Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Designer styles in the little girl's department

Over the past few seasons, I've noticed more and more designers expanding into children's collections. Phillip Lim, Chloe, and Marc Jacobs are just a few examples of labels you can find at Saks kids. Aside from the lower price tag, these miniature renditions may also fit tiny petites better.

Womens: Burberry Prorsum S/S 2010 knotted skirt trench, $3,495.
I fell in love with this, and apparently other women did too because it sold out quickly.
Kids: Prorsum kids knotted skirt trench
Still outside my budget for a trench, but this costs one-third the adult price for a very similar style. I believe sizing on kids trenches goes up to a 12; call the NYC Burb store for the best kids selection.

Here is another Burberry - the lovely ruched epaulette trench modeled by Emma Watson. Click here for the kiddie version. Sigh, lucky little girls...
Read on for more children's finds.

Shoes are another big category where designers are doing the "mother and daughter" versions. I've seen ballet slippers for kids from Repetto, Prada, Dior and Burberry, although most sizes only go up to a kids 2 or 3. Tod's Kids on the other hand goes up to European sz 35, which is a womens size 5.

Womens: Tods 2-toned flats, $425
Kids: Tod's 2-toned flats, on sale for $144

Tory Burch was a little more business-saavy (darn her!), and only offers her children's Revas up to a kids sz 3. I wear a 5.5 in most shoes, but sized down to a womens 5 in Revas. I tried on a pair of kids sz 3s recently and found them to be half to one size too small for me. I think ladies who wear sz 4.5 - 5 womens would have no problem with the kids 3's, especially since the leather ones stretch with wear. The logo medallion is also smaller on the kids shoe, which I really liked. Sometimes I find the big medal logo a bit obnoxious.

Dolce Vita is a shoe brand that has been mentioned by several bloggers lately. We all seem to echo the complaint that their womens shoes only start at sz 6. Fortunately, they make kiddie sandals in very similar designs, going all the way up to a girls sz 4. Some of my finds...

Womens: DV "Saint' sandal, $70
Kids: DV "Hannah" sandal, $60.

Kids: DV "bubbles" sandal, $30. 

Here's one last childrens' shoe pick, just for kicks. I actually really love this low sandal (I'm big on comfortable, low wedges) and can see myself wearing it with sundresses for strolling:

Readers - anyone else guilty of browsing the kids department? I'd love to hear about any good finds!


  1. my bf has a habit of buying kids polos & dress shirts in the states since men's small wont fit him

    this also means that he can get a kids polo in size L for 30$ as opposed to paying 60+ for a men's polo

  2. Ouch! I can't even afford a kid-sized trench lol... I have no qualms about buying kids sizes when they fit and paying less for them.. that's a win-win situation for me! Just have to be careful about boxy cuts and childish embellishments.

  3. Nice to know that designers are branching out to little kids. The trench is very expensive, but it's so cute!

  4. Oh that knotted skirt trench is beautiful!

  5. Oh I love you... =)

    I stay away from kids clothing because of boxy cuts and awkward sleeve lengths, but I'll buy kid's accessories. Kids belts can work as waist belts, and I even just saw Gap has some kid sized aviator sunglasses. I might have to try those out.

  6. Love the trench..but sadly still out of reach :(
    Has anyone tried JCrew kids?

  7. I haven't done this in a long time, but last time I scored a pair of Puma's :)

    I find that tops don't quite fit right sometimes. Especially at the bust area, the hips, and it may sit a little too short. This might be because the last time I did this was quite a few years ago.

    I'll try again and report back. Though I probably will be going into the Gap and Jacobs. Burb is definitely out of my budget :P

  8. Aww this post reminds me of when I used to shop at abercrombie kids because they always had cheaper versions of the A&F items I wanted. I agree that even back in high school, nothing ever fit *quite* right--everything always kind of gave me a disproportionate look.

    I'm all for kids' shoes though! They fit much more snuggly and don't rub the back of my feet as much. Too bad they don't make kid-sized heels, although that would probably be disturbing. haha.

    Awesome designer finds, but my future kids are going to be wearing Gap Kids for sure though!

  9. Oh for once it pays to have tiny feet. Never knew DV had a kids section hmmmmmm...

  10. Oh and I was playing around with a program on my Mac called Toycamera haha that's how I got the vintage effects on my photos :)

  11. I saw the kids Revas at the store recently, and they were pretty adorable, as are those little Burberry coats! I can't imagine buying designer items for children though, being that they grow out of everything so fast! When I have kids, they will probably be dressed in Target outfits. :)

  12. oh my, the trench is LOVE!!! will never be able to afford that even if it were available. boooo.

  13. Wow- that trench is expensive! Bebe had one almost identical but the price tag freaked me out..LOL

    I try not to buy kids stuff too often unless it's a steal - like Aqua Girls from Bloomingdales I discovered because of you :)

  14. to spend that much on a child when you know they'll grow out of it so quickly..I doubt i'm growing anymore and I still wouldn't and couldn't spend that much on a single item lol

  15. ^Isn't it crazy that there is a market for this? My kids will be wearing Old Navy.

    AN - kids accessories are a good idea, but don't get your hopes up about the aviators. I've found that kids "head accessories" are way too small, but maybe I have a big head. I tried on kids Burb earmuffs once and gave myself an instant migraine.

    Dreamcatcher - J.Crew kids is guilty of the "short and wide" kids syndrome. Maybe select items would work, but I haven't had success yet!

  16. Speaking of Revas, I saw size 4s at Holt Renfrew (Canadian department store) today! I think they always have one or two pairs there - Holts has a decent sized Asian clientele, after all.

  17. I'm all for shopping for thing where I can get them, even if it means shopping for kids clothes but OMG is that expensive!!! *dies*

  18. Those trench coats look beautiful!

    I just recently stumbled across your blog and I love it! I am too petite so I can definitely relate. Please check out my blog aswell :)

  19. Damn so sad that the kids Burberry trench is still super expensive!! I hope the designers are making these more for the intention of the petite market than for children b/c dressing your kid like Suri Cruise just seems a bit too much!

  20. I ordered a Burberry tee from Neiman's in little girl's size 16 bc I had no idea if Burb ran small in kids. It doesn't - the tee is pretty baggy around the waist but fits well in the shoulder/chest. It's ok though, I'm the weird kind of petite Asian girl that is small everywhere except for a bit of a belly pooch which makes it difficult to find clothing petite or otherwise. :P

  21. this is such a great post because it reminds me of when i used to work at a children's clothing store and would buy stuff because it would fit me. I like to shop at Zara Kids sometimes because they have such grown up-looking jackets for a lot less, and it's tax-free! this is definitely one of the upsides to being petite. I absolutely love that Burberry knotted skirt trench!! of course Victoria Beckham makes it look good but the trench itself has amazing craftsmanship. SIGH. I can't believe they have the same style for kids too; lucky kids haha

  22. I always buy kid's sizes for shoes, only place where I can find a size four yo ! Tod's leather is really great quality; interesting post.

  23. hi!! this is all late but mind you, I'm new to your site :). I wear kids UGGs in size 3M and they fit soo perfectly and are soo comfy, so much better than the size 5 in womens :).

  24. hi!!! oh yeah, I do have a Kids size Large trench coat from Nordstroms (Sugar Fly) brand and it fits so well as I have not been able to find a spring/fall jacket that fits, always looks like I'm swimming in it. :)

  25. I'm sooooo your size. My husband found this blog to buy right size of Chanel for me <3<3<3 Thanks a lot for your great informations. Really busy looking kids sction after I read this. As I really want to share something with you, please try Cole Haan's new air wedge line. I bought open toe beige with orange stitch-size5. I know tiny ladies have sore feet cause of kill heel. Please try the comfy heaven. It's 1 inch heel!! Not just flat ;)


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