Affordable Shoes that Run Small - Aldo

Several readers have been asking about small shoes, but I don't really have small feet for my size (usually wear anything from 5 to 6 depending on the brand). I wanted to share this post because I've noticed that a size 35 at Aldo has been getting smaller over the past year. Point in hand...

The inspiration: Christian Louboutin Zebra Prive Pumps with 4.25" heels - hundreds $$$?
(random pic from Google images ... these could very well not be auth.)

The affordable rendition: Aldo "Seavers" peep-toe pump with 4.25" heel and .5" platform - $110 currently $49.98 (but were on sale for $34.95 when I ordered them last week).
I own a handful of Aldo shoes in size 35, so I didn't even think twice before ordering them in that size. I was pretty excited when they arrived, as plain pumps have not been doing it for my going-out outfits. Zebra print is fun yet not too wild, and therefore has the potential to still be classy when styled appropriately.

Oh yea, I also like how Aldo shoes come with an extra pair of heel tips, although I have no idea how I would "install" them:
So did I end up going out that night looking zebra-chic? Click "Read More" to find out.

Umm... a big fat NO! Upon trying these on, I felt like one of Cinderella's ugly stepsisters. My huge foot could not even squeeze into this little sz 35 shoe.
I ordered these in taupe in a sz 35 too, and also could not get them on at all. Not really a loss because the platforms were SKY HIGH (much more so than I expected from the pic) and I would surely break both ankles if I wore them out. Very sad about the little zebras, though - these are quite pretty in person with a "pony hair" texture:
So what's going on, Aldo? Here are two pairs of shoes that I wear quite often both at work and at night, both in size 35:

Cream pointy patent pump (sold here), and black leather peep toe pump (sold here).

Here's a pair that I purchased a year ago in size 36, which is so big I have to use not one but two insoles (half on top of full):
Black Satin Arnoldoa Pumps (sold here in several colors and materials)

Since both 35's I ordered ran small, I'm thinking maybe Aldo is just making their shoes smaller in general. The problem for me is that they only make whole sizes, and I'm probably a 35.5 now in their sizing. That is too bad since I'm a big fan of Aldo shoes for going-out. They have a ton of choices in their "sale" selection online and usually have a free shipping promo going on. I've been pretty pleased with the quality and durability of their shoes given the prices that I paid, and am tempted to exchange the zebras for a size 36.

Some of my work-appropriate picks available in size 35 and 36 ... everything under 40 bucks (plus get 10% off when you sign-up for their emails):

1. Guritz mid-heel suede almond-toe pumps - $80 on sale for $39.98. Pretty and soft silhouette in a comfy, walkable height. Taupe shoes do wonders for elongating the leg when worn with shorts and skirts. I LOVE my mid-heel taupe almond-toes from Aldo! 
2. Walchak mid-heel suede open pumps - $80 on sale for $39.98. Another pair!
3. Bobino gray patent pump - $70 on sale for $34.95. Just try to ignore the tacky lining.
4. Zanni heels in black or bronze leather - $80 on sale for $29.98 to $39.98. A nice and sleek basic heel for work.


  1. Hey girl, just thought I'd add my info. I am a size 4 womens' or slightly smaller even. I have luck finding size 4's at and carries shoes down to a women's 2.5! also has some size 4's.

  2. Most of my shoes are size 5, so I ordered a pair of leopard print open toe Aldo's in size 5 about a year ago and they were huge! I gave up on them altogether. Glad to hear they have at least a few styles that are running small!

  3. Oh you are terrible for my bank account/awesome for my accessory buying spree :D I'm getting 2 pairs of flats and a necklace and ring from their clearance sale! I was thinking about the heels, but I always need to try those on first... weird arches I guess :) Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Oh and PS: That is such a bummer about the zebra shoes, they are SUPER cute!!

  5. Hey there,

    I bought two open-toed sandals from Aldo a few months ago, and the 5s were just barely too small for me. I wear a 5/35/Kids 3 in just about every brand. I believe Aldo is now running smaller. A way to see for sure is to measure the length of the soles in your shoes.

  6. Just saw that your dry cleaners have lost your tweed skirt -- FYI, Nordstrom has a size 0 in stock online.

  7. Cinderella of Boston seems to be a petite favorite. Looks like I'll never have to shop there as I have "stepsisters" feet.

    AnnJames ... that's how I feel after almost every one of Chloe Conspiracy's posts ... shop shop shop

    It's a good idea to measure the sole length...when buying shoes on ebay (flats only) I always measure the soles of my feet then ask for the exact sole measurements.

    Anon - Thanks so much for letting me know ... but the skirt is gone! Someone snagged the 0. I'm going to call the store tomorrow, cross my fingers.

  8. Weird about the Aldos, but good to know they are running smaller in some sizes. I need to hook my petite and ~ sz 5 friend up with your blog for sure.

    [I've had the "running large" experience with many brands the past 2 years, but I'm a 36/6 so have more choices. And lack the "shoe gene." Though I love the zebra!]

  9. Hi Vix! I can be a 36/6 too so I feel grateful for the larger selection in shoes. Just got another pair from Aldo to try in 36 and they were a little big .. darn!

    I lack the shoe / handbag / accessories gene so it's become one of my NY resolutions : )

  10. Yay for Aldo! I find that they do carry 5s (many stores don't) but that they'll only stock in a couple pairs of 5s which still sucks. Love your shoe collection!

  11. I <3 peep toe pumps - they are friendly for small feet since it is difficult to find closed toe pumps that fit. Thanks for the heads up on Aldo. I never liked their shoes but I will take a peek sometime. :)

  12. This is great news. My shoe size is 4.5/5. Time to spend all the money I've saved not buying shoes.

  13. Sooo NiCE* to hear everyone's stories! Glad to know I'm not the only one out there with tiny feet,lol! It will be great to share our "finds" to help eachother out. I still...have yet to find a single pair of pumps (closed toe/closed) back to fit me. That "was" my New Yrs. resolution! Still looking...
    Aldo 35's sometimes are small enough, I will have to check out the "Zebra" ones that supposedly ran smaller. I'm a mmmm...barely size 5. I do know about "Cinderella of Boston." Got some dyeable shoes from there a few yrs. back for a wedding I was in, in a size 4. Their styles were kinda old~ladyish, though. At that time,anyway. Perhaps they've widened their market apppeal since. I'll check it out.
    Some advice for all you ladies...BCBGMAXZRIA. Find an outlet store...I work at one...check "" for a location near you. GoRGEoUS* ShoES!!! Italian leather. And...their 5.5's are so small I can even wear them most of the time! Even without inserts! They are my all time faves! You Absolutely have to try them on first, not all of them run small. Oh, & a new carries BGBGeneration shoes, & certain styles are available in 5's! They go FAST, though. I recently had my eyes on "Samara," a sexy nude colored peep toe with a cork heel. 1 pair left in a 5...waited 3 days for my paycheck...and yup, you guessed it. GONE. Bummed, very bummed. If Anyone sees them in their searching, pleeeez will you let me know? The exact color name is, "honey." ~thank you!~
    Oh, and let's see. Carlos Santana, Rocketdog, Bass(sometimes they have cute stuff), Jessica Simpson, Guess, Nine West, & Colin Stuart for Victoria's Secret all make size 5. And if you're willing to throw down some change...Chinese Laundry, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Christian Louboutin,& Coach still do a size 5.
    Out of all those names...the ones I KNOW* fit me are Santana, Rocketdog, Coach, some 9 west,& Bass. If anyone knows how Guess&/or Jessica Simpson shoes run, I would Looove to know!
    Glad I found this blog spot. Hope we can all help eachother out! Here's to happy~er shoe shopping!!!

  14. My local mall Aldos doesn't carry ANY size 5 shoes. :(


    This Etsy shop carries small, vintage shoes. Currently, just a few are listed but the shop will be adding quite a few more shoes in the future.

  16. i love to wear high heels in each and in every makes our style perfect i love to wear high heels...,,!!

  17. Hi there, I recently got some affordable shoes from in UK size 1 which are pretty hard to find I would definitely recomend


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