Neiman 1-Day Sale: 30% off all Longchamp totes + Free Ship

A quick post to share that Neiman Marcus is having a one-day sale on certain designer items both in-store and online. Plus free shipping at any price with MAYNM (thanks Ms.Shopportunity!)

I noticed that all of their Longchamp bags are on sale for 30% off, which is really rare. This is a good opportunity to pick up one of their foldable totes. These bags aren't the most unique, but I love them for being so lightweight and travel-friendly. Refer to my previous review on all their sizes.

Click image below to go to the sale. No coupon code needed.

The above one is...interesting, and folds into a leather bracelet. It is way overpriced, but rest assured that the regular Le Pliage ones are more affordable. More sale picks after the jump.

Here is a snapshot of my "Planetes Tonal" work/travel tote (not available online, but check in stores for the best selection). It's not foldable, but much sturdier and more water-resistant. The size is also perfect for my height.
Theory tie-waisted dress (check in-stores for sz 0)
Theory woven blazer (love how shrunken-fit it is!), check in-stores for sz 00
Happy shopping! Anyone get anything good from this sale?


  1. oooo I'm definitely going to check this sale out. Thanks for the alert :)

  2. You're on twitter! How did I miss that before :\ Hmm tempted to get another Longchamp! But all the non-black ones are so... so... colorful lol.

  3. I have a pretty big collection of Longchamp bags (Pliages, mostly, and a few others). I love Longchamp ! But then again I'm French so I think it's in my genes ;)

  4. Don't forget to add on the free shipping code! Free shipping at any price is a great deal!

    P.S. I hate Neiman Marcus's petites offerings. They are awful!

  5. I was just thinking the other day that these are perfect for travel. I'll pass on the code to my mom just in case, thanks!

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I wish there is a Neiman Marcus where I live

  7. My first reaction to the first photo:


  8. hi.. just wanna ask what's the size of your longchamp planetes? i'm also petite and i'm planning to purchase one, but i'm just not quite sure what size to get.. thanks..

  9. Hi there - don't quote me, but I think they only have two sizes now in the planetes tonal? Small, and Large. I have the's slightly smaller than the Large Le Pliage, but it holds its structure nicely so it doesn't look overwhelming.


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