Petite Lookbook - The Tailored Jumper

Happy Tuesday, readers : ) Today I am wearing my first Theory piece ever, which almost instantly spurred an ongoing and wallet-draining obsession. Thankfully there is a Theory outlet an hour from my house, so I have not yet had to pay the overpriced retail.

This jumper dress is so simple, but like many of their pieces, it is tailored to perfection. A size 0 fit me with no alterations needed, which was baffling at the time of discovery (2 years ago). Fellow petites should be sure to look for Theory dresses in stretchy fabric and numerical sizes. Their shirtdresses and dresses in letter sizing (P or TP is the smallest) fit quite generously and do not work for me.
Dress: Theory jumper in 0 (similar here in P00)
Blouse: Target Go International in juniors XS (similar here in PXXS)
Shoes: Tory Burch Sophie Wedge in 5.5 (sold here)

In other non-news ... I'm actually wearing "real" makeup! In addition to my plain-Jane routine of Bare Escentuals and black eyeliner, that is. Reading the beauty blogs of some of my lovely readers motivated me to try and glam up, but more on that later.  

I gave up tanning a while ago (my mother is  probably scowling right now as her worst fears have been confirmed) and am really starting to see the effects in photos. Sun does not shine often in Boston, so I would go about 2x a month in the colder months (aka 3/4 of the year). Go away, pale and sickly complexion! Go away, Winter!

Side anecdote - I've never really been one to embrace fair, milky white Asian skin as the epitome of beauty. I make sure to wear foundation and lotion with SPF, but other than that I love sun. Whenever I visited China in previous years, relatives would be horrified if I went outside on a sunny day without an umbrella. Strangers like hairdressers and sales associates would even openly comment: "oh, you would be so pretty...if only you were not so...dark." Last year when I visited, however, the reaction was sharply different. Ladies stopped me on the street asking how they could be "bronze" like me, and dudes who I didn't even know commented on how healthy I looked in comparison to the pale and ghastly female population. So there...the age old definition of Asian beauty is starting to evolve : P
This jumper is easily one of my most versatile work pieces. It's so easy to create different looks by switching up the blouse, adding tights, a pretty belt, etc. My only complaint (as with many Theory pieces) is that it's unlined and therefore rides up like crazy when worn with tights. I have yet to find a sleek petite-fitting slip skirt - got a regular one at Target but the cut is quote flowy and bunches up under my dresses.
Perfectly placed darts and waist line:
Thanks a ton to a reader (chanelsmypal) for the heads up on Bloomies' shoe sale. The display for these shoes was a ginormous size 10 so I was shocked when the SA came back with a 5.5 at over 50% off plus coupons : )  I love wedges since they tend to be more comfy than heels, plus they are much better at staying on with tights.


  1. Love it! You look great today! I've never actually tried Theory, although I've always heard *great* things about the label. Looks like I'll have to give it a peek.

  2. thanks for the comment:) i love the collar of your dress! and the top you were refering to was like small scrunch fabric that I attached:) not really piping

  3. I LOVE those wedges!! very very cute! I'll have to check out Theory too, it seems like a lot of people really like it.

  4. Hmmm...I found a tiny slip skirt at Macy's not to long ago. I had to ask a sales associate to find one (all the ones on the rack were really long). She looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for a short, tiny, cheap XS slip, but pulled one out of the back room easily enough. It's shorter than knee length on me, which is great! If you're interested, I'll dig it out later tonight and find the brand name.

  5. Thats a cute jumper!
    It looks great paired with the blouse. What a great idea.
    I LOVE wedges also.

    LOL @ asians preserving porcelain skin. Thats exactly what its like when I visit my relative in Vietnam. I dont think their mentality will ever change though.

    & yes the earrings are flowers within flowers, forming a snowflake. I just love the sparkle. :)

    xx Jess

  6. totally classic. great post and you look amazing in that jumper. yeah i pretty much just stick to the same bare escentials and eye liner routine as well...

  7. stumbled upon your blog and i absolutely love it and am now following! how do you take your pics? with a tripod? i want to do full body shots of my outfits too

    - angie

  8. I love the jumper! That is my beef with Theory (unlined skirts and pants), I really want a pair of the slim pants but for the amount they cost, I want lined pants you know?
    Same here with the Asian skin. I tan really easily, my mom always says I'm too dark. I keep telling my mom that Caucasians pay to be tan like me (tanning booths) :P

  9. Hey, I'm not all too sure you'll do it, but I tagged you for an award 'cause I love your sophistication. <3

  10. OMG!!! Absolutely gorgeous! Love the look from head to toe!

  11. love the theory dress and tory wedges!!
    i've never understood why anyone would pay USD400 for a simple dress over here (no outlets).. i'd rather tailor them. too bad we don't have outlet stores here.
    i'm a 5.5 too and it's my size is the first to run out during sales here. bummer!

  12. hey girl, sorry for the late response. life is feeling just a little too unorganized and crazy, ha. ouu looove this jumper ! you look amazing in that outift

    xx lue

  13. On the pale skin thing: Wear some bronzer (rather than blush)!!

    Yeah, my mom is still a little old fashioned and thinks that I shouldn't be so tan (I'm kind of "dark" for Chinese - lots of people think I'm Filipina). She even thinks that tans look horrid on Asians (um, only if you look orange). She's been here for nearly 40 years and still doesn't "get" the tan=healthy thing.

  14. Great dress, so chic and clear cut! I loved the shoes in your previous post, interesting blog, I am following now, you can follow me too if you want! Kisses, Froso from StyleNirvana.

  15. classic look! totally lovin it! =]

  16. so pretty!

    which GO line was that shirt from? i don't recognize it!

  17. That dress is amazing, I love it on you!

    I just came across your blog, you're so pretty! and curiosity has struck me- may I ask what that big pillow thing is in the background lol

  18. Thanks girls : ) You guys are so sweet.

    Midori- from probably 2008. I think GO is just their regular in house brand, right? Not designer affiliated. Love it when it goes on sale online for like $10 or less : )

    Ashley Elaine - thanks for stopping by! And that horrid thing ... is my Lovesac Pillowsac rocking chair. An impulsive and costly purchase that now consumes my 500 sq foot apartment. When I have trouble falling asleep I go curl up on it w/ a Snuggie and am out cold in 30 seconds. Sorry for the eyesore!

  19. that jumper is super chic on you. and you gotta love versatility! I love how you paired it with that ruffle blouse, it gives that little extra something to make the outfit pop. and congrats on a great find on those Tory Burch wedges! us petite girls need all the height we can get! lol

  20. haha thats so funny- not an eyesore, it just makes me wanna lie down and nap!

  21. You look so chic!


  22. Cute wedges! I like that they're not the typical Tory Burch flats that everyone wears. I ended up indulging in the Bloomies sale as well. I got these brown suede Coach ankle boots for 50% + additional 15% off - $120 down from $348 I think. And I used a $100 gc. :D

  23. I love Theory! My Nordstrom Rack carries it and sometimes in my size! Great post :) I want your wedges, N O W ;-)

  24. i have been wondering where you got that pillow chair!! thanks for sharing! it looks so comfy! i want one!! =D


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