Friday, February 19, 2010

H&M Find - Perfect Oversized Tee

Since I live in leggings and skinny pants 24/7, it has been my goal to find more loose and flowy tops that offset the tight bottoms. Most of the time I just end up looking like a frump, but the other day I did have success in the Divided section at H&M ... for only $7.95! Can't beat that!

As soon as I saw the sizing (numerical instead of XS, S, M .. etc) I knew that it would be a great fit. I picked size 2 in a shroomy, taupe-gray color. The reason this tee works so well on a small frame is because it is oversized and slouchy on top, but tapers in at the bottom to fit almost snugly around the hips. The length is also great on petites.
 Top: H&M Divided tee in size 2 (similar here w/ banded bottom)
Scarf: H&M
Bottoms: H&M thick leggings in size 2 (similar here in Girls Large - a steal!)
Shoes: Zara (similar here)

A note about leggings - I started buying mine from the kids department as of late. Their size 12/14 or L hits my ankles at a perfect length. Splendid makes some great basics for kids, from the same soft and comfy materials as their adult lines. Two picks - jersey tuxedo leggings in sz 14 and super trendy tie-waist leggings. Wonder whether I can pull those off...

The material is a very comfy 50% cotton 50% modal blend. I've been wearing this tee non-stop and can't wait to go pick up more in other colors! I don't like H&M for work clothing, but their basics are solid and very fairly priced. They also have leggings galore! Total cost for tee + leggings + scarf was $30.

These bling Zara sandals are a souvenir from a trip to FL. I was traveling with two other women who loved to shop and we ran to the mall every day during lunch. Almost didn't get these because they're so fancy looking, but a petite Polish girl convinced me that they'd look great dressed down with skinny jeans and a tank. Thanks, PPG!
The Alfani sandals I linked to previously are a ridiculously close dupe. They retail for even less than the Zara ones and are bound go to on sale at Macy's. The pewter and bright blue colors are gorgeous, and it's available in a small size 5!

Wore this outfit to a delicious Turkish brunch at Sofra Boston (swapped in ankle booties). Photo "borrowed" from my boyfriend's blog:


  1. i'm so glad i found your blog...its amazing and you are so pretty..

  2. Oooooo awesome post! You knew I needed legging help, didn't you? :) I hadn't thought about trying kids sizes, that is a great idea... and I will definitely be checking out H&M. I love that the shirt is tapered!

  3. i love that comfy outfit! the flowy top looks great with the leggings! i love your shoes too! :D food is making me hungryyy ;)

  4. thanks for the heads up on the divided tee. im in need of the perfect oversize tee that fits my frame. i'll have to check this out! thx for sharing:) loving those sandals! so pretty. wow, the food looks amazing!

  5. i LOVE oversize tees! i keep stealing my brothers haha

  6. Fab as usual =) Your "cozy" look is way more chic than mine...which usually consists of plaid pj pants and and a zip-up hoodie. Oh yeah, and cookie crumbs b/c I love eating cookies when I'm cozy on the couch.

    The shoes are great! Can't wait to see them with some skinny jeans.

  7. This outfit is too cute! I love that the leggings are the right length, too! I have yet to find a pair that doesn't extend past my foot. LOL!

    Those shoes are gorgeous! I may have to steal them from you! ;)

    I am like the previous poster; my cozy look is totally sloppy. Ha ha ha!

    Yet another great post from you! :)

  8. that shirt is super cute. :D i really, really liked the way you styled it.

  9. Your cozy look is tre chic! My cozy look consists of elastic waistband cotton pants and loose old t-shirts :P

  10. cute and stylish but the shoes... ah... to die for. : )

  11. that shirt looks FANTASTIC on you!

    i'd totally lose 15lbs just to be able to fit into kids' sizes...the length is so right but the fit is so wrong ;P so not made for my childbearing hips and thunder thighs!

  12. love that shirt!

    food looks yummy!

    happy monday,

  13. Love the oversized tee! I need to load up on oversized sweaters and tees since I pretty much live in leggings too. It's great for lazy days! :) nomnomnom, love the foood photo! It's amazing how your boyfriend has a blog as well :P

  14. I love how simple your outfit is here. very chic. and those shoes are gorgeous!!

  15. the scarf is really doing for me~ u are looking slim

  16. You look so comfortable! I will keep an eye on those alfani sandals, I would never buy them but they look great how you paired them, go PPG!

    How do you take your shots, timer? They come out so well! I need to pay H & M a visit NOW :) Looks like you had a great brunch and went so fashionable!

  17. I just got hooked onto your blog, I am a petite asian girl with a curvy figure - which makes me look like a box in most formal clothes, unless it is a skirt suit (which is hard to pull off in cooler weather, especially as I am really sensitive to the cold and tend to have at least 4 layers even during fall!). I cant seem to find magazines or sites that talk about dressing up well, especially for people with my figure, like yours does. I did go through alterations needed but as you mentioned she is even smaller than you are...
    I was wondering if you had some recommendations for sites for petite curvy girls and good alteration places in/around south carolina...

  18. @J-Ezzy - My bf takes the pics for me : ) I'm looking for a tripod/remote tho!

    @ Anonymous - thanks, girl! You know, AlterationsNeeded mentioned she's been trying to find petites who are on the curvier side as well. It's not just the child-sized ones that have problems with clothes! You should join the forum (if you haven't yet), because I KNOW there are several readers who have a similar body type to yours.

    I love skirt suits, but you're right it gets tough in the winter! I pretty much stick with opaque tights and a long coat, but in the depths of winter tights are not enough!


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