Life with PAG: Blog Changes and More

Changes coming around the corner:

1. New blog layout and design. I'm back in Boston today for the double-holiday weekend (Happy Chinese New Year!) and got a sneak preview of my Valentine's gift from the bf ... a completely new website design and banner : ) There is also a "community" tab which I am not yet sure what to do with yet, so feel free to shoot me suggestions. I love being a part of the petite online community, and appreciate any tips on how to add to it! One idea I had was it could be a small marketplace forum for members to list their petite items for exchange/sale, but that is just a thought (eBay does it better, anyways). On the note of forums - AlterationsNeeded put out an great one just yesterday so be sure to check it out!

2. New blog name and URL. When starting PAG, I apparently overlooked the glaring fact that most internet searches for those three words are seeking something quite different than what my blog has to offer. The number of Google searches for "petite Asian girls with bananas" that end up landing on my Banana Republic clothing reviews have been overwhelming as of late.

With that said, I will be slowly migrating PAG to...
(points off for the lack of creativity, I know) the following weeks, and will be making a conscious effort to stop using pervert trigger words such as "tiny," "(my race)," "(undergarments)" etc. Followers can stay put, since Google will just continue linking to my blogspot page.

And oh, I suppose Valentines day is this weekend. I don't really care much for this holiday, but I do make sure to send three special women a little something every year (mom, grandma, and boyfriend's mom) because every lovely lady deserves fresh flowers on this day!

And in honor of V-day, I will share some pics from a couple shoot that my boyfriend and I did for our 5 year anniversary back in October. Evidently this was before my resolution to learn how to accessorize. Could the outfit get any plainer? No jewelry, no cute shoes, no manicure, and no handbag in sight...oh, dear me.
Top: Theory seamless stretch tank  (sold here)
Skirt: Theory satin belted bubble skirt in 00 (similar here in wool, in 00 - LOVE!)
Shoes: Nine West

So in case I haven't mentioned this before ...I *love* la la ... Theory makes these seamless tube-tanks every season, but they are exorbitantly over-priced ($100 +). I managed to find some at Saks off 5th, Neiman Marcus Last Call, Loehmanns and the like for less. They are one size fits all, which baffles me because they fit so tiny. I am bulging out of mine!

Theory skirts in size 00 are hit or miss for me. Their regular-waisted ones are oftentimes too big, however their high-waisted styles run super small in 00. This is a high-waisted bubble skirt which I picked up at the outlets in Carlsbad, CA, and I can barely breathe in it, as evidenced below. Still bought it anyways as I love how the silhouette gives me some hips : )
Ruined this cool one with my cheesy smile:

  We look soo young!
The end!

PS - If you live in the tri-state area and are interested in a fabulous wedding or couple photographer, please email me. Mine were fan-tastic!


  1. Hello, I've been reading your site for awhile now. I'm also an Asian girl (from Singapore), been living in NYC for six years now, counting four years of NYU.

    While I'm not exactly petite (5'4, 116), I still shop at the petites range as the pants do fit better. I do have rather dispropotionately short legs. I would have been considered "tall" back in Singapore, but I guess right here I'm right about average. Petite clothes still work for me, though- and tops from the kids range (usually the L-XXLs) work, but the bottoms never do. They're always too short or tight.

    Anyway, your blog's an inspiration and you're beautiful. Are you Chinese, though? And if so, how are you going to celebrate Chinese New Year this weekend? I always kind of ignored the holiday back in college and I'm feeling like getting into the spirit!

  2. Hi Bernice! That is so sweet of you. I am Chinese and will be celebrating this weekend by calling my parents and grandparents (who all live in separate states), sending $ to relatives in China, and enjoying a massive and yummy meal of hot pot. What about you??

    New York is an amazing city and NYU is a great school ... luck you! And yes, you ARE considered tall back in Asia. Kids pants and jeans would be way too short on you, but I can see you faring well with kids shorts and skirts.

  3. Are you two dating? :)
    & the photos are lovely.


  4. Can't wait for the new layout! How exciting! And happy Chinese New Year!

  5. @Bernice: 5'4" is "tall" in south east Asia, but pretty average in the circle of my parents' kids. I'm about 5'2" and am probably shorter than 60% of everyone I saw at Christmas dinner this year (we were in Hong Kong). I am apparently around 65th percentile over there, but I honestly felt like I was more in the 50something range.

    Oh, and have a great new year to all who celebrate!! Looking forward to seeing new and exciting things on this site.

    @PetiteAsianGirl: You have to send money to your parents and grandparents? REALLY? I thought you were only supposed to give money to people in the younger generation (and only if you're married - i.e. I'm enjoying the last year of my life where I don't have to give anyone money, LOL!). I guess different families have different customs?

  6. XOXOHoua- Thanks for stopping by : ) And yes ... we've been dating for 5 and a 1/2 years and it feels like forever!

    CynthiaC - not to my parents and grandparents (we do gifts and such at Christmas) but to my relatives in China. This is the first year I'm starting. It's not customary at all, but they take care of me each time I go back (also when I grew up there) so it's just a nice gesture, I guess.

    PS - and please, keep the expectations low lol. No exciting changes ... just changes : )

  7. The photos look lovely! And dang girl, you are bustier than I thought. ;)

  8. I love the photos! And Jen is right, you've got some boobs :)!

    I actually like the idea of an online exchange/swap/buy. I have some things I need to put on Ebay but have been procrastinating (plus their fees, yuck).

  9. LOL. Quite far from the truth. I am a solid A but you are witnessing an optical illusion caused by magic asian push-up bras that my mom bought for me by the dozens the last time she went back to China. Probably less than $15-$20 USD each and they make Vicky's look like nothing : )

  10. you are adorable! love the pictures. And LOL to the internet searches that lead to your site.

  11. These pictures are awesome! I love that 3rd photo, with you in focus and him in the background. And the jumping one! That's a great pose!

  12. Dannng, I looooove these pics!!!! They all look so great!!!!

    I get some weird searches arriving to my page too, but nothing like yours!

    I love the idea of exchanging! But, ebay does that?

    Is it that easy to create a 3 column blog? I wanna do it, but I'm a tad bit intimidated =/


  13. BTW - I too lack in the accesorizing department, I try to buy them but I can never figure out what to do with them when I get them home, so, I eventually just don't buy them, ugh, what's wrong with me?! I need to work on this more apaprently =/ lol

  14. You two are one good looking couple! Seriously! I think it's awesome that you guys got pictures done. My husband and I have been together for ten years (our anniversary was in January); I think we should do something like this!

    I think the lack of accessories looks nice, by the way! :)

  15. Happy Chinese New Year's Eve! Ah, I don't know. My entire extended family would be having reunion dinner at home just about now. I think the customs in Singapore are slightly different from those in China. For one, they only have a three day holiday! Right now, I'm just enjoying a lazy Sunday morning with my boyfriend. Expecting a skype call from Singapore from either my family or his family tonight (time difference is a bummer).

    Do you know of a good Chinese restaurant we could go to tonight? We used to go down to Joe's Shanghai Restaurant on 56th Street to eat their Xiao Long Bao's (soup dumplings) during Chinese New Year during our NYU days. Great comfort food, but I was thinking of a grander meal tonight!

    Anyway, I do agree with CynthiaC about my height. I remember having to buying ill-fitting jeans during high school back in Singapore; I always had to buy the M/L/even XL sizes because they were just too short. And don't get me started on Kid's sizes there! They're really meant for 60-pound little girls.

  16. happy new years!!
    thats a super cute shot! It's okay; sometimes simplicity is better; less is more right? :)

    still can't get over how nice your pics are!: )

  17. Aww u guys are so cute! I need some of those super push-up bras, hehe.

  18. I just noticed that I said "my parents' kids." I meant to say my parents' FRIENDS kids.

  19. scrawnyButStylishSunday, February 14, 2010

    My Theory suit arrived and I am very please; Gabe blazer size 0 fits like a dream as before, no tailoring required. Max C pants a bit loose in waist, butt, hips, but not much. My alteration but was only $27, far cheaper than the usual $60 tab! Length was okay with 3 in heels, too long for ballet flats.

    I discovered Club Monaco has fantastically cut slacks and blouses at a great price; their 00 slacks are almost identical to theory's max C, but actually cut straighter in the hips, and way cheaper than theory.

    Another store--BCBG has slim-cut skinny pants--very straight, but too sexy/trendy for work.

    Anyone have a good recommendation for trouser-style chinos like they have at J Crew which are small? I tried Abercrombie 00 which are way too short in the rise, yet too roomy in the waist, hip.

    Also what is the inseam on J Crew Crewcuts size 12 pants? 14?

    My measurements are 29-25-32, 5'5" 95 lbs. I am looking for a style similar to Vineyard Vines Twill chinos.

  20. scrawnyButStylishSunday, February 14, 2010

    I should mention the Max C pants were 00, which were significantly smaller than the 0.

  21. Oh wow... I never thought about your blog title as being something that brings in that kind of crowd, but now that I think about it.... lol. Your search results are hilarious, but I still like your title anyway.

  22. Thanks ladies ... my boyfriend was quite irked that I posted these pics for the world to see : )

    Bernice - I am a total stranger to NYC so I have no recommendations : ( Every time I go to Chinatown there I will stop by Joe's Shanghai hoping to try the soup dumplings, but then give in to my Cantonese cravings and eat at Big Wong's instead, lol.

    ScrawnyButStylish - have you checked out the forum by fellow petite blogger AlterationsNeeded ( I highly recommend you post the question there as I'm sure other ladies will have good recommendations, not to mention they may be helped by your experience. I also don't want your tips and suggestions to get lost in these comments!

  23. i love these couple pics! u look great! my favorite is the third and i don't think u ruined it at all!:) what a swt gift from the bf! looking forward to ur new layout!

  24. Gorgeous photos! I think the watch is a great simple accessory! But I'm all about simplistic...I have no idea how to accessorize!

  25. Wow you guys are one hot couple!!

    Damn of course amazing push-up bras would only be available in Asia :(

    Happy Chinese New Year!

  26. Hi.i have been following your blog for while now (being a petite 5'1" and 43 kg) :-) Just wanted to remark as how wonderfully you look on these photos, and no accessories part doesn't spoil it at all, in fact making it clear an beautifully simple!

  27. What amazing photos! You two make a gorgeous couple!! :)

    xx Love & Aloha.

  28. love the photos! random note- hubby and i went jean shopping for him (5 mins in, I thought I wanted to die), and he finally found some he liked...the 514s!

  29. Love your new header and url!!!

  30. Just recently discovered your blog and absolutely LOVE it! I agree with the comments above. You guys are one good looking couple! Congrats on the anniversary. Just wondering, what is your boyfriend's ethnicity? Is he Asian mixed with White?

  31. @anon - thanks girl! He is Filipino and white : )

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  33. Hello, I like your courage to post your real photo on the internet. I won't do that in million years unless I have to.
    I don't know if you will ever response to the comments. I am going to give it a shot anyway.
    1. When did you get your discount deal to buy "theory" suits?

    2. Where did you buy your chanel bag? How much did you spend? Is it a gift from your boy friend?

    Thanks a lot for your answering my questions.

  34. Lol!! You made my day with PAG w/ Banana!! So funny...I even didn't think of it...

  35. Is your boyfriend of mixed race? Your pics are gorgeous!

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