Petite Work Outfit - Routine Ruffles

Okay, as you can tell by now I'm quite bad at thinking up "titles" for these outfit posts. Creative writing (and English in general) was clearly not my college major. What I was trying to convey was, this is my go-to routine outfit whenever I wake up with about 10 minutes to spare before having to hop on the subway. I dot on concealer, then slap on a soft ruffled top with a suiting skirt, and a cardigan. Basic, boring - but it gets the job done.
Top: Ann Taylor Ruffled Shell in "soft pewter," sz XXSP  - sold here; must search for additional colors. See the "winter white" version on me here.
Skirt: H&M suiting skirt size 4 (altered waist, sides, and length) - I really like this one.
Cardigan: Banana Republic ruffled cardigan PXXS- sold here
Shoes and Earrings: Banana Republic

As always, don't forget to signup for store mailing lists or check retailmenot for coupon codes! I got my Ann Taylor shell for 30% off but they frequently have 40% off a single full-priced item coupons in store.

Click "Read More" for more pics.

Now before y'all think I'm nuts for buying a cheapy H&M skirt and spending so much to get it tailored, I must explain that this was bought back in the day when they did not make size 2 in suiting. Maybe ... 2007? I found a full H&M suit that fit smaller than anything from BR at the time, and spent more than the cost of the suit itself on alterations. But no regrets, as I am still wearing this skirt over 2 years later : ) Can't say the same for the blazer, though.

This outfit is easily winterized with tights and black pumps.

Looking at these pics I realize that this was a poor choice of cardigan. It's hard to do black on black, because as evident in the pics, blacks rarely match precisely. The boxy cut also conceals the waistline that pencil skirts typically emphasize. Next time I must remember to go for something more colorful and fitted on top.

I've been gushing about this tank so much, I figured I should show it. I've worn it TWICE already this week (gross, but whatever) in this outfit and over pants. There's just the perfect amount of chiffon ruffle to add some interest to an outfit. The material (94% rayon, 6% spandex) is so, so comfy, but as a word of warning I suspect that this material may start pilling after some wear.

I think this in XXS is next on my list for ruffled acquisitions - how sweet is that? It's like a "wearable" version of Rodarte for Target's mesh-y disasters. I saw the remains of that line for the first time in person last weekend and was so appalled - no offense to anyone who dug that collection. Is it just me or are Target's "designer" collaborations getting less and less wearable for the everyday woman?


  1. Oooh, Garment District sounds like a dream!

    I love your outfit! So clean and classy.
    I especially love the top. Ruffles add the perfect amount of romance and sophistication to an outfit.

    Jess Mai

  2. you look so classy my dear! i so love ruffles!


  3. I love that top- Ann Taylor has really been one of my favorites lately as far as petite sizing goes. They get it right, and it looks great!

    Your skirt is reading a dark purple/blue on my laptop monitor, so now I want to see that. You need a dark purple skirt to go with that outfit, mmhm. But you look great- and I can't believe you're not wearing any make-up! No fair. If I went sans make-up, I'd look dead. :(

  4. Thanks ladies : ) Man - looking at these pics, I realize I need some bronzer asap, Snookie style. Winter paleness at it's worst!

    Chloe - dark purple..I wish! That sounds just lovely. My wardrobe is devoid of color. The "purple" on your screen is just the black clashing with the sweater : (

  5. I love the shirt!

    But I'm curious -- what watch brand and model are you wearing in the last photo? It looks like a great size for a petite!

  6. I've had my eye on that exact same Ann Taylor ruffle shell...damn...after seeing it on you, now I really want to order it! Lookin' good!

  7. I saw that top at AT yesterday and I could not find it in my size so I could try it on! After seeing it on you, I MUST have it now.

  8. Ms.Shopportunity – thanks! I LOVE this watch. It’s the Movado Esperanza with the smallest face. I got it at the outlet for 70% off list prices (they have this sale several times a year on all their watches, so be sure to sign up for the mailing list if you live near one!). Store locator:

    AN and ch3r - go for it! I love the pewter so much. I was relieved to see the very affordable price tag, especially with their frequent coupon codes! AN – maybe this will help resolve your debate. The tank goes great under … guess what? … the Theory lecture jacket, lol!

  9. Hi there!
    Thnx for commenting on my blog! and so happy to see that i'm not the only petite girl finding it quite difficult to find suitable clothes to style my short height!
    ill certainly get a lot of inspiration from u too once i start working! u look very chic indeed!
    I generally find anything above the knee look better on me, gives me a semblance of having lengthy legs! but guess not appropriate for work!!!

    Will def come visit again soon!

    xoxo jenna

  10. Gorgeous! As always. You have such lovely taste. <3

  11. love ur ruffled top! i don't think ur outfit is boring at all:) nothing wrong w/going back to basics hehe:D

  12. This is GORGEOUS on you! I'm the same size/height, so it's definitely a new lemming.. Sigh.

    My Ann Taylor never carries XXS instore -- do they order it for you if you go in store? Can you use a coupon on it? Will they give you free shipping?.

    Sorry for all the questions, but I know AE does this.

    Great find!

  13. Kiraling - I've never actually asked them to order it in store. I have a feeling they don't do it (esp not with coupons or free shipping), but it definitely doesn't hurt to ask! Let me know if you find out! Whenever I ask about size XXS or 00 they just tell me to go online. It sucks that we have to pay more for smaller sizes since in-store almost always has better sales than online!

  14. very business like , i like it .

  15. i love your blog! petite and asian myself, i'm addicted to your blog. haha as for your ann taylor question, if you have an ann taylor credit card, they can find the style you want and ship it to you for free, with coupons and promos. You can do this instore (if you find a competent sales associate) or you can call the cust. service. this feature aka stylefinder searches all the stores/warehouses for that specific style you want. (not sure if it still exists, i haven't done it in a while, since they started carrying xxsp in all stores)

  16. i'm totally in love with this classy look, i love all classy things, i think that it could be the fact that i'm french haha^^
    in addition it suits you very well :)
    drey jewelry.


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