Petite Do or Don't? Gap Kids Dandelion Brocade Miniskirt - $19.99

This just came in the mail yesterday and I'm pretty undecided about whether or not to keep it. On one hand it looks a little childish (my boyfriend winced when I took it out of the box) - you know you're in the kiddie department when there is ELASTIC on the waistband! I would also need help figuring out what occasion or even season to wear this in ... can't figure out how to make this Winter-appropriate, so I'm thinking Spring?

On the other hand, I really like the colors and I think the fabric is unique. The pleats and pockets are also plenty cute. This skirt first caught my attention here, but all the larger kids sizes were already sold out. I called my local store with the style #, and they located some larger sizes at a different store. Shipping is a flat $6 from other stores (or free for Luxe members).

In person, the material is not as shiny as it looks in the photo below. The metallic threads were extra-reflective due to my camera flash.

I think this skirt has potential to look more "mature" if styled correctly. The base is textured ivory jacquard with embroidered dandelions in taupe, gray, and silver metallic threads. I have it paired in the pic above with some neutrals - Aldo Cythia dark taupe heels and a stone-colored long J.Crew cotton cardigan. The bf was pleasantly surprised and commented on how the skirt transformed into "casual chic." Similar cardigan and pumps sold here:

J.Crew at ShopStyle

Click "Read More" to see sizing information.

I used to always go for a kids size 12 without any hesitation, but now things have changed. Not only have I become more modest (bye-bye abercrombie kids micro minis!), but kids sizes in certain brands have shrunken considerably! I specifically asked the Gap saleslady to locate a store with both a 12 and 14, because I had no idea what size I needed.

Please excuse the lighting which is all over the place - poor lighting kills pretty colors and textures!
Front View - The kids size 12 (left) vs. the kids size 14 (right):

Side View - Size 12 (left) vs. Size 14 (right):

Back View - Size 12 (left) vs. Size 14 (right):

The difference is only slightly noticeable in the pics, but the 14 was larger in the waist, hips, and length. If I end up keeping this skirt, 14 is probably the size for me.

Thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. I think someone needs to tell me to get out of the kids' department before I go overboard : ) The sales associate who rang up my order over the phone was shocked (and possibly appalled) that this skirt was for myself!


  1. I like the material and print of this skirt, and I would go with the 14 if it's not too much bigger because it's a little more modest looking and you might be able to wear it in more situations than the 12. As for styling, you might even be able to wear it on a "warm" winter day with black wool tights, black knee high boots and a dark (black, maybe navy?) cardigan, that way the skirt will pop but everything else in your outfit will be neutral...maybe if your cardigan is longer you could even wear a silver skinny belt over it.

  2. I like this a lot, but think the 14 definitely looks more mature (mostly due to the length and where it sits on the body). I agree with whitxly; wear it with tights and boots in the winter. :-)

    I don't think it's so shameful to shop in the kids' dept. as long as you keep fit in mind and style them correctly. At 5'1' and 125lbs (usually a MP or 6/8p) I'm not even what would qualify as a "tiny" petite, and I often find good deals in the kiddo section.

  3. Even though I am personally not a fan of kid's clothes, I must admit that skirt is pretty cute. And it looks way more like J.Crew than GAP! Good find.

    The length of the 14 is way better...but is it poofy in front (view from the side)?

    P.S. - We got the same BR ruffle cardigan! I got the purple...which color did you get?

  4. I was thinking about the same skirt but I didn't have an occasion to wear it. I don't really shop at kid's departments aside from Gapkids. Though it doesn't matter where you shop as long as it fits and looks good.

    Btw, I think the size 14 length is better.

  5. So pretty! I like how it's not a typical floral, makes it look more artsy and upscale. Definitely I'd go with the 14, the 12 just seems too short. I kind of picture it with a tan cardigan (like the JCrew Rumpled Ribbon Cardigan in fawn), or a silky tie neck blouse that has a little volume to it to make it more grown up. Good job in seeing the potential!

  6. Thanks ladies for the suggestions - I'll be trying on some outfits this weekend.

    AN - Funny, I did suspect that you would probably have this cardigan in purple given your love for the reds and purples : ) I really tried to convince myself to go out of my boring gray/black box and get purple, but that didn't work. I like the length and the fit of the sleeves, but the torso is a tad boxy. Will you be posting modeling pics soon?

    Stylepint - I don't own anything from Gapkids but I wish I got their stella gray cardigan ... thought it was expensive at the time but now I realize it was a deal.

    Anon - cute ribbon cardigan! I was eyeing it in lilac. The thing I hate about J.Crew online is their no return "final sale" policy. How do they get away with doing that? It's not even cheap! I was eyeing these kids shorts (very Tory Buch-esque) for a while but the "final sale" price was $80 ( .. ridic.

  7. omgosh, i love, love this skirt and for just $19.99?!! gotta love gap kids:D hmm perhaps i should take a peek at their stella mccartney line hehe u can definitely style this skirt to look more grown up:) i love how u added the cardigan. perhaps a pair of tights or even a boyfriend blazer would add to the skirt?:)

    thx so much for ur comment on my blog:) the leopard sequined dress had a very low neckline which was odd since it didn't appear like that at all on the models. otherwise, it's a beautiful dress!:D hope u're having a wonderful week!

  8. I like this! I am seeing it with a simple fitted crew or turtleneck, tights, and pointy flats - sort of a 60s outfit. Or with high heeled cage sandals and a looser top to be modern. I agree with Alterations Needed, it is definitely sort of J Crew, especially if you pair it with a bright top or accessories.

  9. PAG - My BR box o' goodies is held hostage in San Diego at the moment (I can't receive packages at work, and I'll be damned if I give my shady neightbors the opportunity to run off with my clothing aquisitions by leaving it on my doorstep, so I make my poor b/f receive all my stuff). I get it Friday, so I'll know about boxiness then.

  10. Def go for the 14, it's more lady-like in the fit and that's the look you go for with a skirt like this. It's so pretty, why would your bf wince? I think you could wear it in winter, if styled with say a blazer and some good pumps, and/or tights. Cute buy!


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