Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LOFT petite items - extra 40% off sale

Today LOFT is having another "sale on sale," so I wanted to show some items that I've tried on before which are included. Unfortunately the other sale codes are not stackable with this, but shoppers can get an extra 3% cash back with ebates. Click here for my previous review.

Cotton Wrap Dress, $79 now $41.99 (no more 00P's online; only 0P+ )

V-Neck Hip-Length Cardigan, $50 now $23.99 (PXXS left in Vanilla color)
**Edit - Not the same sweater ^, but apparently very similar. Sorry for the confusion!

I also like the Navy Linen Trousers in 00P (now $35.99) and this drapey Silk Skirt (now $23.99) that Alterations Needed is modeling here.


  1. You're amazing! We are the same height/weight but you look so much taller in your photos! I guess clothes does make a difference! I must learn! lol

  2. That blue dress looks like one from Banana Republic!

  3. I went there yesterday and they had nothing in 00P in store :( I love the blue dress on you

  4. That cotton wrap dress is just lovely. Fits you perfectly. :)

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    @ Bon Bon Rose Girls

  5. What a beautiful blue dress :) Perfect height. Blue is a really nice color on you! :)

    The BB cream that I am currently using, I just blend it with fingers. I say brush smush! :p I get too lazy to use foundation brushes. Plus, it's so lightweight like a daytime moisturizer :p

  6. Love that wrap dress. Very lovely on you.

  7. LOL- I saved my post the other night for this sale when they were having the 30% off and then they changed it to 40% off! You beat me to it :)

  8. guess we are in almost the same size! love ur blog! :D

  9. ahhhh thank you! i love your blog too. thank u for posting all these deals for petite clothing. you're a savior - keep them coming!

  10. I love the wrap dress on you! it's so pretty in that deep jewel-toned blue as well. I like the drapey silk skirt, it'd be perfect in the summer, esp if it came in a cream colour too.


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