Petite Lookbook - Bright Fuschia and Tweed

I'm home in Boston today to get Lasik surgery to correct my -6.5 vision! Hopefully this is the last morning that I will wake up near-blind, fumbling for my glasses. I'm SO nervous ... wish me luck!

Anyways, I'm so glad I decided to keep this mini from H&M Trend. I initially tried it on in all black, and it looked a little stuffy. I think a pop of fuschia does the trick! I would wear this outfit when at my firm's own office, but it's not conservative enough to don at a client.

Side note - I brought a few skirts to Florida, but it was so surprisingly cold (25 to 50 degrees) that I never broke them out. In the Northeast, black tights have become more than acceptable for the workplace throughout Fall-Winter. In typically warm places like Florida, however, I didn't know whether or not that was appropriate. It just didn't feel right wearing black tights when it was gorgeous and sunny outside (albeit very cold) and I did not see a single woman wearing them! Thoughts from readers?
H&M Trend Tweed Skirt sz 2 (similar here in XS - I'd chop off that chiffon trim) (not exactly similar, but same idea and very cute in 00p)
Banana Republic Silk Cap Sleeved Blouse 00P (similar here in cotton/chiffon)(and here in silk in PXXS)
J.Crew Merino Cardigan womens XS (similar petite-friendly style here - $48) (and here - $40) (and here - only $32 with EXTRA20! Gorgeous colors available in all 3 styles ... I might have to get!)
H&M 40 den Tights 
Aldo Arnoldoa Pumps (sold here - just got the bone patent in 36 .. gorgeous, but half size too big) (similar here but I prefer the Aldo's for a much better price)

Now if I can only learn how to smile!
Click "Read More" for more pics.

Hmm...just noticed some discolored looking spots on my tights, resulting in bulgy-looking legs. Oftentimes this is caused by me not stretching them out evenly. Time for better tights...I'm interested in trying Wolford!
Pretty J.Crew sweater in super comfy merino wool from the outlet. A womens XS in this sweater fits me decently well, especially when buttoned up. Some comments from a previous post touched on how inconsistent J.Crew sizing can be, such as how their knits in XS can be quite small yet silk blouses, skirts, and bottoms are just huge. My package arrived with the womens 00 shorts and P0 dress ... post to come soon.

PS - another cardigan to consider from J.Crew at a decent price ($48) which a reader pointed out to me a while ago ... so delicate and lovely in the lavender XS ... im inches away from ordering! Oh my - and this one with ruffles and a rose corsage for only $32. Must stop browsing now.
The problem with a lot of Banana Republic silk blouses is that they flare out at the bottom, making them difficult to tuck into skirts. I wear skirts 80% of the time so this is unfortunate. Please excuse the puff effect going on around the waist here.


  1. Ok...we need to stop telepathically buying the same things...I have that exact same BR ruffle top! Speaking of which, I haven't worn it in a while...I'm feeling inspired to bust it out. =)

    Lookin' good!

  2. That tweed skirt is super cute! It would probably be too short for my office environment, but I really like the look of it, too bad there isn't an H&M near me.

    I bought that Jcrew ruffles and rose corsage sweater (in dijon mustard) when it was in stock, I really like it since it's a bit different than an ordinary cardigan.

  3. Omg I own that blouse too! haha it's so pretty eh?

    I think I've been working in IT too long b/c your outfit seems totally business worthy to me, but I guess business is much more formal than I thought. The length yeah is a bit short, but are black tights really not corporate?

  4. In college, my roomate (who was a tiny petite) taught me a trick, passed down from her mom, for keeping poofy blouses, etc. tucked into skirts -- tuck them into your undies or tights! It really works. :-)

  5. Great minds must think alike! I just posted up an outfit too and it's quite similar...fuschia top and tweed-like skirt. Love how you matched the top and the cardigan...don't know why I never thought of that before!

  6. I have that same blouse!! I didn't know that it looke so good with a sweater over it! Thanks! =)

  7. Just found your blog yesterday and LOVE it. You can count me as one of your faithful readers now :)

  8. Cute outfit! I'm obsessed with ruffles!

    I just spotted your post about j. crew's XXS sizes- just a warning that usually when they offer an XXS it's because the shirt runs big. For example, the Victoria tissue cami runs huge and so they offer an XXS which is comparable to a normal or even slightly roomy XS. I haven't tried on the organza tank so I have no idea if the fit is like this, but just something to keep in mind especially if its on final sale! :)

  9. many of us have this blouse! I wish I owned it in cream too, but I couldn't find my size.

    MizzJ - the definition of business attire can really vary ... I always try to err on the conservative side for business formal environments, but I wear whatever I want to our home office.

    Midori - Aww, thanks! Glad you like my blog : )

    Jess - thanks for the warning ... that makes complete sense. I was wondering why there were only 2 things in XXS. I also just realized that not everything on sale is "final sale" ... which is good. Gotta wait until the checkout page to see which ones are and which ones aren't.

    Red - how funny, I'm actually doing that in this photo. The only downside to tucking into undies or tights is that silk will come out extremely wrinkled. I've been looking into bodysuits to wear with skirts and pants ... sounds awful, but I hope to find a really cute one!

  10. Okay.... I LOVE this look. You are gorgeous!

  11. New follower here! :)

    This look is so timeless and definitely something I would wear! I prefer to buy classic clothing over trendy items. Every once in awhile I will, but for the most part, I still to basics.

    That bold pink is too cute!


  12. stumbled upon reading this blog again. What can I say? I go to your blog for references. Did you ever try out wolford tights?


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