Thinking of Spring - Little Girls Colorful Sparkle Cardigans $10 ~ $20

This is my third find from the children's department within 2 weeks ... a sound indicator that I'm still at my family's house. I have to be extra thrifty while shopping at home to avoid being chastised. Breakfast convo at the P.A.G. household this morning went something like this:

Asian Grandma (cautiously eying my new A&F kids skinnies): "How much you pay for those? Mine here were $5. Yours don't look any nicer."
Dad: "DON'T ask. You don't even wanna know how much money she wastes on clothes."
P.A.G: "$29."
Dad: "No way."
Asian Grandma: "Ay-yaa you overpaid. Mine were $5. Tsk tsk tsk."

My mother and I were actually shopping at Old Navy (I know, not my favorite place for quality apparel either) for my 9 year old cousin when I came across these little jeweled ribbed cardigans in every color of the rainbow. Red, teal, blue, green, yellow, pink ... everything but my go-to gray. Forced out of my comfort zone, I chose yellow. A girls sz Large fit me like a regular cardigan, but I liked the cropped look and the 3/4 sleeves of the sz Medium:
(Remaining pics were taken with a different camera - pardon the color balance being off)
 Old Navy Cardigan in girls M, H&M pleated bow dress in sz 2, 
icky old Nine West sandals (told ya wardrobe options are limited back home)

We ended up getting my 9 year old cousin the same exact sweater, size Medium and all. We inadvertently wore nearly identical outfits the next day.

Click "Read More" for more pics and info.

Banana Republic Regular 00 Short Pants - Tiny Petite Friendly?

First things first - two more days to enter the winter casual outfit giveaway. I must have picked some bad timing (or an un-tempting prize) because there's only 1 entry so far! There were over 10 votes for this giveaway theme, so I figured there would be at least 3 entries : )

Secondly, after much hesitation I just added a pic to my blogger profile so to put a face to the blog. The pic is taken from a "photoshoot" that my boyfriend gave me for our 5 year anniversary - don't laugh! Just got the pics back and they turned out great...perhaps I'll share some later when I'm not feeling so shy. I don't want to scare away readers who stumble upon this blog looking for petite work clothes and instead find pics of an awkwardly hugging couple.

On a different note, got this email from BR today: "Our customers love: The Martin Skinny Pant"

Well, I love myself a good skinny work pant too. They are slimming, edgy, and show off your shoes. Over the past year I've accumulated about 5 pairs, all from Theory. Not that I love Theory (okay, perhaps I do), but it seems that it's the only brand to really have embraced the slim-cut work pant and are able to make it well (nice fabric, flattering fit, not too skinny).

I was a little surprised that I've never heard of BR's "Martin Skinny Pant." I peruse the BR petite's section online probably once a week, and I've been on the lookout for skinny work pants. Alas, my oversight is due to the Martin Skinny Pant being available only under regular and tall:

However, petites need not be discouraged ... looks like there is size 00 and the option of a "Short" inseam. I like that they offer a charcoal color which I've been looking to add to my slim pant collection. But now the question is - how does BR's regular women's size 00 with short inseam fit relative to their 00P? Have any petites out there tried this size, or these pants in particular?

I was also eying these lovelies from BR Monogram. The taupe fabric looks divine, but only available in 0 with regular inseam. Why oh why?

Skinny Jeans for Petites - Abercrombie Kids Landon Super Skinny

I ducked into an Abercrombie Kids the day after Christmas to check out those floral dresses I had
blogged about. Not sure what I was thinking - I don't recommend anyone in her right state of mind to enter that store during the holiday season. I was elbow deep in screechin teeny-boppers and their Ugg-clad Jersey moms pushing and shovin for moosey stuff. The employees were pretty young and snooty themselves and rolled their eyes at me for messing up their denim piles. I waited a darn long time for a fitting room (and was wrongly assaulted by a large n' in charge mom - truly terrifying - for "butting" her daughter). I then discovered that I couldn't fit into hardly anything I grabbed to try on...sigh.

On a positive note, I did come away with a new pair of skinny jeans, so readers don't have to bore their eyes with the same pair of H&M skinnies post after post. I love skinny jeans because they elongate shorter legs, plus they don't drag on the dirty ground when I wear flats. Not to mention, it's easy to tuck them into boots.

This is called their "Landon Super Skinny Legging Jean" in "rinse" - a very dark denim, darker than the pics. Price is $49.50 (currently on sale for $29.70) and they come in several washes. Warning - they are super skinny alright ... I grabbed a sz 12 (my normal size in A&F kids) and I couldn't breathe, move, nor sit! I couldn't find a 14, so I tried on a 16, not expecting it to fit at all. However ... dun dun dun ...  
Abercrombie Kids Landon Super Skinny Jeans sz 16, J.Crew Cardigan in XS
To my chagrin, the 16s were only a tiny bit big in the waist and throughout the leg. I'm positive these will shrink after a first wash, thus becoming the perfect fitting skinny jean. These jeans are long on me so they can be worn cuffed, either ankle length or double cuffed (shown above). I never thought I'd see the day when I would need a sz 16! Either I have packed on a few lbs, or their kids sizing is getting smaller smaller smaller.

Click "Read More" for more pics and info.

Flirty Sundresses for Petites - abercrombie kids and A&F womens

I was browsing the abercrombie kids website for jeans and happened to stumble upon these undeniably summer dresses. I'm a little confused about why they're available for sale considering there's a foot of snow outside my window, and A&F is supposed to be "east coast" style. Nevertheless, these vintage-styled dresses are pretty darn cute and have me wishing for warm weather.

A Med or Large in abercrombie kids fits me well, depending on the style and whether or not the material will shrink. Their kids sizing goes all the way up to XL / 16, which can probably accommodate women up to size S.

1. abercrombie kids Lizzy Dress, $59.50

First off, I like that the moose logo is masked by the floral print. I can also tell that this dress would be very flattering when on. The gathered sweetheart neckline is naturally flattering for smaller busts, the elastic belt emphasizes a slim waist, and the layered bottom is feminine and flirty. Is this what little girls wear these days? I'm very tempted by this dress, but the price is rather high for a children's dress.

2. abercrombie kids Bridget dress, $44.50

Love the sweetheart neckline again and the gathered empire waist. This dress would be so darling in the summer with a leather waist belt and some leather gladiator wedge sandals (if those aren't out by next year). I also like how most abercrombie camis and dresses come with adjustable length straps.

Click "Read More" for picks from the A&F women's store.

Review: Aqua Kiddie Cashmere from Bloomingdales

While buying the Theory cocktail dress, I also picked out some cashmere sweaters from the little girls' department to try on. Kids sizing is hit or miss on me. The most common problem is the "short n' wide" cut, which is flattering on 8 year old girls, but not so much on a grown woman. I've had luck with Abercrombie kids which is usually cut very slim ... but they slap that moose logo on everything so I've had to shop elsewhere.

1. Aqua girls ruffle cashmere cardigan:
Aqua girls ruffled cashmere cardigan, $88 $42 (Sold out online, but still in stores)
And here is the grown-ups version:

The kids' version of this cardigan looks quite similar to the adult one, except that it's half the price. In the stock photo, the cut looked slim enough, and the proportions seemed right with the 3/4 length sleeves hitting at the waist. After much mulling over the kids size chart, I ended up ordering a Large in both colors. Here's the cream:
Pardon the yucky baggy leggings and too-short tank. With leggings, I always try to wear a top long enough to cover the crotch, but clothing items are limited back home. And now the black:
Click "Read More" to see the problem with this cardigan.

Cute LBD for Petites - Theory "Chanesa" Paris Black Dress, sz 0

My little black Theory dress from the Bloomingdales December sale has finally arrived! I bought it a week or two back when they had all sizes in stock, but looks like only a sz 10 remains on the website. It's still available at Saks and Barneys online in sz 0 (links included).
Theory fitted dresses in a sz 0 usually do not disappoint...and sure enough...I loved this dress! It was well-made with quality materials, fully-lined, plus the cut was pretty flattering. When I was ordering it, I was worried that the length would be too long on me as a cocktail dress. It hits the model right above the knee, and I typically need dresses that look like minis on the models. Fortunately, it hits my leg at the same place as the model above:
The skirt part is a little wrinkly from the shipping, but the material is so thick that I'm sure a steaming outside my shower will rectify that. I love the velvet bodice with sweetheart neckline, with just enough boning to keep the corset shape intact. The wide silky waistband is also very flattering.

Click "Read More" for more photos.

Petite Winter Casualwear Giveaway - Win a $25 "Options" Gift Card

It's Winter, and I'm officially low on casual outfit ideas. I spend all my money on clothes for work, and end up wearing the same thing every weekend - long cozy cardigan over black leggings with flats. It's basic, it's boring, but its my go-to "comfort" ensemble for Winter.

E-mail me ( a photo of your favorite casual Winter outfit, and be entered to win a $25 Options Gift Card. This GC never expires and is good at any store in the Gap Inc. family. I am willing to send the gift card either via mail or electronically, whichever the winner prefers.

Along with your photo, please include a brief description of:

1. Where the clothes/accessories are from and what size
2. What alterations were made, if any
3. Your height/weight, for reference (optional)
4. The geographical region where you are from (optional)

I'm sure readers will be crazy busy with the upcoming holidays, so entries will be accepted until Thursday, December 31st, 2009 (extended). I really look forward to seeing these and getting some good wardrobe ideas : )

Petite Quest - Shopping for a Longchamp Tote

Most readers have probably seen their fair share of Longchamp "Le Pliage" totes. I usually avoid buying stuff that everyone and their mom has, but I was pretty sold on these versatile totes. They are made of very lightweight nylon with thin leather straps, and easily fold into a pocket-size rectangle. Although a bit overpriced for the material and craftsmanship, I do like them for the following 2 purposes:

1. Hauling books, laptop, food, extra pair of shoes, or anything else that you wouldn't want to stuff into a nice handbag.
2. Keeping inside a nice handbag in case it starts precipitating. Then you can take it out, unfold, zip your nice bag inside the water-resistant tote, and carry onwards.

Because I'm about as muscular as a fly, the key feature of these totes is "lightweight." I needed an everyday bag that would add zero weight to my clunker work laptop. Longchamp totes come in a spectrum of sizes and handle lengths (and you can even mix and match to form a custom bag online) so why was it so darn difficult to find one suitable for tiny petites?

1. First up - every student & working woman's favorite, Le Pliage Large, $145.
Measurements: 19" across the top, 13" across the bottom, 13" height, and 10" shoulder drop.

Almost all my female coworkers have one of these. It's roomy enough to carry all of the aforementioned items - laptop, makeup bag, lunch, plus extra shoes. But when I tried on my coworker's bag, the 10 inch shoulder drop and 19 inch width were overwhelming, to say the least:
I look like I'm smuggling a small child in that bag! Note the 5'5" female silhouette from Saks' website and how normal the bag looks on her. I really like this feature from their online handbag department as it helps me judge the relative size of each handbag. Crazy how big of a difference 6 inches in height can make!

Click "Read More" to see more Champy Champs.

Reblog @AlterationsNeeded "Tiny Cashmere: American Eagle Outfitters"

Is there a proper way to cite and reply to a blog posting? My apologies to AlterationsNeeded if I am doing it incorrectly. I've already fallen behind the times and can hardly figure out Twitter, so I'll definitely be that technologically obsolete Mom in 10 years.

Anyways, this is a mix between a "retweet" and a response to a blog post that AlterationsNeeded made a month ago about her cashmere sweater finds. At that time, it was more than I'd like to pay for something by American Eagle, but thankfully she kept readers posted about deals and coupon codes. I ended up ordering a number of sweaters under the buy one, get one 50% off deal (still ongoing!), plus a 15% coupon code she shared. The cashmere cardigans ended up fitting great, and led to me finding more sweaters : )

1. The featured 100% cashmere sweaters. On sale for $59.50 plus BOGO 50% off.
With all discounts, it ended up being about $80 for two. As stated by AN, these ran tiny indeed! I should have listened and sized up to an XS. I ordered the same exact colors, Chalk and Summit Heather Gray.

The Chalk:
AE cardigan sz XXS, Forever 21 babydoll dress sz S, and Aldo heels
Click Read More for more sweaters.

Review: American Eagle Outfitters XXS Hooded Duffle Coat

I know what you're are thinking ... enough coats, already! But I actually don't have a coat "casual" enough which I could wear in blizzard conditions or spill hot chocolate on without freaking out over. I was previously impressed by the fit of XXS sweaters by American Eagle Outfitters, and wanted to give their moderately-priced coats a shot, too. I was specifically looking for a hooded coat, which left me to choose between nylon puffer coats and this:

AE Duffle Coat, $149.50 $119.95
Although this coat is not belted (a feature that is typically pretty key for petites), the silhouette looked slimming enough that I thought it might work. I also liked the nifty detachable hood feature, for days which I may not be feelin the hood.

Click Read More to see "modeling" pics and the verdict.

Reblog @AlterationsNeeded "Jacket That Runs Small: Theory Gratian Jacket."

Second time in one week! What can I say...AlterationsNeeded has had some great finds lately : )

Theory is my most favorite brand for small work clothes, but I still need alterations here and there on their stuff. When I saw how well this cropped tweed blazer fit on AN in her post, I was beyond jealous. The style is so simple, yet sleek and contemporary. The cut which is meant to be cute n' cropped on regular women ends up fitting normally on small petites. The lightweight salt and pepper tweed is a versatile material that can easily transition from work (paired simply with black slacks or skirt) to weekend wear (spruced up with a floral brooch and paired with jeans). Unfortunately, I nearly had a heart attack upon seeing the retail price.
Theory Lecture Gratian blazer (retail $385), and Theory Joanie Skirt (retail $190)

Nevertheless, I went on a mission to find this blazer in my size, just to try on at least. Saks, Neiman Marcus, and Barneys all carried it for full retail price, but were each sold out company-wide in size 00. I was baffled - a $400 blazer sold out while still at full price? I was beginning to think that hope was lost...

Click "Read More" to see how this quest ends.

eBay pick of the day - BCBG LBD, size 0p

This is a little black chiffon ruffle dress by BCBG in a tiny size 0p, perfect for holiday parties. It ends tonight (Tuesday, November 17th) at 7:50PM Pacific time/ 10:50 PM Eastern, and the bid is currently only at $50 including ship. Click here for the auction page.


Now, I just so happen to own this exact dress. I bought it last winter for a family cruise (for much more than the one listed above), and was hesitant to try BCBG petites since the regular size 0 is usually ill-fitting on me. To my pleasant surprise, a petite 0 in this dress fit perfectly with no alterations needed! This skirt of this dress is babydoll / empire style so there really is no defined waist or hips. The bodice, however, has little stretch, and will only accomdate bust sizes 32A - B. The shoulder straps and bow tie are both adjustable.

For parties, I typically prefer more fitted, shorter dresses, but this is my go-to outfit for conservative events (ie. anything involving my parents). The photos don't do this dress justice ... I've gotten so many compliments on it! In person, the chiffon ruffles are soft and lovely, and the sequins aren't nearly so glaringly bright.

In this pic it appears that the dress makes me look preggers, but I promise this is not the case in person. From the front, the A-line skirt is actually very flattering.

Bloomingdales December Sale

Update! If you missed the sale ending 4AM, coupon code "JOY" will give you 20% off online until December 14th.

Right after I told myself I was done with shopping for the month, this email arrived in my inbox. Not a great deal, but pretty decent when combined with their ongoing markdowns. I noticed that a bunch of stuff I've been eyeing has gone on sale with my sizes still available online. Here are my picks:

1. Theory "Chanesa" Black Paris Dress, sz 0. $325 on sale for $182 including sale plus the above coupon code. I love the sweetheart velvet bodice, banded waist, and pleated silk skirt. I saw this dress in person and it was gorgeous and classy...if I order it to try on and it happens to fit perfectly, I'm afraid I won't be able to resist keeping it. Eeks! What to do? Still so $$.

2. Theory "Dristi" Notorious Dress in Charcoal/Black Combo, sz 0. $285 on sale for $136.80 with aforementioned discounts.

I love how they winterized this dress at Nordstroms over a long sleeve black top / sweater with tights. However, it's still full price over there at Nordie land:

Click "Read More" for more picks.

Life with PAG - Lazy Sundays and What's to Come

Happy December! I can now breathe a huge sigh of relief after my exam yesterday, just in time to enjoy one of my favorite months. The snow is glistening outside as I type and sip hot chocolate, the Christmas tree is up, and I'm enveloped in my cozy pink Snuggie as holiday treats are baking in the oven ... sigh, life is perfect!

I've been a little MIA with posts lately due to studying, but here's a little preview of what's coming up this week:

- 5 minute work-appropriate makeup tutorial
- American Eagle XXS purchases

Today I will just share some photos from my first day of "relaxation" in a long long time. We had a little snow last night (first "real" snowfall this year, I think) and it looked beautiful this morning. What better way to enjoy it than by strolling to Sunday brunch?

View from my window this morning

Click "Read More" for pics : )

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