Bargain Finds at Bloomingdales Pre-sale

If you have the chance this week, check out the sale racks at Bloomingdales' women and kids departments. This Thursday (5/27), they are having 40% off already-reduced items plus additional 20% off with coupon, but they are pre-sale-ing this weekend. I didn't have a coupon, but the SA was happy to give me both discounts upon being asked.

At my store alone there were 3 racks of Theory sale merchandise, plus plenty of contemporary womens' stuff. With an extra 40% + 20% off tacked on, the prices weren't bad at go soon before everything is picked over! My tip for petites is to not look only for your tiny size. If you find something you like, more often than not the SA can help locate your size at another store.

I wasn't planning on stopping by the kids department, but racks of "premium" white denim caught my eye. Petites who wear up to a sz 25 can probably fit in kids jeans (they go up to 14 or 16), but may need a hem job.. This is what I tried on:

1. True Religion Girls Julie skinny jeans, kids sz 12. $106 $33.07. These are currently on Bloomies online for full retail price. Click here for the adults version.

Pros: I love the weight and stretch of TR jeans - I already own the same style and size in dark denim, so I knew that I would like these.The length was good, and could probably accommodate someone 2 inches taller than me.

Cons: My biggest issue with their kids jeans - and this is a biggie - is that they use a SNAP button closure! It looks just like a real button, but I guess snap is easier for little kids. I'm guessing the inseam was 29-30 inches, based on how much I had to cuff.

Continue reading for more sale finds...

2. 7 for all Mankind Girls Roxanne skinny jeans in kids sz 12, $99 $29.80 after discounts. Click here for the adults version.

Pros: skinny tapered leg was slimming; back pockets made my tush look good.  

Cons: the denim was thin and felt like a mix between twill and denim. I could see the front pockets through the fabric. The waist was very snug and would be too tight on me if the pants shrunk at all.

After much deliberation and nagging my disinterested boyfriend for his opinion, I ended up with the True Religions. I just felt that the denim was of higher quality and the overall fit was more comfortable than the 7's. 

3. J Brand Girls 12" Skinny Jeans in dark denim, kids sz 12. $110 $36.96 after discounts. I tried on these as well as the J.Brand denim leggings ($110 $26.40 after discounts - still full price on Crewcuts!) but the regular denim ones were the winner.
I've been interested in J.Brand ever since spotting the adult 10" skinnies on AlterationsNeeded and A.Fashion.Deliberation. When I saw that these were the 12," I didn't think they would be narrow enough, but they are actually quite skinny (hopefully I remember to keep these out of the dryer). My legs look stubby in the fitting room pics, but I think these jeans will look great with some heels.

All in all, I ended up with 2 pairs of designer denim for a great price. I've paid full price before for True Religion kids, as they were already substantially cheaper than the adults line. I've been wearing them for 3+ years and still love them.

Other items that I loved, but ended up passing on:

1. Theory Maryelia Skirt - still full price here at Barneys, but only $68 after discounts at Bloomingdales. There was only sz 0 at my store, and a $14 shipping charge to get sz 00 from another store (shipping is free for items over $150). The SA said this skirt nearly sold out the first week it arrived. I hope a fellow petite picks this up ... I love the wide waistband and pleats. Here is the style # for easier locating:

2. Theory Caprine Jacket as seen here on AlterationsNeeded. I just love it on her! The "Crunch" material was crisp and lightweight, perfect for warmer weather. It was just $140 something (was $415) after sales despite still being full price on the Theory website. It was hard passing on this, but I have too many black jackets. Definitely have your SA search for this if you are interested!

3. Aqua kids brushstroke dress with 100% silk skirt, sz L. $29 after all discounts. I'm always on the lookout for kids clothing made with nicer materials, like silk or cashmere. The fit of a Large was comfortable and lightweight. The poly/spandex top has little white and navy stripes, and the silk skirt has a colorful brushstroke print. Those who want longer length can probably size up to XL.
Happy shopping! Feel free to ask me any questions about sale info if you are interested in any of the above items.


  1. $33 for True Religions? niiice
    I'm a size 0 but gained just alittle weight so it may not fit me.

    Also I noticed you have a great body! Your tummy looks real toned, do you work out?

  2. WHOA thanks for sharing this!!! I never shop at Blooomie's, but I think you've just convinced me! Gaaaha I hope they're still in stock!!

  3. Those jeans are awesome deals!

  4. What fabulous deals!!! Love your picks :)

    Snap a no no...I eat a lot and I'll pop my jeans off!

  5. I wish I had a Bloomies nearby! The jeans that you picked look super cute on you. I love the back pockets on the True Religion jeans. Flap pockets are my favorite. :)

  6. PAG ~ I just called Bloomie's and had them hold the last 2 pairs of size 12 for me :)

    And ~ I think snap button is great cuz when I get my nails did I struggle with the reg button >.<

  7. OMG those white jeans fit you soooo well!!!

  8. I buy all NYX at a local Asian discount shop haha. It's cheaper than NYX website!

    I'm driving to Bloomie's soon.. they're holding 2 pairs by 7, all True Religion sold out in size 12! I called and asked the woman to look for J Brand too :) I don't think I have a Bloomie's cred card, and she said if I sign up I can get a total 70% off! Thanks again for sharing the deals!

  9. I wish there is Bloomie's in Ohio :( Those are great sales. I am wondering if Saks and Nordies are having the same sales

  10. Awesome bargains. But I'm more impressed with the abs! Haha. Must start running again.

  11. Very nice! Love the white jeans on you. Oh! Your abs are ta-die-for!

  12. gaaaaah i love your posts! I hate how I can't fit into any of these but your amazing bargain finds are always fun to follow on :) and good final choices! all the jeans and such look amazing on your body because you're toned like crazy but i could tell from the photos that the jeans you picked were of nice quality.


  13. Great find! I can't believe the price that you paid to pick them up. Oh, and stunning body!

  14. hi, those jeans look great on you. i am gonna run to the nearest bloomies asap. Just out of curiosity, how did the price after discount come out to be how you listed (for ex: true religion from $106 to $33.07). I did the calculation, 40% with an additional 20% on top, the price still comes out to be $50.88

  15. Good sales! I've never shopped at Bloomies before, might venture in one of these days. How did you manage to take hands-free shots in the dressing room? Do they allow SOs in? :P

  16. Wow...thanks ladies! I'm quite surprised to see all these "abs" compliments. I'm embarrassed to admit that I do not work out : ( I'm looking to get back into a pilates routine, though!

    Elyse - the discounts are on top of already reduced merchandise. For example, the True Religion jeans were marked down to $69 or so, I believe. Another thing I forgot to mention is that the earliest you can actually "pick up" the merchandise is on Thursday, when the actual sale begins. They will hold the items and take your cc info, but won't charge your card til then.

  17. Just found you! Wow those look great on you. I am petite...maybe not that petite. Great finds!

    Couture and Crayons

  18. Petite XXS - the jolly Filipino SA in the kids department was very nice and even pulled up a chair for the S.O. He absolutely hates going there though and says he feels like a creep : )

  19. Cute white jeans! They fit you really nicely. I love the idea of white jeans but just can't seem to keep them clean...LOL

    The kids department at the few Bloomie's I've been to have no selection:( I'll have to stick to online shopping! Great post!

  20. Awesome finds! I'm too much of an hourglass to fit into kid-sized pants (dang hips), but I sometimes find great skirts and dresses in that department. Did you go to the Bloomie's at Chestnut Hill? I've noticed the petite section there has really gone downhill in the past couple of years, but the SAs are always so great in helping track down items...

  21. You are a good shopper! I always envy bargain shoppers because I'm too lazy and impatient. hahaha But kudos to you cause you did well!

  22. Love the pants! really cute. Following your blog : ) please check out mine too when you get a chance, hope u follow too.

  23. Hey PAG ~ just had to leave 1 more comment to tell you about my wonderful shopping experience!

    So, as soon as I read your post, I called the local Bloomie's and asked her to hold all size 12 clearance denim! She took my #, called me back, and said she was holding 2 pairs of 7 brand for me. Then I reread your post, and saw J BRand too! So I called her back, had her search for those too and put them on hold. When I went in, she had pulled 6 pairs aside for me!

    I normally shy away from Bloomie's b/c I'm not willing to spend for high end brands, but I DEFINITELY see that part of the premium price they charge includes amazing customer service!

    After she rang me up, she said she would give me a call if anything else she thought I might like (even non-jeans) went on clearance. Oh! And I saw those Aqua dress ~ the skirt part IS nice material!! I forgot to grab one to try on though :( And, all the jeans I tried on were the regular button (unfortunately for me! and I also like velcro hahah) :(

  24. You got some really great deals! I've never even thought about buying children's size jeans but I will definitely take a look for them the next time I'm in the states. They all look great on you.

    Thanks for the birthday wish! The bustier top on my friend is from Aritzia. I believe they've started opening up Aritzia's in the states and they've got lots of clothes with sizes as small as XXS with a more contemporary line of business wear as well. :)

  25. Wow, great deals - and the jeans look great! I tend to avoid Girls pants because they always seemed very high-rise to me, but this isn't the case with these jeans. I think I'm usually too hip-y for them too =(

    And damn girl, the abs are what I first noticed too xD

  26. You give such wonderful advice so I was wondering, do you know of shirts that would fit petite girls who are a bit top heavy? I went for an interview today and was mortified after walking into the restroom to check my reflection post-interview (which was 8hrs long), to find my shirt button had popped open (god knows when)!!! I hope I get the job - but I doubt I left the kind of impression I wanted to!

    I have tried everything in my budget from H&M to Macys to AT to BR and nothing that is fitted well at the waist seems to hold well up top, and the ones that fine around the top are too big around the rest of the body =(

  27. Sophia - I'm SO glad to hear that you had a positive experience and snagged some jeans in time!

    Unfortunately my experiences with SA's at higher end stores is usually hit or miss. I encountered 3 SA's on Saturday at Bloomies - 1st one snappily told me "come back Thursday for sale prices," second one agreed to pre-sale, but said I needed a coupon for extra20, and finally the third one gave me the best deal. I always take business cards of good SA's and cling to them!

    Anonymous - oh boy, I am sorry to hear! But that happens to the best of us. I am very flat chested and yet I have had that happen to me.

    Also, I always notice womens' bras through the outstretched holes (between each button) of their button's so distracting for me, I can't imagine what men think! This, in addition to the difficulty in general of finding tiny fitted button-ups, has me swearing them off. I don't own or wear any. For you (especially if you have a larger bust) I would recommend sticking to sweaters, blouses, and silk tees under your blazers and cardigans.

  28. "I'm embarrassed to admit that I do not work out :("

    Good grief.

  29. Anon, I don't know if this helps, but I normally pin the top portion of my button-up shirts (from the inside, of course!). There's a double layer of fabric where the button holes are, so the pin remains invisible. It's way easier than buying a bigger top (to fit the bust) and having the rest of it taken in.

  30. wow you scored some awesome deals with those kids jeans! love the TR pair on you, I agree about the quality of their denim, thick and stretchy, but not too thick! the J Brand jeans def look good with a pair of heels, but I've managed to wear them with flats and not look too stumpy (or so I think haha). I absolutely love the aqua brushstroke dress that you got, the skirt is so pretty and I love that it's made out of silk.

  31. Anon 8:56pm - Thank you guys - I stay in the south where good tailors are hard to find unless you are ready to seriously overpay! Thank you for the wonderful suggestions.

    I love silk shells and t-shirts, which I usually resort to, but isn't wearing a shirt most appropriate for interview purposes, especially if you are applying for a job in a heavily male dominated work place?

    I did find a place where you could get custom-made shirts but its pretty expensive... so am not sure whether to take the plunge!

  32. Tisha - the pin is a great tip! Also, I forgot to mention wearing a camisole underneath that is a similar color of the button-up, but I assume you do that already. I always suggest that to my friends when I see too much through their button gaps!

    Although a button up is traditional, I've stopped wearing them even in strict business formal situations. But it is good to have one that fits great - maybe if the pin trick doesn't work it is worth getting one custom made : )

  33. I do wear the cami underneath - thank god! I guess a couple of custom made would have been ideal - but i realized the custom made website only makes white shirts - lol just my luck ;p!
    Thanks for the tips gurlz =)

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