Sale at Theory Outlets

Could they be any more vague?

Tryin to decide whether or not it's worth going to. If anyone decides to stop by, let me know how "drastically reduced" the prices are :)

For a listing of Theory outlet locations, click here.


  1. i love whut your doing in love...

  2. Speaking of theory...I just went to Marshall's and found a theory 00 black and grey tweed pencil skirt for $10!! I couldn't believe it. Needless to say I snatched it up!

  3. JINX - thanks : ) I'm jaw droppingly AMAZED at the ladies featured on your blog ... they have style and a sense of fashion that I can only dream about, lol. Great work putting it together.

    Jess - unbelievable. I would've fainted with joy : ) A reader was just telling me about the great Theory finds at our local TJMaxx/Marshalls. She said lots of nice brands can be found at the stores located in "wealthier" suburbs.


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