Thursday, May 20, 2010

Trying a new XXS brand - Rachel Roy (30% off + free ship)

I've been eying the Rachel Rachel Roy collection for a while now ever since discovering that they offer size XXS. I went to Macy's to check out the fit, but of course there were no XXS or even XS's! Thanks again to Chloe, I just found out that Friends & Family is going on right now at Rachel Roy with 30% off (no code needed) plus free shipping for purchases $75 +. Perfect excuse for me to try out this brand.

Since I have no idea how this line fits, I'm going to stay away from pants and jackets. It's not a petite line, so most items may require a hem or shortening of sleeves. Here's what's in my cart:

1. Striped Fitted Cotton Skirt in XXS. 19" long. Only $24.49 after two rounds of discounts. I expect this skirt to be much longer and less fitted on me than on the model. I'm hoping to make it work appropriate with a blazer.

2. Elastic gathered-waist skirt in XXS. 18.5" length - perfect for me. I first saw this linked on 9to5chic and have been interested in it ever since.

3. Antique gold necklace, on double sale for $25.89. I've been looking for a bolder piece like this to brighten up my solid-colored dresses.

4. Twisted double layer dress in XXS. Colorful 100% silk and lined - not bad at all for $70! I have no occasion to wear this, so I'm going to pass on this item.

Returns are only by mail, for a $7.50 flat rate (but I'm probably going to return via USPS first class for less $, if needs be). Do any petite ladies have experience on sizing with this brand?

PS - Also get 2.5% cash back on Rachel Roy with ebates!


  1. omg I love Chloe's blog! My sister introduced me to it!

    The first skirt ~ that reminds me, have you tried on BCBG's XXS bandage dresses? I couldn't fit my chest into it, and I have a small chest :\

  2. You've a really amazing blog... Love it!
    An hug

  3. Wow, I had no idea RR has XXS! Order and do a review!! I want to add another brand to my shopping list. =)

    I like the elastic gathered skirt a lot!

  4. I can't wait to see your review on it! I was going to snap it up last night, but I think the XXS would be too small on me around the waist area, so I had to leave it. :(

    I did grab some shoes, though. Love Rachel Rachel Roy!

  5. Can't wait to see it!! I think the size 0 blazers MIGHT work for you - they're TINY TINY!!! The sleeves might be too long, but the shoulders are super narrow. Hopefully you can try one on in the store sometime soon! =) xoxo

  6. That's an awesome find!!! I know its so hard to find items for petite women...BoooOOoo! And everytime I see XXS or XS I almost never let go (you're mine!!!) haha! Love your blog =)

  7. I'd definitely love to see reviews on this brand... I like that they offer free shipping so if they run small enough, I might give them a try despite the mail-only returns! :)

  8. I am very curious to see if this brand is petite friendly! Can't wait to see it! Oh and guess what? I found that adorable peach skirt from H & M- yay!!!!

  9. Looking forward to the reviews :) Been wondering about this brand for a while..

  10. Rachel Roy is sort of oversized on me. Not the best quality either IMO.

  11. Such a cute skirt. ONly a petite person like you can pull off a skirt with horizontal stripes like that.

  12. What a coincidence--I just discovered RR today as well. I usually only browse accessories at Macy's, but today a dress caught my eye and the rest is history! I was very surprised by the fit of both BCBGeneration and RR. Unfortunately, most items I tried on were oversized in upper body fit. Lower body fit was perfect. I did manage to score an amazing jacket in XXS, which leads me to believe XXS items are sized smaller.

    Anyway, just stumbled upon your blog recently. You've done such a wonderful job with your reviews and styling. I look forward to more entries!

  13. just wondering if you ever did a review on this? thanks so much!

  14. I just went to its website...I didn't find any XXS available :-(


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