Petite Lookbook - Faux Pearls and a Crease

I just wanted to showcase how pretty this Banana Republic 100% silk blouse really is, not to mention affordable (for some reason it is not popular online - currently avail. in almost all sizes for $34.99 here). My last post did not do it any justice. I gave it a light steaming, and de-wrinkled the ribbon using my hair straightening iron, then paired it with some simple light beige pants. Oh how I love a good clean crease on a pair of pants. 
Blouse: Banana Republic Faux-Pearl Necklace Shell in PXXS - (sold here)
Pants: Either Limited or Express light beige pants in sz 0 (brand tag removed when waist was altered in this post) - (similar here) (and here)
Shoes: Banana Republic taupe leather and patent pumps from 2008 - (similar here) (and here) 
Earrings: Banana Republic Bow Teardrop Earrings (similar here) (and here)

I love the versatile taupe-gray color of these shoes. The chunky heel also makes it quite stable and is a welcome change from stilettos. Fortunately, BR is making shoes this season with similar heels in a very similar-colored leather, called "Ash" (goes down to a size 5). I tried on both pairs of shoes in the above links while at BR today, and will be awaiting when they go on sale.

It's fun pretending to be a petite model : )

Toying with a vintage Olympus:
Beginning tomorrow I'll be living out of a suitcase for a few months. First a project in Tampa, then NYC. Any suggestions for stuffing work clothes into a carry-on (ie: what materials and items travel well)? I'd love to pack this outfit for FL but the silk wrinkles so darn easily and I won't have my trusty steamer on hand.


  1. You can always buy an inexpensive hand-held steamer- it'll get the job done! Love the outfit. I may purchase that top as well. Do Limited pants work for small petites? I have had the worst luck with dress pants and have just about given up hope on them!

  2. You look fantastic!! Mmm for packing, I've found alot of pieces from Susanna Monaco that are gorgeous silk and they don't wrinkle very much at all...You can steam it while you're taking a shower (hang it on the door) and voila! You're ready for a night out!
    Good luck on your business trip!

  3. Thanks for the tips!
    Jess - Limited pants only go down to a size 0 online, and do not work for petites my size right off the rack. I bought them because they were quite inexpensive and had the waist taken in from both sides.

    N - I have def tried the shower steaming trick. It works great for some materials, and I use my hair iron for small touch-ups on cotton or wool items. btw - you've stopped posting!

  4. check on the website of the hotels you are staying in. when i was living out of my suitcase in new york the hotel was a business traveler hotel and they offered complimentary ironing for one shirt a day. maybe they would have a steamer on hand too? who knows.

  5. Can I ask how you do your hair? Is it cut in long layers? It looks really pretty and healthy. I'm assuming you put rollers in it to achieve the body?

  6. I love this whole outfit! As a fellow petite, I have a really hard time finding nice fitting pants (anything other than jeans), sometimes even finding ones that are worth altering is difficult, but the pair you're wearing looks great on you!

  7. Christine - so glad you let me know. They offer one free press / steam each day here too. I would've never thought to look!

    Nukem - thanks! I get lots taken off in layers because my hair is so darn thick. I don't have the patience for rollers ... I split it loosely into about 7 sections (crown, then 3 on each side) curl with a 2 inch iron, spray, then claw into a messy bun at the top of my head for 10 minutes as the hairspray sets.

    whitxly - I hear ya ... I hardly have any pants that fit right off the rack ... these were so cheap (at TJMaxx or something) I bought them even though they were huge, praying that alterations would come out okay!

  8. I love your blog so much! I'm not as petite as you are, but I have trouble finding clothes that fit me too. I wandered into Banana Republic today and scored the same faux pearls top for just $13.xx + tax :)

  9. myworldisblue - aww, thank you : ) Great find on the blouse for only $13!!! That's ridic. I have slowly come to accept as a fact of life that I will always have to pay a premium because darn retailers won't stock their tiniest sizes in-store! Not to mention the added cost of alterations!

  10. Hi,
    I love your blogs,
    I had a question that, I like to dress up but like you wear closed heals, I cannot wear closed heals, where do you recommend getting good open heals that will not hurt the big toe.


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