Review: Banana Republic PXXS Sale Picks

BR has been issuing a lot of online coupons lately (the extra 20% for today is over, but sign-up for their emails as I'm certain there will be another one), so I felt encouraged to try some of their PXXS picks that went on sale. No effort was made to coordinate an outfit for any of these items (no pretty lighting either); just a quick-and-dirty post to showcase how some of these items fit before the tiny sizes are sold out.

I was vaguely interested in this tank when it first came out, but $70 was an exorbitant price for what I consider a "novelty" top. I was surprisingly pleased with the fit: petite-appropriate length, flowy yet not too baggy, and armholes are an acceptable size. My biggest fear was that the pearl print would be tacky or shiny, however the pearls turned out to be a nice, muted silvery-taupe color.
Whoops - tag is showing, ponytail is terribly messy, and there's a huge Timb hogging the pic; please pardon. Note that there is a ribbon tie in the back which I think adds a nice touch. I just need to learn how to tie it right and iron out the wrinkly ribbon. Also note that the silk is fairly thin and may even be sheer is held up to the light. I think I'm going to keep.

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2. Banana Republic Petites XXS Extrafine Merino Ruffle Cardigan, $79.50 $28 for black with the 20% off coupon.
I thought this cardigan was super cute when it came out at the store. The ruffles are a chiffon-y material and not at all obstructive. The detail on this sweater is definitely more noticeable on the purple and charcoal, but I couldn't keep myself away from the black. I bought this when it was $50 last week, but BR would not make price-adjustments for purchases made using a promo code, so I just re-ordered it today to save twenty bucks.
I liked the surprisingly cropped length and the slim sleeves that hit right past the wrist. It is a very light and comfortable knit material as well. My only complaint is that the torso is a little boxy - if it were just a little more fitted this sweater would be perfect for me. But at $28, I will keep it. I have desperately been in need of a short black cardigan for work.

Also got the charcoal - but I don't need two of the same sweaters so this is going back to the store. I just know that some PXXS lady out there in Boston is going to rejoice when she finds this on the sale rack (I wonder if this stuff is even cheaper in store than online?). Although I love gray, I know I won't wear it as much as the black. Not to mention it's currently more expensive. Oh yea - and strangely, the sleeves were almost 1 inch shorter! What the heck?

3. Banana Republic Petite XXS Merino Wool Crewneck Sweater, $59.50 on sale for $25 to $50 depending on the color (the gray was $24 after the 20% discount).
I liked the slim fit of this crewneck sweater, but after looking at the pics it's a little long for my torso. It looks okay with jeans, but when fully extended and worn with dress pants it comes an inch or two lower than I'd like. I've found that sometimes it really helps to take pics and review ... several occasions already I think a garment looks acceptable, until I look at a photo and notice the ill fit!
Overall, not too shabby, except note the bunching in the back due to me not pulling it down to it's full length. A great basic sweater, but I don't need it and it's not impressive enough for me to keep. That's it for now ... happy shopping!


  1. i love the back of the silk faux pearl top more than the front! gorgeous.

  2. all snazzy picks. i was in the store the other day and found some good basic pieces. : )

  3. anninoe - The back looked ten times better after I straightened the ribbon. I had to post better pics .. that blouse is a great bang for the buck.


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