Petite New Arrivals & 4/20 Sales

Looks like I'm not the only one excited for 4/ many great sales start today, I'm not sure where to begin. Some of my favorites...

Get 40% off all regular-priced BR jewelry online with code: BRBLING. Good for today only and ends at midnight EST. I'm trying to incorporate bolder jewelry into my picks are the Perseus Earrings and the Whisper Ring.

Right when I think I've had enough Ann Taylor for the season, they come out with charming new pieces that I love. I check that website at least every other day, so I don't know how items have sold out before I even discovered them! A total bummer because there is 30% off AT & LOFT from 4/20-4/25 with code FRIENDS, sale items included.
I fell in love with the Heavy Lace Pencil Skirt and the Vintage Floral Lace Dress shown above, but apparently 00Ps went like hotcakes. I'm going to be stalking the links hoping for a re-stock. Steal-worthy styling tip - pairing lacy white with cognac brown leather to avoid looking over the top girly-girl.

For stuff still left in 00P, they did restock the Tropical Wool Pencil Skirt I am wearing in this post in "ground pepper." I've been very pleased with this skirt so far, but petites any smaller than me may need alterations. And my one LOFT new arrival pick - the oh so pretty Cascading Ruffle Silk Dress in 00P. I haven't had much luck with silk pieces in XXSP, but this is numerical sizing plus it has a side zip, so there could be hope.

Lastly, Bloomingdales' Private Sale "officially" begins today and ends on Thurs. They have a bunch of $25 off every $100 coupons (ask for them in-store) which are stackable with their existing sales such as 15% off shoes, 30% off select handbags, 40% extra off certain sale items. PLUS, you get bonus certificates ($15 for every $100 spent) for future use on top of all that. I've had my eye on this baby in cream.

Phew...Happy Shopping! I know I'll be rummaging for a self-bday gift at one of the above sales : )


  1. oh wow i LOVE that dress. i hadn't been to the ann taylor website in AGES before i visited to check out that lace dress and it seems like they have a lot of nice dresses. must start checking site regularly.

  2. Too many sales going on right now- too many choices! That lace skirt and dress from Ann Taylor are so pretty- and so different from what they normally offer. It seems like the tiny sizes are selling out so much quicker than they used to in years past!

  3. Wow is it your birthday?? Happy Birthday!

    (Mine is tomorrow, 4/21- go us!)

  4. Happy Early Birthday!!! I love the dress and skirt!!

    The bag you're eying is gorg!!! I hope you get to get it :)

  5. So much good stuff! I've already hit up the AT/LOFT and Bloomies up...Saks!
    20% off with code FRIEND3, and free shipping on $200+.

    Can't wait to see what you pick up!

  6. I love the lace dress and skirt (the skirt in particular) but I think they look a mite big - I wish they would let you know what sizes the models were wearing!

    That Ann Taylor skirt is TO DIE for (I looooove pencil skirts!)

    Also, for some strange reason, I am not able to open the BR jewelry links - anyone else having the same prob???

  7. i LOVE the dress..but i dont think i want to pay 200 for it =(

    ps cute site!

  8. Oh man! That vintage lace dress- I have been waiting to get with the next sale- have it on my list of Ann Taylor Dresses on my Monday blog post I am coveting- and now they are sold out! Darn it! We have great taste don't we? LOL

  9. I love the lace picks! They're so feminine and fresh!

  10. hey girl! I just came across your page and I love it!! I have a question! I'm the same height as you and I'm 105.. however, I'm curvy on my lower half and so.. what kinds of things should I avoid or do you think I should just wear anything because i'm still short? You cn get away with a lot because your frame is slim throughout, whereas, I have a 35in. hip and 25 in waist

  11. Has anyone tried the LOFT silk dress? Just wondering how the sizing is. Cute pics!!

  12. Sonic - I agree...the lace pieces esp. won't look good if they are baggy and generously cut. The dress looks like it should run small, but we never know. I checked out both pieces in person (only left in womens regular sizes) and couldn't gauge the fit based on that : (

    Diary of a Shopper & RP - I know! I feel like a broken record ... why don't they stock more on small sizes if they always sell out first? I'm really surprised they sold that fast considering how expensive they are.

    Diane - hi and welcome! If you're curvier on your lower half the only suggestion I really have (boringly taken from fashion magazines) is to balance out with patterns, colors, details, on your top half. I am envious that you are curvier on the bottom so that you can fill out garments. My waist is bigger than most petites my size, but I have no hips to make my outfits look "womanly."

  13. Echoing the fact that that dress is GORGEOUS. I've never been able to pull off wearing lace anything, but I really love the skirt styled with the belt and blazer--it looks like a completely different piece underneath all that!

    I just bought a pointelle dress from Zara and am going to try emulating that blazer outfit!

  14. that dress is completely perfect! I Love it! I am a huge fan of anything Ann Taylor! SO glad I'm still in time for the sale!! thank you so much for posting!! love it!! Hope you had a nice Earth Day #40 yesterday! Happy Friday. Have a great and beautiful weekend!


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