Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Review: Ann Taylor LOFT items in XXSP and 00P

Popped into a LOFT store today for the first time in ages, and was surprised to find several 00P and XXSP items in stock! Armed with my 30% off coupon (print here), I tried on the following:

1. Cotton Wrap Dress in 00P - decent fit and classic silhouette, but the material was crisp cotton. I personally prefer wrap dresses to be in jersey material that conforms more to the body. Verdict: no buy.

2. Tiered Knit Skirt in XXSP - probably the worst of the bunch. Based on the model photo, I envisioned this skirt would sit high on the waist. Instead, a XXSP was so large at the waist that it had to sit at my hips, and the length covered my knees. The knit tiers were also just too much for a petite garment. Verdict: no buy.

3. Knit Empire Waist Dress in XXSP - There was once a time when I found empire-waisted dresses to be flattering ... and that time has passed. I'm sure this dress would look better with heels, as in the model photo, but the flowy and longer skirt was unflattering on me. I also think it looks better in solid colors than prints. Verdict: no buy.

6. Ruffle Front Top in XXSP - I actually really liked the close fit of this top and the easy-to-wear lightweight cotton material. This top also comes in white and a taupe-gray ("coastal fog"), but were sold out in small sizes. Verdict: Would have bought this in the white. I'm not too sad that my size wasn't available, because this is rather similar to the J.Crew Grand Ruffle Tank that I'm sure all of you are tired of seeing!

7. V-Neck Cardigan in XXSP - there were lots of petite cardigans available, but I was drawn to the longer length on this one. Comes in three colors. The XXSP on me was a close fit, and very comfy. This pic really doesn't do it justice esp. because the cardigan blends into my jeans. Verdict: would have bought, if I had not discovered Martin & Osa's lightweight long cardigan.

8. Bow Chain Tank in XXSP - sorry again for an unclear photo, but this is a rather darling tank and comes in navy or white. There is a chiffon bow, plus delicate (removable) chains across the front. A XXSP was very tiny, and I probably could have sized up. My only issue with this is the ribbed knit ... I'm not sure why, but I don't like ribbing. Maybe because it adds a millimeter of extra bulk, I don't know. Verdict: no buy, but I still find this to be very cute, and can see it tucked into a white or khaki pencil skirt.

So all in all ... no score for me from AT, LOFT, BR, nor Bloomies! I'm almost in disbelief! I'm trying not to buy something unless I absolutely love it, regardless of how cheap or on sale it is. Hopefully this discipline pays off soon, in the form of a small Chanel gray flap : )

Anyone else check out the sales that started Tuesday? Hopefully you guys fared better than I did!


  1. I'm glad you tried the Bow Chain Tank. I had my eye on it but it was all sold out online in PXXS. If I come across it, I might have to pick it up.

    The wrap dress fits really well! But, yeah, I agree with you about the fabric. It looks a bit "crispy".

    I ordered from LOFT and AT, but I have to wait for my packages to arrive before I get to play dress-up. =(

    A gray Chanel flap is very good motivation to stop spending. Maybe you need to reward yourself for all the hard blogging work you've been doing. =)

  2. You're just like me. Wrap dresses have to be jersey or else I feel strange and uncomfortable.

  3. I agree! Buy what you love :) and patiently wait for the small Chanel gray flat!!!

    This is a great post! I do love that blue top and I would want it in white...I should consider going to the mall this weekend :)

    Can I say thanks for taking these pics just for us to see?! It's so awesome!!

    I always find that after a huge sale ends, I fall in love with everything at full price, haha

  4. Love the wrap dress - with a cardigan, it'll be perfect for work! Might have to take a walk to Ann Taylor during lunch break to check out the dress!

  5. I really like the cotton wrap dress on you! It's so simple and elegant!

  6. I bought a tank JUST like the chain one at Target. Probably for a lot cheaper than the Loft one! :)


  8. The wrap dress looks really pretty on you! But I totally understand jersey knit preference vs. cotton. AND good luck on the discipline! A pretty chanel bag is always worth it <3 Grey is a beautiful color too!

  9. I like the bow chain tank. It looks super cute on you! I have try to stop myself from buying everything too.. regardless of how 'cheap' it is. New thing is to only buy what you love. I'm hoping for that Chanel 2.55 sometime too. :)


  10. Several of those look really cute on you, but they can't quite compare to a Chanel bag! :) I am also trying to only buy things that I LOVE.

  11. I am so with you... the lace items from LOFT below are gorgeous! And great job for trying to hold out on buying anything unless you love it. I am trying the same but I can't resist an amazing price! Hope you get your Chanel!

    Hope you're having a good week!

  12. love the martin and osa cardigan..what size do you wear in m & o? Also what size skirt do you wear in loft? I kinda figure out my size based on ur reviews..

  13. Hi Dreamcatcher ... I figure I should be a 00P or XXSP in skirts for LOFT, but I don't own any. I stopped by a M&O store and got a long cardigan in XS (not exactly the same as the link), which fits fine. I didn't realize they make XXS til I went online!

  14. thanx PAG..that's valuable info :) I'm 4'9" , 105 lb , 32-26-34. So you and AN are rough guidelines for me :)

  15. That wrap dress is really flattering on you! Too bad about the material though.

  16. I love, love, LOVE the bow chain tank. It looks great on you! The bow says I am a nice girl & the chains say but, I am a bit of a bad a*s! :)

  17. I love how the cotton wrap dress looks on you but I agree, I prefer those types of wrap dresses in a jersey material too. it just fits better and feels better! wow that tiered skirt is an awful design and looks so bunchy! too overwhelming for a petite garment, it should've been shorter and with no tiers hahaha. I'm not a big fan of tiered clothing because I just don't think it's flattering in any way, unless done in a subtle way. I like the ruffle front top but I think it would look better in a lighter colour so good call on not getting that.

    thanks for your comment babe! xo


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