Fun at Topshop Petites

Work & travel have consumed my life (blogging from SoCal right now : ), so I apologize for the lack of posts and responses to questions. Unfortunately I don't have any interesting posts ready, but I dug these pics out of my phone to share.

Topshop and I have a love-hate relationship - their styles are trendy and their Petite size 0 fits undeniably small like H&M size 2. But their prices are insane for impractical, trendy styles and their quality is just a step up from F21. And for those who don't live in NYC ... shipping is a scary $15. I love my Topshop moto jacket from this post, but at $120 ... that's more than what I pay for Theory suit jackets on sale!

I was determined to find something springy-y and/or floral during this visit. I was all hyped up for H&M's Garden Collection, but was surprisingly unimpressed and did not buy a single piece. Topshop did deliver in the floral department, but I probably could have gotten 3 things at H&M with the same money.

1. First up is the Floral Frill Top in 0P, $44. Ended up buying this top despite the horrific price for a 100% polyester cropped tank. I was drawn to the peach and teal color combo against the taupe. Outfit post to come soon showcasing this little top.

2. Lace Floral Shawl Tee in 0P, $50 - nothing special, and a satiny skirt with lace trim. The skirt was very tiny and I had to wear it high up on my waist just to get the zipper up.

3. Knitted Striped Jacket in 0P, $85. Basically a navy cardigan with gold buttons and chain detailing:

4. Floral Playsuit in 0P, $100. I was really impressed at how petite this romper was cut. Most sleeved rompers that I've tried on were way too long in the torso, resulting in excess fabric bunching above the waist. This petite romper probably won't fit anyone taller than 5'2". One aspect I did not like was the strong, structured shoulders (too trendy) and of course the price was exorbitant.

5. Unidentified dress in 0P, $240. Interesting, but takes the fairy concept too far. The sales associate could not believe the price either.

6. Lace Slip Dress in 0P, $90. This delicate little dress fit me well, but was much too sheer. It would also look nicer on someone bigger in the bust.

7. Floral Knot Back Dress in 0P, $70. This was a neat little summer dress, but I found that it ran much bigger than everything else I tried on. The 0P could definitely fit a 2 or even 4P. The entire garment drops straight down at the sides, so the tie belt is the only aspect giving it some shape.


  1. I love the first top, and while I would never ever consider myself a romper person, it looks just darling on you! The prices on the other hand...ridiculous.

  2. I love the first top too! With your skin tone, it's a beautiful combination. Topshop pricing has always scared me away, I find that it's similar to Anthropologie. The good thing about Anthro is that you can usually wait about a mth and what you like is on sale!

  3. pst-the 6th picture is v. sheer...not sure if you want to keep it posted (un---s are showing) :p

  4. Meg- not sure why, but ive gone romper crazy! They are just so comfy. They're def not for everyone though, and Im not sure whether I can pull off the look.

    N...I know! Lol, I didn't think it was too big if a deal considering they are granny pnties. The searches leading to my site have really cleaned up after the URL change : )

  5. All the outfits look fantastic on you!!!

  6. PAG-hahah okay! Just wanted to let you know in case! Granny panties are awesome...and comfy.

  7. After you posted about top shop last time, we made a visit, but I can never find ANYTHING even to try on there. I get overwhelmed by the loud music, weird layouts, etc. I also am not a fan b/c I am between sizes there =X

    I am also working hard to find springy clothes too since the weather has changed. Hard for me b/c I don't really do floral OR pink!

    Also, are you going to be in New York any longer?

  8. <3<3<3<3<3 the floral knot dress~
    Too bad there are no TOPSHOP's around here -___-;;

    Very nice post, once again^___^


    Miss. P

  9. That's quite the Topshop adventure you went on! I like the top you bought! Looking forward to an outfit post!

    So you're in SoCal eh? How you liking the weather we're having? ;)

  10. i really love all those pieces, and would love to have them for summer, but there is no way i'd spend that much for them! i'm very thrifty in that area..thanks for sharing!

  11. i love floral prints! the petite section in the nyc topshop store is really small so i never bought anything there yet (did see some cute stuff in the regular sections but you are right, the prices are somewhat too high). There are occasional sales (saw a plain tank top for $2! but it was really plain & boring).

    i like the last two items you posted, esp the floral summery =)

    i was also excited about the garden collection at H&M but couldn't find this tunic that's been advertising everywhere (for like $14). the other stuff didn't look good when i tried them on...

  12. Re the ABSURD Topshop prices: I checked out prices at Top Shop UK, and I think the US prices are much higher after the conversion. For example, this one shoulder dress if $80 US, but £40. At exact conversion, the US dress should be $60. Instead, it's 30% more!

  13. ^^^ this is the one shoulder dress:

  14. i agree with CynthiaC.. when i was in london before topshop came to america, i LOVED the store and with the exchange rate it was awesome. however, ever since its intro to nyc, i've never even step foot into topshop because its just so much more expensive than in london! nonetheless, i really like the romper and floral knot dress :)

  15. Hi,
    I am new to the internet and blogging and yours is one of the most interesting blogs that I have read. I noticed you had mentioned in one of your posts that Ann Taylor has 40% off on certain days. I was wondering if you had to be a card holder for that kind of discount, because I have not seen such a massive discount on their site and I have to confess, I love their styles?!?!?!

  16. You look great in all the outfits - as usual! I think you are one of the lucky girls that can wear a garbage bag and still look gorgeous :) I have never bought anything from TopShop- looks like I may have to check it out! Their prices scare me though...LOL

  17. Wow those prices are a little exorbitant for Forever21 kind of quality! That said, the last knot dress looks really cute on you.

  18. I love bright colours against a neutral backdrop so I'd be drawn to that floral top too. I have to agree with all of your comments; one-piece rompers usually are too long in the torso but that one fits you so well! I love how it hugs your shoulders, but I can't believe it's $100 :( I really like the lace slip dress on you though! but at $240, it's not worth it. Looking forward to seeing an outfit post with that first top!

  19. Jessica - that layout/music is a nightmare. The first time I went in we zipped right back out. It's not a place where I can keep the boyfriend for more than 5 minutes...

    Peachcharm - I kind of like that the Petite section is so tiny...I'd be so overwhelmed in the "regular" section which spans 3 or 4 floor? Crazy!

    Cynthia - sigh, that always happens with overseas shopping. I guess we can't expect them to keep up with conversion rates, but that would be nice wouldn't it? 30% is HUGE!

    Anon - Both Ann Taylor and BR have 40% off sales occasionally. BR is 40% off one regular priced item. You need a coupon, and they currently have them out for 40% off a specific day. They usually give them out with a purchase, but you should just ask for one the next time you are there. Right now I have two - one is good for 4/24 and one is good for 5/1.

    Ann Taylor on the other hand does 40% off sales both in store and online. In store you don't even need a coupon. I love it when they do that and will post about it the next time it happens.

    RP - you're really too sweet...your comment is flattering and sadly not true, ha! But yes, def check it out if you are in NYC.


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