix this time! that's so awesome that Loft is sponsoring the giveaway.

  7. A very lovely giveaway. Thank you for doing a video :) and hosting the contest. I'll see what I can come up with.

  8. Hi Jean! :) Hopefully that's spelled correctly. I'm thinking of what I can do to submit an entry! Not too much of my wardrobe is "summery" so we'll see how that goes. :D

    Your first vid is so lovely! I'm lookin forward to more in the future :)

  9. Hi jean! what nail polish are you wearing in your video? it's lovely!

  10. I think you did great on your first video..glad to see you in action. You should consider doing more videos in the future - I really liked it. You are pretty as always.

  11. omg you look great on camera! your makeup looks awesome too.

    thats super exciting for the marketing manager of loft to contact you...your blog is one of faves. keep it up!

  12. Whoa LOFT contacted you! How cool!!

    Sadly my work wardrobe is the same all year round :( But I can't wait to see the entries and what other people wear during summer!

  13. What a great giveaway! Thank you for hosting it! And thanks to LOFT for sponsoring it! What great prizes. =)

    Can't wait to see all the entries.

  14. Thank you ladies for the kind notes!

    elleandish- yup, that's spelled correctly : ) Can't wait to see what you whip up...even a plain outfit can be jazzed up by accessories, like that floral statement necklace you're sewing!

    Anon - hi there! It is Essie Fiji, my go-to summer polish. It's an opaque milky pink, kind of a pain to apply yourself, but I always choose it at the salon.

    Sophia - actually I reached out to them about this. This mgr. at LOFT is pretty awesome at engaging with customers through facebook, twitter, etc. It's quite refreshing for brands to reach out to their target market like that.

  15. Yay I'm glad we can enter until July 12th! I'm in LA on vacation again so don't have my work shoes/accessories on me. Can't wait to enter!

  16. YAY! You are so cute in your video! Great tutorial on the scarf :)

    I'm excited to see what everyone comes up with! Gotta figure out my outfit now!!!

    I agree with PetiteXXS- we want to see your fav Summer outfit too!

  17. love the video, do you do a lot of public speaking? you seem very comfortable in front of the camera, not a lot of "ummm" or filler words that I usually find on blogger videos. Nothing wrong with that of course as most people do it but I've taken public speaking courses so I always notice that :)

    Great giveaway, the scarf is really pretty.

  18. Hi Jean, Yay! That is soooo exciting that Loft is sponsoring your giveaway! I've been really busy and kind of MIA in the blog world lately, but I hope to start posting and commenting again soon!

  19. Love the nailpolish! :D Looking good Jean!

  20. Great video Jean! =) Love the scarf mini-tutorial...and what a great giveaway LOFT too! Congrats!

  21. Do contestants who wear LOFT items get an advantage on the giveaway prizes? I thought I might ask as Loft is sponsoring the giveaway. Thank you.

  22. Hi! I came across your blog this weekend as I was googling for brands that make suits for petites. I'm also a petite asian, 5' tall, 100 lbs and it's been difficult trying find pieces that are professional yet trendy for work. I just want to say I love your style and I'm inspired by all the great looking outfits you put together. Keep up the great blogging!

  23. I just found out your blog and love it right away. I'll see what I can do for this giveaway. Follow you now.

  24. What a cool giveaway! I think to think of something asap!

  25. Thank you, Jean!! lol So gald to call you something. I <3 LOFT...their sizes are like the ONLY ones that still fit me ^_^

  26. wow congrats on getting such a big sponsor! i will definitely have to think of an entry! :)

  27. I was thinking it might be interesting/useful if entrants also mentioned their field of work (without having to be too specific if they prefer e.g. medical, law, finance, fashion, business, etc.). On various boards and blogs, I sometimes see people post outfits that are really cute but just wouldn't be appropriate in some fields. For myself, I think it'd be nice to know what other people in a similar occupation are wearing to work.

  28. Tiffany - funny you mention that, I think I said "umm" more than I can count! No public speaking experience here, but thank you for the kind words : )

    Anon (9:54PM)- good point, I should have clarified! The prizes are courtesy of LOFT but the winners will be chosen by readers. Makes no difference what brands you wear!

    Anon (9:57 PM) welcome and thank you! I have quite a few suiting reviews on here and so do some of my fellow petite bloggers. Hope you find helpful info!

    Catherine - good point! I'll add it in as optional info.

  29. I've never entered a giveaway before.. but who can resist LOFT?? Thanks, Jean!

  30. I just sent mine in! : ) I'm from Canada so I hope I'm allowed to enter. When will entries be posted for votes?

  31. ** because I noticed LOFT doesn't ship to Canada! :(

  32. ... planning my outfit ... :)

    Great video! Can't wait to enter this one :) I LOVE the cuff and it's so reassuring to know it will fit small wrists!

  33. Jessy - good question - I shoudla explained in more detail. First place will have her choice of GC or accessories set. If she chooses the accessories set, the second winner will have to be a reader from the U.S.

    Erin - I was relieved that it was slightly bendable. I've tried bending cheaper cuffs before from F21 and snapped it right in half!

  34. Just wanted to say I took some pics for your giveaway! It's too bad I'm not done with the statement necklace yet :( Now I'm realizing after entering this giveaway I don't have very "summery" work appropriate clothes! Hehe. I'll send you my final pics when I'm done. Thanks Jean :}

  35. I don't want to win the items (being in Canada I'm sure I'm out of the running), but I ADORE LOFT and I wish they'd COME TO CANADA ALREADY! :)

    They have amazing business casual wear and it's exactly the stuff I'd buy and wear for work.

    My favourite business casual outfit as an IT consultant, is my white sheath.

    It skims like a glove and doesn't reveal everything.. but looks summery & great with flats or heels.

  36. well hello hello Jean! I always did feel a little weird referring to you as PAG so I didn't haha, any way good to finally "meet" you (in that sense) and I love your video! esp the outfit you were wearing in it, the green looks great on you!


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