20% off at Urban Outfitters - ends tomorrow!

Thanks again to Chloe, here is a coupon code for U.O. that ends tomorrow - WELIKEYOU gives you 20% off your entire purchase of $50+ including sale items. U.O. offers free shipping over $150 AND free return shipping, which I love.

As an update from my last post - thank you everyone who gave me feedback. After hemming and hawing, I am keeping .. the cream lace panel blouse ($16) over the skirts. The blouse is more versatile than I thought, and I am actually wearing it today to work tucked into a black suiting pencil skirt, cream open-toe pumps, and pearl studs.

I also wanted to share this pretty summer dress on sale in sz XS (click to shop):

Another item I'm eying is this ruched sleeve dress (just $24!) modeled here by PetiteXXS w/ a belt. She's wearing a sz 0 and it's a teensy bit loose, but she is extremely petite so anyone a size up (like me) would probably fit in it perfectly. She also reviewed several other items from U.O. so be sure to check them out.

For more U.O. reviews, check out Coastalpolitan.com. Janice and Michelle are both petite young professionals who have reviewed some cute stuff from U.O. recently. Refer to this post and this post.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing the voucher code :D I just did a damage on my visa and got a few items from UO Sale section! Can't wait! :D

    I love love love that eyelet scalloped dress. Can't wait to see you in it! :) I also got the lace panel blouse, but in black ;)


  2. Kristy- can't wait to see your new stuff on your blog. I skipped out on the eyelet dress because I already have a white lace one : ) Saving my shopping $ for a 4th of July spree at the outlets!

  3. I really like that dress but unfortunately there's only size large left. Btw I did end up placing another order using the 20% off... what can I say, I'm a sucker for discounts, especially when there's free prepaid returns! Oh and thanks for the link! :)

  4. I'm so irritated at UO - I put all this stuff in my shopping cart, and when I went to check out - nothing was in it! I guess it messes up if you're not signed it, so just wanted to let people know about that little glitch. I missed out on Minnetonka moccasins I really wanted because of this glitch.

  5. I ordered few items from UO today using 20% discount. Next week, we all are going to read UO's reviews from each other...LOL

  6. Hi PAG - That lace panel blouse you chose to keep looks pretty on you. I LOVE lace stuff, very sweet and feminine but I find them tricky to wear. They can either make a person look great or not so great especially on petite body. You work it!

    Also, I want to thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment on my new blog (and becoming my first follower). It means so much to me because you are one of my favorite bloggers. Your comment inspired me to blog about being petite and pregnant :)

  7. Anonymous - wow, that is soo frustrating! It didn't happen to me when I logged in, but I'm sorry that you missed out on some booties as a result. I hate it when I wait too long to checkout and someone snags all the items in my cart.

    PLG - can't wait to see what you got! No more U.O. reviews from me ... I'm saving up for my outlet spree, lol!

    Nelah - aww, of course! I'm interested in seeing where you go with your blog. You know there is actually a community of "pregnant yet fashionable" blogs out there that evolved into "fashionable mama" blogs after the authors gave birth.

  8. Thanks for the code, I will definitely be using it :)

    xo Lynzy

  9. love this dress!!! perfect for a fourth of july party!! xo



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