Review: J.Crew Cardigans - not all XS's created equal

After finding success with a J.Crew size XS cardigan from this post, I fell under the false impression that all of their sweaters would fit equally well in XS. I ordered a bunch online, looking for the word "fitted" under descriptions and scoped out all the model photos to see which sweaters seemed the most snug. I ended up with the following three:

*Warning - it was a frizzy hair day to say the least. I literally rolled out of bed and decided to start the day w/ some blogging pics*

1. First up, the dream crewneck cardigan in XS. $85 only $35 with EXTRA30 (extended til Sunday!). They really sold me on the product description, and I liked the unique exposed seaming at the arms and down the back. The sweater looks so snug on the online model - I was SURE it would fit great on petites.

In real life (hrmm, notice that the sweater kind of "gained 5 lbs" from the image above? As in, it looks wider and dumpier than the sleek sweater shown above?):
And on me:
Verdict: return. Too much baggage around the torso. Loose and long sleeves. A nice knit though, and some very pretty color options. Someone 1 size up would fit much better in this, especially if it shrinks a little in the wash.

Click "Read More" for more sweaters.

2. Jackie Cotton Cardigan in XS, $62. Select colors were $21 but apparently they are sold out. I like this cardigan because it looked kind of "shrunken" on the model and it comes in a myriad of colors.
In real life (sleeves look shorter than on the model):
And the pewter color, on me:
I didn't think the fit was bad at all, esp for $21. There was a lil' room to spare, but the material is a cotton blend so I imagine it will shrink in the wash. I liked the cut as well - a classic crewneck style.

Verdict: I would have kept this cardigan, except I was so irked about the final sale item (sweater # 3) that I made myself return this to save $. I will probably track this sweater again online until the more vibrant colors go on sale.

3. Bling-Button Cardigan in XS, $68 now $28 with EXTRA30. This one also looked so snug on the model. I've also been looking for a more "airy" cardigan and the material read: "Spun from a lightweight blend of acrylic/alpaca/wool in a 7-gauge knit." Sounds nice, right?
The material was airy alright - it was soo flimsy that snag-able that I'm sure I'll destroy this cardigan in no time. I like tighter knits that don't really leave any holes to be snagged by pens, pencils, or hooks. I already caught this on a necklace just while trying it on.
Verdict: Final But at least the fit is "acceptable!"


  1. I almost ordered that Dream cardigan too, good thing I didn't. The 2nd one looks nice on you though, that one I would keep.

  2. sale gets me too! Boo for no returns!

  3. I like your second look (with Jackie Cotton Cardigan). Very cute!

  4. Sorry for the bad experience with their sizing... I had the same thing happen to me before :/ Mon Mode Blog

  5. oh wow, that's a good deal! sorry it didn't fit well. i have trouble with j.crew sizing, too. i love their tees and tanks, which usually fit ok. unfortunately, with sweaters and blouses, even their XS is a tad bit too big for me, too. eeks, sorry to hear about the final sale policy:(

  6. Great review! I love the last one, I think left unbuttoned it looks fine on you.

  7. You're right that the sweaters aren't created equal. J.Crew's cashmere sweaters are always HUGE on me!

  8. haha's like they airbrushed the sweater the same way models get airbrushed.

  9. Hmmm.. curious, but what pants are you wearing here??


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