Super Sale Items Left in XXS or 00P

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Was going to do part II of petite suiting reviews today, but there are so many online sales going on that I had to share instead. I love double dipping with coupon codes on top of sales, so needless to say I was excited that LOFT's "SAVE25" works in addition to their current 30% off all dresses sale (just tested this in my shopping cart)! Narrowed it down to these picks for sharing:

LOFT Pleated Dress with Floral Applique, PXXS left in purple only. Love this easy breezy self-belted dress, and wish I saw it when gray was still in stock!

Final Price: $36.48

LOFT Rosette Jersey Dress in 00P, $36.48. I was so surprised that this is offered in numerical sizing instead of XS, S ... esp. considering it's made of stretch jersey! That just means better chance for a snug little fit!

LOFT Linen Dress with Ribbon Waist Tie in 00P, $41.74. I love linen for warm months, and I'm also drawn to the cute side pockets and front pleats. Size 00P remains in two colors.

In other news, J.Crew is having EXTRA30 off sale items with just a few XXS's remaining. Found this adorable Ruffled Henley Tank left in XXS with choice of four colors! The price - a bargain at just $17.50 w/ EXTRA30.
And remember this? The J.Crew Grand Ruffle Shell that I tried on in this post (note - I have on an XS) has gone on sale for just $22.75 with EXTRA 30! Size XXS is still left in every color. And a bonus - this is not final sale, so it should be returnable in the event that it doesn't fit.
In the world of work, Banana Republic is having EXTRA20 off sale items until March 31st. Sadly, I'm not interested in much from there. *However* I had to share this Taupe Sheath Dress that my friend Petite Polish Girl wore to work today. It's on sale (but by no means "super sale" so it doesn't really belong in this post) and still available in 00P online! The model photo looks mediocre, and the one online review is bad, but I thought it looked great on my friend - very classic and fitted in a lovely neutral color. Gonna post a pic of her tomorrow.

**As promised, photos of my friend in the above dress (for ref. she is 5'2" and 120lbs). Sorry it's a little wrinkly but this was taken after a long day of sitting - maybe that's a bad sign!
Dress: BR Taupe Sheath Dress in sz 2 (regular!)
Cardigan and belt; J.Crew size Small


  1. I agree that the sheath looks mediocre in the model photo. I can't wait to see pics of your friend though!

  2. ^ Agreed - I would never think to try it on! Will post pics of her tomorrow : ) Also for those who already viewed this post, it was too pic heavy so I removed some of the clutter.

  3. Your blog is fantastically executed and perfection for us height-challenged dames. Je t'adore <3

  4. *giggles* I saw your post title in my blogroll and saw "Supersale items left in Poo..."

    my maturity astounds me :)
    Thanks for the heads up!

  5. Ooooh, I love that gray Loft dress. I am developing a bit of an obsession with gray lately. :) But it is pretty in that deep purple too.

  6. Great bargains!

    My favourite is the LOFT dress. Iv been on the search for a dress like this. I own a top very similar. The front pleating and the belt is very flattering.
    & I agree. I prefer the grey too.

    & Yes! Who doesn't love Essie Ballet Slippers right?


  7. I've tried the LOFT Linen Dress with Ribbon Waist Tie and it doesn't fit at all! It's like a burlap bag on me lol...

    Unfortunately the fine print for the JCrew EXTRA30 coupon code says ALL SALES FINAL! I was going to get the Ruffle Shell to try but that killed it for me.

  8. @N - lol! Now I can't look at this post the same way...

    @Petite XXS - I know it does say that, *but* you would be surprised. I've bought quite a few things using their EXTRA20s and EXTRA30s that all say all sales final, but it's not true - everything that is not marked as Final Sale has been returnable for me even with the coupon code.

    And how terrible about that linen dress! Another example of how pics can be deceiving. I guess we'll have to stick to jersey and stretch knits : (

  9. I was SO CLOSE to buying that J Crew top yesterday! SO CLOSE!!!!

    I am really enjoying those Ann Taylor dresses too! I'd buy if I knew they'd fit me. I have the worst luck with their dresses :(

  10. Oh wow! That BR dress looks way better on a real person than it does on the model. Your friend looks great!

  11. I saw that Jcrew top on Monday in an emergency shopping trip but I don't think it was marked down nearly so much at the store.

    That sheath dress looks amazing on your friend, though.

    PS. I totally thought the same thing about the title, now it's going to be a toss-up between asking the BF to find me "this is an Oop, or a Poo!" :)

  12. Ms Polish looks great in the BR dress.*

    FWIW, I wear a lot of if-I-do-say-so-myself good-quality superfine fitted wool skirts and pants; unless the fit is swimming on me, I get those wrinkles after a day of sitting. One sign of a good wool is that they fall right out after an overnight hang.

    *Crappy catalogue photo = cheaper prices for those in the know, right?

  13. Thanks for the heads up on the sale items!!! YAY! Love the Jcrew tops!!!! I was very close to buying the BR sheath dress but decided to pass because it wasn't to die for in the picture but your friend looks great in it!! :)

  14. Lol! @ revanche - I had to edit the title after that. Couldn't bear to read it anymore.

    @ Vix - you're right, some of my theory wool dresses wrinkle after sitting and it makes me angry, but the wrinkles do fall out. I've developed a penchant for knit dresses as they tend to never show a bend nor a crease.

    Glad you guys agree - I really liked the dress on her. She was a good sport when I whipped out the cellular and started snapping pics with plenty of strangers turning to stare : )

  15. Thanks PAG!! I didn't know about 'doubling' the codes, checking out now! I looooved that dress in grey, too bad...I'm also having a light grey/taupe obsession....

  16. Hey Petite ~ I think something is wrong with my computer or my blogger :( I'm subscribed to Extrapetite but I still don't see your updates! I'm going to try deleting and re-following again.

    I'll have to check out AT Loft online! The store in San Francisco sucks ass :(

  17. Hey extrapetite! I was wondering where you shop for swimsuits.. its sooo hard to find small sizes!

  18. These are such cute finds! Love the pleated dress.

  19. @Sophia..hmm, I thought I fixed my feed but knowing my mad tech skills I probably broke it again.

    @vyzie - I get my swimwear from H&M (sz XS) and sometimes Target (juniors XS) or Juicy Couture. I look for string bottoms since they are adjustable. There is a thread in AlterationsNeeded's forum on tiny swimwear if you want to check it out! (

  20. i love all your suggestions. i really like that jcrew top! but i am so sad i missed the extra 30% off sale =(

  21. may i ask, how were you able to apply 2 discounts for your loft purchase? at checkout, i was able to enter the 25% discount code but i didnt see an additional 30% for the dresses. did i missed that offer already?

  22. Hi there - unfortunately the 30% off all LOFT dresses sale ended yesterday. You didn't need a code for that which was why it was possible to double dip.

  23. oic. i think i'll still get couple of items. thank you for posting these discount updates. and thank you for sharing your picks. i love all the ones you picked. =D


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