Review: Ann Taylor Spring Tops in Petite XXS and XXS

There were lots of sales to be had on last week, and I kind of went to town on petite tops for work. As soon as I thought I was done, they go ahead and have another big sale on "perfect pieces." AT, you're killing me! I'm oogling this pocketed dress from this week's sale:
Ribbon Front Shirtdress in 00P, $138 just $62.65 after sale and SHOP30

Two more picks in size 00P: The Perfect Button-Up $68 is now $35 with SHOP30. The Ponte Pencil Skirt $78 in black or charcoal is also just $35 with SHOP30. I actually have little experience with Ann Taylor's 00P, but I assume that it fits similar to Banana Republic?

Apparently I made several mistakes last week while ordering online and didn't get a few things I "thought" I ordered, instead getting the same blouse in the same color twice. Oh well. I'll start with the good ...

1. Ann Taylor Cut-in ruffle shell in Petite XXS, was $48 before discounts and coupons:

On me in "Soft Ribbon" :
Pants: Theory "Mark B" sz 00; hemmed and legs slimmed throughout (were wide-leg)

Pros: Fabric was drapey and fit as expected.

Cons: Fabric (rayon/spandex mix) seems pilling-prone again. 100% polyester neck and ruffle detailing causes mad static every time I pulled it over my head. Thinner material showed bra lines, but I probably just need more seamless bras.

Verdict: Keep.

The okay...

2. Ann Taylor Petite Silk Perfect Shell in PXXS, $58 before discounts and coupons:

On me in "Lavender Oil":

On me in "Dusty Mauve" :
I love silk blouses for work and have been looking for a "perfect" silk shell. Unfortunately silk is tricky for petites because it has little stretch and is usually cut to drape more generously. It also costs more to alter.

Pros: Pretty colors and slightly stretchy material. Contoured seams on both sides. A petite one size up from me should fit perfectly into the PXXS. It's on sale this week, too, for only $35 after SHOP30.

Cons: Armholes too loose (16" measured from armpit to armpit), and length (22") too long on me. Also looks funky tucked into pants, but would probably fare better tucked into high-waisted skirts.

Verdict: Don't want to spend $ on alterations...return. But again, would probably look nice on someone a little bigger.

And the bad experiment...

3.  Ann Taylor Cotton / Modal Tee with Chiffon Trim in womens XXS, was $38 before discounts and coupons.

This shirt was sold out in PXXS and PXS in every color (back in stock, though!). I thought it would be a great basic so I took a leap and ordered it in womens XXS. After all, it's just a stretchy knit I expected it to just be a little long.

On me in Womens XXS in "Pale Iris" :
Pros: Comfy, smooth material with lots of stretch. Pretty satin trim.

Cons: Looks awful on me above, but I can't fairly judge since I didn't order from the petites department. Crazy, though, how generous an "XXS" can be these days ... I've definitely tried on womens Smalls in other brands that don't fit nearly this big!

Verdict: Return. May re-order in petite XXS now that it's back online.


  1. I'm glad one of the tops worked for you! I bet if you bought the PXXS of the cotton/modal tee it would fit just fine.

    I have my box of AT goodies but haven't had a chance to really try them on yet. Tonight is the night! I'll have pics up Wednesday! Wish me luck!

  2. Ouch. Pretty sad about that last xxs tee! I've actually never had any luck at Ann Taylor since their xxs and xxs petite runs so large compared to other stores. I just can't justify spending the extra amount even with the higher quality when the fit just sucks on me. :(

    Btw, which top did you order 2 of?

  3. AN - I have an ominous feeling that the silk shells will swamp you. Cross my fingers that some of those other things work out for ya!

    Jen - you're so itty bitty that I can't imagine anything at AT working for you. The PXXS' always barely fit on me at best. Seriously girl where do you find clothes for work??

    I accidentally got 2 of the first top when I meant to order a button up. When I returned it they actually let me keep the one that was 50% off from the buy 1 get 1 50% off deal, which was shocking. No complaints tho, got it for $16.50 : )

  4. Hi There,
    a fellow petite introduced me to your blog (as well as AN) last week and I am really enjoying your content. I've never had any luck with Ann Taylor - petite size 0 jeans can be pulled off without undoing the fly. I've had similar problems with tops/blouses and sweaters, but last week I scored a lovely Jackie cardigan from J.Crew in an XS (not PXS, just normal XS) and it fit me perfectly. They are not on sale yet (mine was $63) but keep an eye on them - they are a great basic cardigan that fits petites perfectly (I'm 4'11", 93lbs) and it looks grown up - it's appropriate length and narrow, not short and wide like kids styles.
    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for blogging - I struggle to look professional because of my size, so much that I started sewing my own clothes. When I was in high school (1990-94) I was a size 2 or a 4. In college I was a 1 or a 2. After college I was a 1 or a 0. Now the 0s are too big - and I am only slightly smaller (weight wise) than I was when I was in my 20s. It's very helpful to see how this stuff fits other petites and comforting to know that I am not the only one tearing her hair out in the dressing rooms looking for something that fits.

  5. wow these all look great on you (esp the frst top). i personally like the last one as a comfy at home shirt :D

    you are so tiny! i need to start shopping petite for work and more mature dress :3


  6. Hi Kerry - glad you found us! I can't believe how much sizing has evolved over the years. I'm assuming it wasn't you that was shrinking. And funny you mention the Jackie cardigan - I reviewed it a previous post when it went on major sale (how did you get that link in the comment?? I'm very curious).

    Angie - I need to do the opposite : ) Less work shopping, more focus on looking presentable on weekends.

  7. Hi there! I think the first and last tops look great on you! The last one is extremely versatile looking. I found your blog via Jen's (frmheadtotoe). I saw that $114 highlighting thing from R&R. At first I thought typo too, but the original price was for over $200!! Nuts. But if you haven't, check out their blushes. I ordered 2 last time and they're very pigmented and worth the money. Have a good day :)

  8. Hey you know I was thinking the shoe clip could be a simple DIY too! Maybe even a hair clip would work, lol. If I ever get around to making them I will post it on blogger!

    I shop ebay a lot too... and usually the prices are cheaper? But I bet the ones you got are super duper cute (and unique!)!

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  10. Hey, love the first top! Where did you get your dress pants? I have been struggling for months on finding tiny dress pants :( I found 00 from Club Monaco that run really small (much smaller than BR p00) but unflatteringly baggy around the knee.

  11. I really like the first top on you!
    Argh, my ruffle front AT top is starting to pill. I think it's because the ruffles have tulle in them and the ragged edges rub up against the fabric (I washed it inside out so it wouldn't rub against my other clothes). Ugh.

  12. I just found your blog and it is amazing! I love all the informative posts on these beautiful classic clothes :) I'm not petite myself at 5'4, but you make me jealous of having such a beautiful figure!

    I'm trying to get a ruffle top but haven't found one that looked right on me :/ looks great on you though!


  13. Thanks for reviewing the perfect shell! I've been wanting those, and now I know it probably wouldn't work for me. I can't believe that the XXS's are running so big.

  14. Hmm nice items but they all look huge on you! How can those sizes be XXS??

  15. Kerry - thanks for the easy instructions!! This was the post where I tried on the Jackie cardigan. I agree it was a great fit - I shoulda kept it!

    Jessica - pants are "Mark B" from Theory in 00 ... the waist fit perfectly, but I had the legs slimmed throughout. I know what you mean about the baggy knees ... yuck.

    Nukem - oh nooo! I wonder if I should just hand wash or even dry clean mine.

    MizzJ - haha, shopping is always hit or miss, even with a tiny sounding size like XXS.

  16. I love that ruffled piece on you, it's so elegant. Especially in that color.

  17. ridiculous how a xxs sounds so small but can still leave you swimming in fabric :P DOWN WITH VANITY SIZING

    that first top is pretty, though! i love how the neck drapes

  18. hi, could you please list the brand/style/cut/sizing of your pants in this entry? did you alter them? thanks

  19. hi! thanks for posting a review on these tops. can't believe that XXSP would be that roomy. i chanced upon your blog when i was looking for reviews on some target shoes. your website is great! i have benefitted from your tips on sizing. although we are of the same size (all the same vital stats, no kdiding), i think i may be stockier than u. i'm from singapore where ladies are smaller-built. in spite of that, it's really difficult to find nice, chic, affordable tops so i rely on online shopping to get my stuff * ) looking forward to reading your informative posts!

  20. you always pull off the formal wear so well. i feel like if i wear something formal, it looks so borrowed because apparently i look like im 17

    xx lue

  21. I've been looking at your blog for a while now, and though I am relatively larger than you at 5'3 and 105lbs, I love reading about your quests to find clothes that fit. It's awesome that you are determined to find pretty clothing that fits well even when it is such a challenge for you. :)

  22. Really great reviews! I've been an AT shopper since I was 15 =/ I always loved the polished look! The first dress has my name written all over it :) Love this post!


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