J.Crew sizes 00 womens and 0P... have any petites tried?

**This post has an update here**

I was shopping with my coworkers last night and we stopped to admire these super cute J.Crew printed cotton shorts. The smallest size was a womens 0, which I didn't try on, although the waist looked decently small. I went online to find them ... and couldn't.  Turns out I overlooked them because they looked so bland in the photo! I swear these are cuter in person:

Closeup of the pattern (they had several patterns in the store, but only 1 pattern available so far online):

I almost jumped a little with delight when I saw that these shorts came in size 00 online. I would have never dreamed of wearing J.Crew womens bottoms as they normally look quite large, but these are shorts, so the potential fit really piqued my curiosity. Unfortunately, I didn't love the print (where are the other prints I saw in store??) and the price was a hefty $58, thus I continued my search for other 00 items ...

Click "Read More" for more potentially petite picks.

Monochromatic Dotted Jacquard Pencil Skirt in womens 00 ... *loves* :

I don't even like polka dots...but J.Crew managed to make this look rather sophisticated in a neutral oat-beige color. The jacquard adds just enough sheen. For petites however, even if this skirt fits in the waist, a hem job would definitely still be necessary. Too bad it's so expensive.

3 inch Chino sz 00, in 4 versatile colors (my fave being the light amethyst) :

These shorts come in the same colors in 3 inch, 5 inch, 7 inch, and 9 inch. I'm not a chino short kind of girl, and 3 inches is probably still too long for my tastes (I love short shorts!), but I wanted to point out how size 00 is available ONLY in the 3 inch. I think J.Crew has recognized that "normal" women petite enough to fit in a size 00 do not have mile long legs and will not look good in shorts with a 9 inch inseam. Now if only brands like Rock & Republic and True Religion would recognize that ... (I had to alter off no less than a FOOT of denim).
So now, my pressing petite sizing question: what's smaller at J.Crew ... womens 00 or petite 0? Apparently, per the size chart below, a 0p is marginally smaller than a womens 00 by .5 inches at the waist and hips. I remember AlterationsNeeded tried on a J.Crew 0p suit in her post and I got a great laugh out of it, but I am 10 lbs "meatier" so I still hold hope : )

The size chart also says that a petite 00 exists, but I rarely see it, and when I do it's in something I'm not interested in. For example: Perfect Pencil Skirt in 00p (great sleek shape, but only in "cinammon"?), Petite Skimmer Pant in 00p (the slate color is actually not bad at all ... but I feel like chinos are too "white-girl" and "yacht-club" for me, even if they are skinny, which I looove). Nada for 00p in the suiting, dresses, or blouses, so boo J.Crew! 

If any fellow petites out there have tried either a J.Crew size 0p, 00p, or womens 00 recently and would like to share her fit experiences and height/weight for reference, that would be mucho appreciated!

**Addendum (see comments)**
J.Crew Silk/Wool blend paisley dress in pewter, sz 0p. I was planning on shortening the hem to above the knee and wearing in the winter with black tights and in the spring with light gray or nude pumps. Sigh! I will be so sad if it's too costly to alter / not alterable.


  1. Love J.Crew, but sadly, I can't fit their bottoms off the rack. It has to be tailored.

    This past summer, I bought the perfect pencil skirt in OOP in a lovely lavender and it's too big in the waist by about 2". But once the waist is taken in, it hits the knee perfectly, so I don't have to get it hemmed. It's at the tailors but I'll definitely post pix when I get it back.

    I usually wear size 23 in skirts because I have a small waist. I have yet to try Theory OO but their size 0 is pretty loose for me. Hope that helps!

  2. I tried their petite 0 suiting...and it was a joke. Falling off me...literally. I can't imagine one size down would be much better. Too bad because I looove J.Crew clothes!

  3. Oh no! How discouraging. Stylepint I forget what size you are exactly, but a 23 waist is pretty darn small so I'm still hopeful. That lavender pencil skirt sounds amazing (I'm obsessed with lavender).

    AN - how could I forget one of my fave posts. That steered me away from J.Crew for a long time.

    Beyond ALL REASONING, I just ordered a dress from their final sale (really hate their return policy) in 0p and it's quite difficult to alter with side zipper, side pockets, and in silk. It was so pretty that I temporarily lost my sense of judgment. Onto eBay it goes if it fits poorly beyond alterations ...

  4. Styleprint: Theory 00 can be a little on the big side too (my waist is either 23 1/2 or 24, depending on what I've eaten). And the rise is definitely LONG.

    PAG: There's nothing too "white girl" about chinos. I had, at one point, owned several pairs!

  5. I ordered a 00 petite dress and a blazer a few months ago and was so disappointed when they arrived. The clothes were really nice, but I was swimming in them. The dress was 3.5 inches bigger in the bust than in the chart and wouldn't even stay up. The blazer looked something like the poofy shirt from Seinfeld. They were really good about the return and even told me they would reimburse alterations. I ended up just returning it all because the jacket was going to have to be completely ripped apart and sewn back together to be wearable. So sad.

  6. Well let me know if your 0P Jcrew doesn't fit and can't be altered, I might take it off your hands :) Which dress is it? I just bought the ruffle tiered strapless dress in 0P off the sale items and it fits.

  7. Cynthia - lol, now i'm tempted to try the gray skinny chinos in 00p.

    katrushkita - how sad indeed! did they allow you to return final sale?

    Nukem - You're so lucky you fit J.Crew 0p. I'm getting so tired of BR and AT. I took the last one of the dress online so I can't find the link anymore. I added the pics to the post. I'm too embarrassed to share the price ... too much for a final sale dress that probably won't fit!

  8. Hi katrushkita - Wow! Reimburse alterations? That's the first I've ever heard that one!

  9. Hi, I am 5'3" and 95 lbs with a really narrow frame, my hips are 32 inches and i have a 23 inch waist so i have many of the same issues that you all have with ill-fitting clothes. I LOVE j. crew but have found that different items of clothing fit way differently even if they are in the same size. For example, XS knit t-shirts and cardigans will usually fit me pretty well but I have noticed some of these styles are a tad bigger than other styles. Their silk camis are HUGE even in a petite 0. I have several which have to be taken in at least 2 inches on each side in order to skim the body. Coats and blazers in petite 0 usually fit great, with nice narrow shoulders and waists. Jeans in size 24 are really big in the waist and hip area, and the skirts that I have tried on in petite 0 run big as well. I haven't had any luck with any of their bottoms so I have just skipped trying on any shorts but I may have to rethink that! Oh yeah and petite 0 dresses usually fit really well and run small too.

  10. I agree with Jess. I'm about the exact same size as PAG, and just got the silk posy blouse and ribbon coat in 0P. They could be just a tad more fitted, but not enough that I feel compelled to take it to the tailors, and usually I take EVERYTHING to her. And I have a silk cami in 0P from last summer and it was huge. However, I got the perfect pencil skirt in 00P, and it definitely needed the waist and sides taken in. So weird, becuase it's not like I'm exactly big on top. Or at all. And yet the smaller size bottom didn't fit. But seeing as JCrew does offer some great investment pieces, I'm willing to do the alterations if I see something I love. I'm with you about BR and Ann Taylor! Great stuff but a girl needs some variety.

  11. Jess & Anon - Thanks for sharing your experiences! I will never order their long pants ... good thing there is BR/AT/Theory for those. I did, however, order the dottie shorts just to try on for size because I'm too curious.

    Anon, that is so strange that the 00p skirt was bigger than the 0p items you tried on. I agree however that some of their stuff is pretty nice so I'm willing to spend a bit on alterations (and it could still come out cheaper than some contemporary brands from higher end retailers).

    Katrushkita - I misread your comment and thought that you would need alterations, not that they offered to reimburse you. That's def a first for me, too ... I'd be interested in hearing more about your call with Customer Service (I'm guessing)!

  12. Oh that dress is super cute. Actually, my dress I ordered is a 0, not a 0P, but still fits fine and comes above the knee:

    But I did order a pair of khaki shorts on final sale in a 0 and I am swimming in it :( Off to Ebay it goes!

  13. Hate to be a downer, but looking at your proportions and based on my experience, I wouldn't get your hopes up about a W 00. I think they are going to be quite roomy in the hips.

    I do think their pants fit narrower hips better than their skirts, though, as long as your hips carry their inches side-to-side vs all the way around. [Aka J Crew pants seem to cut for the flat-arsed...maybe the skirts are cut to receive an rounder derriere? As I think their shirts are often cut for a broader back/smaller bust combo.]

    Good luck!

  14. Hi there,
    I know I'm late, but I'd like to echo Vix in telling you not to get your hopes up about the size 00. My measurements (31-24-34) are somewhat similar to yours, although at 5'4", 103 lbs and a 31.5 inch inseam, I'm pretty lanky. I ordered a J.crew suit in 00 a couple of months ago and found that, while the jacket fit pretty well (although the sleeves were too short), the pants were definitely too big. They weren't awful, but they would still require some slimming through the hip and thigh. I'd imagine that on you they'd be much too big.

    In general I'm pretty disappointed with J.Crew's sizing these days. I have a couple of 0P suits that I bought from them back in 2003 that fit like a glove (and I keep having them altered to make them fit the current silhouette), but J.crew has since made everything much bigger but also shorter. It's tough because I'm really not short, but petite clothing usually fits me better because I have such a narrow frame. Now that they've made all the inseams and sleeve lengths super-short, there's nowhere for me to turn. :( Too bad -- I do love J.Crew styling!

  15. Hi there - that is so strange how the sizing has been changing since 2003! (Well, not that strange I guess since tons of brands have downsized or up-sized over the past decade) I can't imagine the additional set of sizing challenges you face being that tall and slim! Tall being used relatively, of course : )

  16. I'm hopping on even later because I feel as though I am bumping into a bunch of long-lost sisters I have never known my whole life. I love J Crew too, and have had multiple 0 suits tailored, yet the rise of the regular pants is slightly long, yet the petite inseams are too short.

    We need to start a clothing business together, apparently....

    I am 95-98 lbs, 5'5" and 31-25-32, yet need to wear suits daily for work and am so frustrated. I have been getting the Theory Suits and tailoring the pants. I am about to order size 00 Max C pants so I will let you al know about the fit. I am expecting to have to get them tailored anyways because the size 0s needed significant alterations in the hips, butt and thighs. I highly recommend the Gabe blazers which fit like a dream, though I have pretty broad shoulders for my weight.

    I practically live at my tailor's...

  17. ScrawnyButStylish - Can't imagine how hard it is to find slim enough clothes at your height! I can definitely see Theory working for you though, post-alterations. Depending on the cut, their pants in 00 may work on me even without alterations (I stumbled upon some Mark B pants that fit very tiny at the waist, quite a bit smaller than their classic Max C). But I always need to get sleeves shortened or nearly half a foot hemmed off, so the length probably works perfectly for you : )

  18. ScrawnyButStylishMonday, February 08, 2010

    I am newly inspired to not accept anything but impeccable fit. Do you ever feel like once you've found an impeccably fitting piece, you are spoiled and hate all the rest of your ill-fitting pieces?
    I have many suits (mostly JCrew and Brooks Bros) which I used to be satisfied with until I found Theory. Now I only wear my two Theory suits! I never knew how flattering clothing can be when it is tailored to fit.

    I am currently hunting for Mark B pants online, per your suggestion, thanks! BTW I recently ordered a pair of TopShop pants (the black straight leg trousers) i size 2 (smallest size) which were surprisingly slim and straight in the hips; no tailoring needed (!) It makes me think US clothing is vanity sized.....

    Yes, shopping for work clothes is supremely challenging indeed. Shirts are incredibly hard too because i am very flat chested as well; most shirts and blazers sag at the armpits and bust. Very unflattering and frumpy.

    Your blog is a fantastic idea; You should have a talk show...Oprah, step aside!

  19. ScrawnyButStylishMonday, February 08, 2010

    Lest you run to go order from TopShop, I should mention I don't really like the pants; they are kind of cheap-looking (you get what you pay for, they were $50) but it's not worth it to send them back to the UK.....I might try the jeans next.

    I like Earnest Sewn Decca Straight Leg jeans size 24 BTW. Very flattering.

  20. SBS - Yes, of course. My poor poor Banana Republic suit separates have been relegated to the "storage closet" and my tiny bedroom closet holds only precious Theory pieces. It's not brand discrimination ... I would love it if more affordable brands like BR/AT etc would come out with better tailored items.

    As for TopShop ... do you live in the USA? Because they have their own US website that ships for a decent price (frequent shipping coupon codes, too) but it sounds like you purchased from the UK site? I didn't realize a size 2 would be small enough ... I had a field day this past weekend at their NYC store but headed straight for the size 0's, which fit great!

    And PS - lest you find the Mark B pants online and order, I do want to warn you that they are wide-legged. I am not a fan of wide leg trousers in general, but the waist fit so tiny on these that I picked up not 1, but 2 pairs! I'll post pics sometime.

  21. Hi, I tried the J. Crew 3 inch shorts yesterday in size 00. I am 5.2 (158 cm), 100 lbs., with measurements 33(without bra)-24-32. The shorts fit me very well, pretty similar to the model's fit, probably even slightly more snug in the hip area than on the J Crew picture. Also, in terms of length, the shorts looked very similar on me as on the model (but this could be because the model wears them very low on the hips, which I wouldn't because it would make my legs look shorter). The shorts also fit very well in the rear, but I have to mention here that my butt is let's say "well developed" and that I have really tiny hips with most of the 32 inch hip measurement just coming from my round rear.
    I have tried other J. Crew pants, skirts and dresses in p0 before, and never found a single piece that was not way too big in the hip area and in the rear, but these shorts in 00 (not petite!) fit well.
    So, given, that your hip and waist measurements are identical to mine, I would guess that the shorts should fit you well, but they might look a bit longer on you because you are a bit shorter than me. But to be honest, I found them even a bit too short for my taste, so if I were you, I would give them a try. The length might be just perfect for you.

  22. Hi Anon! Didn't see this comment for some reason. Thanks for the info ... I'm so glad the shorts work on you but I agree the hips on skirts, pants, and dresses tend to be swampy. I actually did order these shorts in 00 and they didn't work on me at all...they must run bigger than the 3 inch chino shorts! The waist and hips and rear was huge, so I'm giving up on J.Crew bottoms.

  23. Similar to Anon before me, I just tried on the first shorts in your post. I'm 5'3" 103 lbs, 32-24-32. My legs are slim, but more muscular than the model's thanks to pilates and cycling, but the shorts fit me about the same in a 00. I was shocked that I needed to go that small - I'm usually a pretty solid 0 in most stores, and was swimming in their 0. I didn't see any in 00P, though. They're on sale now for $29.99 and looked great on me, so I bought them, and am hoping to back for another print with my next paycheck.

    Thanks for your blog - I love your style and am excited to have such a great resource as I'll be working full time this summer.

  24. I'm 5'5", 106 lbs, 31-24-34, but have to wear petite jackets because I have really short arms :( I used to be a perfect j crew 0P, but I recently ordered a jacket in that size and it is a bit large. I suspect that the new 00P is the old 0P. Sadly, I don't think J Crew is meant for you tiny girls! Perhaps you could try the boys department at Ralph Lauren or Brooks Brothers? (I have bought boys jackets before, they can be pretty cute!) Also, city fit is probably the worst J Crew cut for someone who is already too small, it has the lowest rise and therefore the largest waistband. Maybe try pants in a more classic cut? Best of luck to you!

  25. i need help. I am a small woman and need business attire - i live just north of Oklahoma city. Previously I shopped at Ann Taylor and the 00 petites fit, but you usually have to order online. is there anywhere close to OKC where I can find business attire in my size?

  26. can i ask how tall you are and what length do you buy strapless dresses???

  27. Hello I think am the smallest petit... Am 19 years old my size is 4,7 and weight about 70 lbs. Am like really short and skinny... Usually people make jokes and its really hard for me to look older since I can't find clothes nor shoes appropiately for my age.It' kindda sucks!

  28. I'm 5 feet tall size 00 & 42 years old I don't want really short shorts, I need to find shorts with about a 5 inch inseam, But no one seems to make them any longer than a 3inch is a 00 & when I was a teen that was fine, But I'm sure there are a lot of middle age women that are 00 like me that would love to find some age appropriate shorts & it would be wonderful if the back pockets were higher so they didn't make your but look so saggy, & could be used with out crushing whatever you put in them when you sit.

  29. I was wondering if you had tried on any Jcrew Petite women's coats? Your measurements are very close to mine, and I am stuck at deciding to order P0 or P00 for a trench coat , any help you have would be great!


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