Need - Nanette Lepore "Ladies Night" Corset in sz 0

Ever since I saw this Nanette Lepore "Ladies Night" corset on one of my favorite bloggers, I knew I had to find a similar piece for my own wardrobe. Normally I would never be interested in something like this, because I would assume that it could only be worn 2x a year on special occasions. But ChloeConspiracy proves corsets to be super versatile. Here she is tucking it into a pencil skirt, and here she is wearing it over an A-line skirt. Unfortunately, a few roadblocks stand in my way to acquire this gorgeous corset:

1. It's from several seasons ago, and even if it were current, it is too $$$ for me ($275 to be exact).
2. Corsets are difficult/costly to alter due to the boning. I tried on a Nanette Lepore dress in 0 and it was too big, so I'm not sure how a corset in size 0 would fare.

The only NL corset top that I was able to find in stores was this purple tank one from Bloomies which clearly is not the same. At WHMB, however, I actually found a plethora of corset or bustier-style tops. Some picks in size 0 (I wonder whether 00's are all sold out, or if they just didn't make 00's in bustiers?):

1. Gorgeous silk sweetheart neckline bustier, ($88 full price - sigh)
2. Waist-slimming belted peacock bustier ($88 $50) - this one is my favorite
3. Brushed rose floral bustier ($88 $50) - left only in sz 0, but a lil' too fancy for my tastes.

Although none of the above are exactly what I'm looking for, I have a feeling that WHBM may come out with something in Spring/Summer that I will love, in a petite-friendly size. I also found this to be interesting - Ruffle Tube Top in XXS ($68 $19.98) - it's just a tube top, but has a sweetheart neckline, plus boning construction on both sides. Hmm.

So a month ago while at the Banana Republic outlet, I saw a pouffy cotton blouse that strangely had the potential to temporarily fill this gap in my wardrobe. A PXXS was baggy in the torso, but the details were nice. At the time it was a ridiculous $44.95 at the outlet, so I passed, but this weekend it was on sale for $18! And there were a ton of them left - with not one, but three PXXS's. Ok ... don't laugh ...
Banana Republic Factory Store jeweled, ruffled and pleated 100% cotton blouse, $44.95 $18

Now, readers may be thinking ... this oversized blouse is hids! It may be acceptable to wear while milking cows, but it's nothing similar to the Nanette Lepore beauty! Yea, I guess it can't really compare. But click "Read More" to see the potential of this blouse with alterations.

A little pouffy (PXXS measures a generous 17" from armpit to armpit, and 16" across the waist):
I can tell it's meant to be a breezy summer blouse, hence the looser fit. I had to wear a white cami underneath as the blouse was a tad bit sheer.
I almost wish that I bought two of the same blouse - one to keep loose for wearing casually in the summer, 1 to alter slimmer for tucking into pants/skirts. Here it is with about two inches hastily clipped in the back from the armpits down to the hem (which is what I will ask my tailors to take in):
Still clipped 2 inches, tucked (rather unevenly, oops) into linen pants to show "potential" for summer work outfits:
Now, let me reiterate that I am sure the design and quality of this BR blouse is nowhere near NL's corset, but it will have to suffice for now while my search continues. I estimate alterations to be about $15 (hopefully less!), bringing the total cost of this blouse to about $33.

PS - There was a box of clearance costume jewelery at my local BR outlet (by the front register) with additional 50% off. I like that its "hypoallergenic" since my ears and neck can't stand Forever21 jewelry. Lookie what I grabbed for $5 each in an attempt to build up my accessories collection:


  1. Ooh, the accessories you picked up were GORGEOUS!! I have the same issue with jewelry so I sold off most of my costume stuff at a garage sale and I'm trying to build up my 925 silver and gold collection. Once in a while I'll get a cheapy fashion ring at forever 21, or a necklace that has a ribbon neck tie but I still have to cover the metal parts so my skin doesn't get irritated! I'll have to stop by a Banana Repub Factory store and see if I can score something. ;)

  2. Are you on the mailing list for Black House/White Market? If so, you'd be sent a coupon every month for $20 off an $80 purchase. (In stronger economic times, it used to be $20 off a $100 minimum purchase, but the purchase level has dropped to $80 for most of the past year). So you'd be able to get the "Gorgeous Silk Sweetheart Neckline Bustier" for $68!!!!

    Also -- good picks of accessories from the BR bin. I need to start looking there more often.

    Finally, I just want to say that I love your blog! I just discovered it. I'm not Asian, and I'm evidently several pounds heavier than you are with a completely different body shape. But I do live in Boston too and I'm exactly 4'11 3/4" as well. I couldn't believe it when I saw your profile! I too am on a quest to look like a professional, and your blog (along with are quickly becoming one of my favorite go-to places for style ideas!

  3. i tried on a size 0 nanette lepore corset once at anthropologie (it was on sale for $50!) two or three years ago and it was TOO EFFIN SMALL. i'm a wee bit shorter (statuesque 4'10.5") but i've got maybe 10-12 lbs on you which makes me think that unless their sizing has changed over the past few years, a nl size 0 corset might fit you pretty well :)

  4. Oh that shirt isn't too bad! I think it's pretty cute and has lots of potential, especially for layering! Also love the jewelry you found! I am trying to upgrade my jewelry wardrobe as well, so I'll have to check out BR next time I'm at the mall :)

  5. I seriously love that NL top! It's gorgeous! The BR one works quite well once it's taken in. Great bargain on the jewelry!

  6. Hehe...I've drooled over that top when I saw it on ChloeConspiracy too. I would pay to spend a day living in her closet.

  7. legalicious - welcome fellow Bostonian : ) I am in fact signed up for WHBM offers .. they have great coupons!

    Midori - that's great to know! I didnt even know that Anthropologie carries NL. I love everything at that store (esp home decor ... ooh) but everything is so darn $$!

  8. Oh my, that NL corset is gorgeous, but I like how you've styled the BR find! It definitely needs some tailoring, but it looks great tucked into those pants.

  9. Amusingly I bought that bustier for $40 at the Nordstrom Rack a couple years ago ( a size 12, though) I've never figured out how to wear it not in a "going out" way.

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