Wear it 3 ways: Henrietta Pertuz "Molly" Dress

Happy Monday, readers! I have some exciting news for this week : ) Today I am thrilled to share a new petite-friendly brand with you guys, and later this week there will be a giveaway (open internationally) so readers will have a chance to win something special by this brand.

Henrietta Pertuz clothing is not just "petite-friendly" - the entire line by the NYC advertising account exec-turned-fashion designer is made especially for women 5'4" and under. There are no signs of boxy suits or matronly dresses in her petites collection. Just fitted bustiers, silk pleated dresses, adorable cuffed trouser shorts, and more goodies. Per Henrietta, her line consists of affordable "investment pieces" made with luxurious fabrics and quality workmanship. Special attention is paid to all aspects of fit. Her contemporary collection reminds me of my beloved Theory, but more feminine and colorful.

Brand Snapshot:

Designer: Henrietta Pertuz, 34. Click here to read her petite shopping tips.
First Collection: Fall 2009
Sizes: 0P to 12P (may expand to 00P to 14P)
Ships to: USA (free), Canada, UK, Australia, Japan, and South Africa
Return Policy: 30 days
Price Range: $118-$195
Items Made In: USA

Henrietta sent a few items from her collection for me to try on. Today I will show the "Molly" dress, and on Wednesday I will show the "Lisa" bustier and announce the giveaway subsequently.

Dress: Henrietta Pertuz Molly in 0P
Jacket: Theory Gratian in 00
Pumps: Aldo Arnoldoa.

The "Molly" dress was introduced in 2009 and was so popular that Henrietta made it in new colors for Spring 2010. The dress is 100% silk, and has a row of pleats down the front center to elongate the body. The color I am wearing in the photos is from last Fall, but right now it is available in bright Berry, Chartreuse, and Pale Pink. My favorite is the Chartreuse...look at how striking it is against a tan!

*Note - the models above are approx. 5'5" and 5'6." I suggested to Henrietta to use true petite models for future collections so that shoppers can better gauge how the items fit.

I took photos wearing the Molly dress a few different ways, and couldn't decide which one to show - so here are all three:

1. Work - by throwing on a little tweed blazer and some black pumps, this dress instantly becomes business casual appropriate for me. Click photos to enlarge.

2. Summer Casual
- when paired with strappy flats and a summer satchel, this dress is perfect for drinks or dinner on a warm evening. I think the true test of an item's "petite-friendliness" is whether it looks good with flats, instead of 3 or 4 inch heels. This dress hits 2-3 inches above my knees. I am willing to go even shorter in length, but have no qualms with this length on me. Shoes: Miss Trish of Capri for Target, size 5.5, Satchel: LV Speedy 25

3. Cocktail - I added a thin satin belt and bling-y sandals to make this evening appropriate. Belt: Theory (came with a dress), Shoes: Zara 5.5

Disclosure: I received this item courtesy of Henrietta Pertuz. My review here is my personal opinion.

I loved this dress and found it to be truly versatile. Right off the bat, the details stood out: delicate ruching on both shoulders and sleeve cuffs, small gold twist buttons on the cuffs and back, and neatly stitched pleats. The silk is smooth and the color is rich. A size 0P turned out to be a perfect fit on me, measuring 12" across the shoulders, 16" across the widest part of the bust, 31.5" length, and has 22.5" long sleeves. The dress is unlined, so I wore a long seamless tank underneath.

I wore the dress for several hours and small wrinkles appeared at the underarm area, but a steam during a hot shower removed most of it. Overall, I am pleasantly surprised by the quality and fit of this piece. Check out the dress for sale here. Which of the above ways to wear it is your favorite?


  1. this dress looks so perfect on you! i like it best with the tweed jacket - it makes it seem to fit you even better

  2. Looking gorgeous PAG! I love the navy blue on you. My fav look is the cocktail one for sure. The belt provides a little more of a figure vs. the casual look. But you look great in all three!!!

    ps-can't wait for the giveaway!!

  3. This is a gorgeous look. You always look so professional in your photos!

    I love the three ways you wear this dress! I've got to say that you look stunning in each. I can tell that your bf's photography skills are just getting better and better! haha

  4. Oh, but if I must choose, I love the cocktail look most :)

  5. your shoes in the cocktail pictures are gorgeous!!! ahhh love this dress on you; especially the color. :)

  6. I was blog hopping when i saw u!!! I'm 5" tall too! Extra petite as well! I often feel everyone is taller than me! haha

  7. Gorgeous! Love that color and cut. And super nice to hear about more designers catering to petites like us. ;)

  8. I like the summer casual look... but I think belted would probably be most flattering in real life. It's funny but I recognize ANTM models from cycle 13 (petites) in the stock pictures.

  9. I love how the tweed jacket made the dress very professional. I would personally wear it belted with flats.

  10. you are so gorgeous!
    love this dress :)
    loving the blog
    great posts!
    stop by some time xx

  11. you are so adorable. The dress looks great on you!

  12. Funny that you post the SAME Henrietta dress the same day I did mine!

  13. Hmm...I seem to be the only one on here who does not like this dress. There is something about it that is borderline matronly/borderline juvenile. I am not a fan of the lack of waist. I realize it is supposed to be an A line style, but I don't think it is flattering on petite figures. The only look I would consider is the Work look, and really I think it's the Theory jacket that is holding the look together.

    So, I wouldn't wear it...but that is just me.

  14. I love it with the jacket; the sleeves are a surprisingly nice touch there.

  15. I have to agree with Kerry on this one. I don't know if it's the way it's cut, or the size itself, but it looks a little big. I'm glad to hear they may be extending the size range; I've noticed that even this petite line would be much too large on me ^^; though I do realize that at nineteen, I'm not necessarily the target customer, and that I'm still "growing" - Though I still fit into the clothes I purchased in the 7th grade.

  16. Kerry / Wendy - I can totally see where you're coming from if you don't like the cut of this dress. I don't own many things with this A-lined flowy silhouette because it mostly only looks good on tall, slim models or small children under 12. However I do see it a lot as part of contemporary collections (Theory comes out with a few each season) that I love because the shape to me is easy to wear. I rarely buy such items because the sizing is more generous than usual to achieve the loose drape, making the items way too big on me (ie. bcbg dress from prior post). Waist definition is always a plus for petites, but I am happy to have a few items with this breezy silhouette.

  17. Would you pay $195 for this dress if you would have to purchase it yourself? I am just curious cuz you didn't mention anything about the high price.

  18. Gorgeous! I love the dress and love the different ways you styled it. Off to check out the site right now.

  19. ^Anonymous - you bring up a good question, and one that frequently comes up when free products are showcased. I personally wouldn't buy this dress at $195. There are other items in her collection that are more my style, such as the bustier pieces. I am ordering the Kim Cocktail Shorts from the store (at full price), so stay tuned to see those : ) I'm a very thrifty shopper, but I'm willing to pay for good fit and quality: ie: Theory clothes, Burb coats.

    I also realized that the last dress I bloggged about from Ann Taylor was $198 before discounts. And that was mass-produced in a foreign country and may have required costly alterations.

    So to sum it up, I think that the prices for the overall collection are high, but fair. Having dabbled in "fashion" several years back selling my own handmade garments (which obviously didn't succeed, lol), I am actually impressed by the price points. I also like to support independent designers that cater to tiny petites - since not many retailers out there care about us.

  20. How pretty!!! I love the belted look. I think the belt adds curves to the silhouette of the dress. I love how you showed all different types of ways you can wear this dress. Great post :)

  21. Absolutely gorgeous dress... what a great line.. :)

    xx Love & Aloha

    *Swing by my blog to enter The Pagestoppers giveaway!

  22. You look amazing as always! My preference would be to wear it belted to accentuate your tiny waist. I love your cocktail look. I'm a sucker for pretty shoes and bling. :) I agree that a dress/skirt that works with a flat sandal is a bonus.

  23. the dress is sooo cute on you! and awesome ideas!

  24. Wow.. I didn't realized you were that close. lol what's the name of the sushi joint that u mentioned?

    I have Tmobile.. so my calls kept getting dropped. bummer.

    BTW.. lovin the first picture...

  25. Omigawd, just stumbled onto your blog and I'm definitely following! I'm only 5'0 sooo....yeah. lol Feel free to check out mine as well! New to the blogging scene, but I'm gonna be bringing it as well. LOL :)

  26. I like the belted look with the blingy heels, fabulous. Although I get pretty picky about dresses that are over $100, i would prefer it to be lined at that pricepoint since it's silk.

  27. LOL I was just reading over a few comments.. and I actually like how it hangs! I like the baggy look, versus a more tight fitting dress, but it's all personal preference. I find that baggy things kinda give the waifish look which I adore :) Love how you showed the 3 different ways. For $195 a daytime dress would pretty much have to sing and dance for me... and clean my toilet too (lol), but if I had the money I would def purchase this!

  28. I love the first work look on you! The dress is truly gorgeous and to find good quality, fashion forward pieces at her prices is not that easy to come by!

    Lovely review/post!!!

  29. Completely LOVING that jacket... it is gorgeous.


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