Sunday, February 14, 2010

Theory Outlet Fabion Jacket

...blazer, that is. When boyfriend blazers and jeans rolled around last year, I stayed far, far away. Over-sized, long and boxy blazer on a petite torso? Baggy and cuffed jeans (case in point) on shorter legs? Sounds to me like recipes for disaster.

If any petites are interested in hopping onto the menswear train (which, according to March fashion magazines, are here to stay for at least another season) it's important to keep it in moderation and in proportion to your size. Definitely stay within the petites department to ensure a shorter length and smaller fit. Tuxedo blazers are a little over the top for me, but a slightly boxier / longer wool blazer from Theory? I can entertain that thought. Did you say on sale for over 80% off? Well, I suppose I can try it on...
Jacket: Theory "Fabion" Jacket in 00
Top: Ann Taylor ruffle tank in womens XS (similar here)
Pants: Theory slim pants in 00 (waist taken in and hemmed) - similar here in 00

Naturally, Ann Taylor and Banana Republic each have a rendition of the boyfriend blazer. I find Ann Taylor's (click here) in the Tropical Wool suiting material to be too formal, although the ground pepper color is lovely. The length for the petite sizes is 25 inches, which would hit a little past my hips like a boyfriend blazer should. For reference, the length on my pictured blazer is only about 22 inches.

Banana Republic's version (click here) however, seems to be a more versatile choice. Reviewers complained about how small it runs...which is great news for petites! On sale and still available in size 00 and 0, but the length is not disclosed.

Love the thicker wool fabric and light gray color, but not digging the tiny lapel. It was $74 down from $415 at the Theory outlet, so I forgave this one flaw. I think I'm going to re-iron the lapel to make it longer and turn this into a one-button blazer:

I know this isn't a true boyfriend blazer (although my own bf immediately called it one), but it does embody hints of menswear. I tried to detract from the boxier cut by pairing the jacket with feminine details such as ruffles, pearls, and flowers. I also cuffed the stiff sleeves, and removed the HUGE shoulder pads that made me look wider than I was tall. And last but not least, a boxier top mandates skinny bottoms. I paired these with my slimmest work pants for business casual attire...
...and with leggings or skinny jeans and flats for casual wear.
Closeup...with Gap plaid triangle scarf (sold here - only $7.99 online and dirt-cheap in stores!)
Fellow petites - what do you think of the boyfriend trend, and how do you make it work for your stature? Do you prefer classic, sleek silhouettes (like me) to trendier cuts? 

PS - A yummy shabu meal to bring in the year of the tiger : )
Pictured - boneless short rib, fried tofu, assorted shellfish, calamari, enoki, and ample watercress


  1. I love this look! Blazers can be very difficult to find in the right length and structure for petites, and this one looks really great on you!

  2. You are so gorgeous!

    I love the use of the feminine flower pin to counteract the "boyfriend" blazer. I need to try that.

    mmm shabu!
    Happy new year & Valentines girl!

  3. Oh & personally, I prefer sleek silhouettes over trendy cuts.
    Esp. when it comes to the "boyfriend" trend, because I find myself drowning in it, & looking too wide and sloppy.

  4. you are gorgeous! i love your blog and am a new follower! your style complements your body stature so well~! i had no idea you were petite until i read your stats on the side!

  5. you really are gorgeous!
    I love the texture of the jacket~
    did you prepare the shabu shabu? the rolled up meat is so cute.

    happy new year and valentine's day :D

  6. girls are too kind! Happy Valentines Day / New Years to y'all as well : )

    Jennifer - I agree it's hard... I like to dig for the "cropped" or "shrunken" styles that will end up fitting normally on petites. Otherwise we're just stuck with Banana Republic and Ann Taylor petites!

    Theresa - I always eat shabu at restaurants and my friends / family think it's crazy! They say it's so easy to prepare at home.

  7. great find! Although I would agree with you that it's not as "boyfriend" cut as other blazers, however you have to work with your shape. I love the boyfriend blazer look and own several. I just make sure to balance it out with slim pants or over a dress.

  8. I love how you've made the boyfriend look work for you! I still haven't managed to find a blazer that fits me just right and doesn't look silly or sloppy...

    One question: where did you get the metallic pumps you're wearing in the first pictures? Are they gunmetal colored? So cute!


  9. great look! i have the same struggle with the bf blazer. i'm still in search for the perfect one that actually fits. my problem is my small shoulders. thx for the tips! happy v-day and lunar new year!

  10. I love this blazer! I wish I lived near a Theory outlet, closest is Woodbury. I've avoided bf blazers for the same reasons.

  11. I own one tucedo/boyfriend blazer from Armani Exchange and it doesn't fit perfectly, but it is quite slimming. I love how you personalized yours to look so splendid!!

  12. you look great! i've been avoiding bf blazers too, i'm just unsure of what it'll look like on me! maybe i'll give it a shot!? i guess its all about finding the right fit! :)

    *mmmmm* hot pot... belated happy cny!

  13. i've been looking for the perfect grey blazer and i love the colour of yours with the specks of different greys! it looks amazing

  14. I love this grey blazer on you! Such a perfect fit and I love how you paired it with a ruffled top :)

  15. Great business casual look! I like the grey color and I agree, I think it would look even better with a single button. My own boyfriend blazer is more on the edgy/trendy side with its longer length and shoulder pads. Your recommendation to keep the bottoms slim is a must for shorter types like ourselves.

  16. you are right, boyfriend blazers are so hard to do in flats! I'm 5'2" so a bit taller than you and I have a hard time finding the right fit so I can't imagine how hard it must be for you!

  17. I love this, your so sophisticated.


  18. you look very posh and sophisticated<3

  19. hey girl, sorry i've been mia - exams and vacays have been consuming my life for a little while. also, thanks for taking the time to enter my giveaway :) ahh love that blazer ! boyfriend all the way. im so biased because i love boyfriend blazers, but seirously, i love !

    xx lue

  20. I think Banana Republic runs small too.

  21. Hannah - sorry I forgot to respond - the gray pumps are from Nine West : ) I have them in black, brown, and gunmetal.

  22. I spotted this exact blazer in Bloomies, sz 00, and recognized it from your blog so I tried it on. Unfortunately (or not, my wallet thanks me), 00 is too small and tight for me!

  23. I love your looks :)

    BTW, where did you buy your milk carton vase? its sooo cute!

  24. for boyish blazers i like checking out the little boys section...they actually fit kinda nicely!

  25. I love grey blazers and I love the way this one fits you, esp since you're petite. I also love how you paired it with slim dress pants, it helps to give a nice balance of proportion b/w your top and bottom. I like boyfriend blazers but I do have to be careful to make sure that I don't drown in them so I wear my bf blazers with slimmer pants and leggings, and of course high high heels!

    Yeah, it's tough with some Asian hair types to get that high bun look. There's also some good tutorials on YouTube where some girls use a headband or cut up a sock to give their buns that extra bit of "oomph" and volume (yeah I had no idea either!) but apparently that's how the Japanese girls do it, so be sure to have a look.

    Thanks for all your lovely comments, I feel so behind on my blog but I'm trying to keep up. Glad to hear you like my new "photos du jour" section! and you are not a grandma at 22! Believe me, I'm turning 26 next month :S hahaha

  26. Do you get on a step stool each time you need to use your microwave ?

  27. i like jerking off to ur pics. thanks for posting

  28. Fashion and food post? {dies and goes to heaven} I'm a petite (well, I'm super skinny but I'm 5'4") and I personally love the menswear look. I've got more vests, blazers, and boyfriend cardigans than I know what to do with and I find that skinnies or leggings usually lengthen me back out.


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