Life with PAG: Memorial Day Weekend

I just returned from my bi-annual trip home, where the bf and I had a relaxing few days filled with non-stop eating. Traveling home always brings back a flood of memories. We had very humble beginnings when we first immigrated to the US. My entire extended family lived in a dingy one-bedroom apt, and my parents worked multiple jobs to stay afloat while my dad was in grad school. We grew our own produce and raised our own poultry…imagine all the stares from neighbors and inquiries from the kids at school!

Whenever I spend time with my family in their (current) beautiful home, it’s hard not to remember those times and to be thankful for everything that we have now. And of course that includes living in a country where those things are possible.

Some snapshots from Memorial Day weekend:

Eating BBQ ribs with my baby brother

Korean BBQ (beef shortribs) hot on the grill – so good

Grill master Dad (left) and Mom posing for her cooking blog photo (right)
Helping Mom with her homemade buns (roast pork, and sausage/chive/cheese)

Looking back, though, I wouldn’t trade my childhood for the world. I’ve met many people who don’t understand the meaning of hard work and ambition, or the value of money. I just hope that I can pass down such values to my own children : )

Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!