Petite Lookbook - Jewels and Jacquard

Here's my first look for the "casual" files. Remember the GapKids skirt from this post? I've since come to love it, especially after getting it for another $10 off for a grand total of $17 ($6 of which was for shipping). I also accepted the fact that my little girls' size 12 days are over and ended up keeping the 14. This skirt is so easy to wear with a simple tank and longer cardigan.
Tank: H&M cotton tank sz 2
Sweater: J.Crew long cotton cardigan in XS 
Skirt: GapKids Brocade Mini sz 14 (sold here. I ordered mine "store to door" using the style # because my size was sold out online)
Necklace: J.Crew Crystal Necklace from outlet
Shoes: Aldo

Closeup of the skirt's pattern:

Another way to achieve this look is with a a pretty combo dress with a tank upper and brocade skirt. Aqua (Bloomingdales in-house brand) makes two really cute ones here and here (love, love the etched floral skirt). Also, is it my imagination or is this the same exact dress but under a different brand name? I wasn't aware that Aqua also make clothing for Nordies ... 

I tried on this skirt with black tights and a black cardigan, but something was off. The milky white jacquard looked strange against the stark black. I'll have to work on it. Oh, and for future posts I'm definitely going to stick with looking down, to avoid capturing ridiculously awkward expressions. Case in point:
I basicaly live in this H&M tank and also own it in other colors. These aren't their regular cotton tanks - there is no tag in the back for comfort, the material is a super comfy 95% pima cotton and 5% elastane, plus they come in numerical sizes instead of XS, S, etc. They run about $12.99 each and also come in short and long sleeve tees.
This outfit technically shouldn't even be in the "Lookbook" because I ended up returning the J.Crew cardigan. I loved the color and length of the sweater, however there was a fit issue in the area where the arm meets the shoulder and body. This cardigan had no shoulder seams (odd design), which did not work well on my narrow shoulders. I was very sad to return it because it's hard to find a longer cardigan that hits at the perfect length. I've been eyeing J.Crew's forever cardigan but I think it's too long for someone my height...have any petites tried?


  1. Wow I love this outfit!! You look gorgeous, even in your "awkward" face one - I don't think you look awkward at all!

  2. Great it all white? I can't really tell from the pictures. If you want to wear tights, how about light grey ones and a pinkish cardigan to pull out the colors of your skirt?

  3. i love the idea of the "casual" files:) i still love ur gap kids jacquard skirt and it's such a steal, too!! i'm gonna take a cue from u and check out gap kids. love how u dressed down this skirt:)

  4. My sister is shorter than you by one inch. I so gotta tell her about your blog. As for me, definitely following cos I love your ideas (plus I'm only 3 inches taller. hehe)


  5. Oh, I love this whole look! It's stunning, yet so simple and so chic. Bravo, bravo.

    And I'm totally not beyond shopping at kid's stores or in kid's departments myself. A girl has to girl what a girl has to do. ;)

  6. GREAT find! so funny cause when i worked at the gap i'd ALWAYS shop in the kids section :P

  7. thanks for letting me know about h&m:) i had no idea they were matching 100% of donations to haiti. awesome!:) have a great weekend!

  8. that skirt is AMAZING!! you look so great. and i love the pattern. :)

  9. Very cute! And I love how your photos make you look so tall :)

  10. thanks for the comment! your condo looks verry homey haha.

    love your outfit<3 gonna follow you

  11. Hi!! You look gorgeous. :) You have a great blog going on here..

    Take care!!

    Love & Aloha,

  12. I think it's very cute, but IMHO too too short (even for clubbing). Sorry, it's my MammaBear gene kicking in... You can tell me I'm an old fuddy-duddy, and you'd be right :-D xxox

  13. i really really love that gapkids dandelion print. i saw they had it on a dress, too, but i'm not sure how their dresses would work on adult women. the mini looks FANTASTIC though!

  14. Thank you, ladies : )

    Stylepint - it's not all white ... I'm still struggling to figure out the appropriate lighting / camera settings

    Lawgirl - I can appreciate your opinion : ) My mom is probably reeling at home, echoing your thoughts. I have short legs, so I always go for short skirts and short shorts.

    Midori- I saw that shift dress, too. Unfortunately it looks like it will not be flattering on adult women because it's a plain A-line shift cut for children with, well, no curves. You should call your local store to see if they can locate the skirt in your size ... I bet it's under $10 by now!

  15. I'm definetly followin' you blog, you got a great sense style!

  16. i love this outfit!! it looks so fresh and perfect for the summer.


  17. im in love with this monochromatic look!! very flattering for your petite body and stunning over all! :D

    Animated Confessions

  18. what color shoe is that??

  19. This is adorable! I'm a young fuddy dud and my legs are thicker than yours, so I don't think I could pull that off, but it looks gorgeous!


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