Thinking of Spring - Little Girls Colorful Sparkle Cardigans $10 ~ $20

This is my third find from the children's department within 2 weeks ... a sound indicator that I'm still at my family's house. I have to be extra thrifty while shopping at home to avoid being chastised. Breakfast convo at the P.A.G. household this morning went something like this:

Asian Grandma (cautiously eying my new A&F kids skinnies): "How much you pay for those? Mine here were $5. Yours don't look any nicer."
Dad: "DON'T ask. You don't even wanna know how much money she wastes on clothes."
P.A.G: "$29."
Dad: "No way."
Asian Grandma: "Ay-yaa you overpaid. Mine were $5. Tsk tsk tsk."

My mother and I were actually shopping at Old Navy (I know, not my favorite place for quality apparel either) for my 9 year old cousin when I came across these little jeweled ribbed cardigans in every color of the rainbow. Red, teal, blue, green, yellow, pink ... everything but my go-to gray. Forced out of my comfort zone, I chose yellow. A girls sz Large fit me like a regular cardigan, but I liked the cropped look and the 3/4 sleeves of the sz Medium:
(Remaining pics were taken with a different camera - pardon the color balance being off)
 Old Navy Cardigan in girls M, H&M pleated bow dress in sz 2, 
icky old Nine West sandals (told ya wardrobe options are limited back home)

We ended up getting my 9 year old cousin the same exact sweater, size Medium and all. We inadvertently wore nearly identical outfits the next day.

Click "Read More" for more pics and info.

Back view:
These cardigans were $10 (60% off) in the store in every color, but sizes were picked over. I see that they are available online with big sizes left in every color, however the prices are a little higher ranging from $13 to $20. The material (cotton/wool/acrylic blend) is nothing to write home about, but the fit is not bad at all for a children's cardigan. The mommies online even give it a 4.4 out of 5 based on 23 ratings.

They also have gray online! I totally would have gotten gray if they had it in the store:

I also picked a basic tee in girls sz Large (on sale for $4) for layering under my jumper dresses. I really liked the fit of this top and the heather gray color, although you can't really tell in these pics:
The selection of these are limited online, but trust me there were piles of these in the store in every size and color:
I even swindled my mother into paying for all $14 of my clothes. Ah, the joys of being at home : )


  1. LOL! You and your family are hilarious.. your dad and grandma. HAHA! I think I'll be stopping by Old Navy in a bit to check out the cardigan and shirt. I love long sleeve tees from ON. I just hope they will fit me. If you're a large then I would need a XL. Hopefully it's available. Thanks for sharing PAG :)

  2. Your family sounds like mine. Always looking for the cheapest stuff. They don't understand why I won't buy cheap knock off purses. Geez mom! Because I know they are fake!

  3. haha, my dad thinks I shop too much, he has made several comments about the influx of packages that arrived at our house in December. those cardigans are a cute find!

  4. haha my family doesn't bother to ask, although my mom always gives me food when I go home b/c she's convinced I would rather spend money on shoes than on food (she's maybe half-right). That yellow looks so cute on you! Good buy.

  5. ure grandma is too cute!! lol:D that's a great cardigan and quite a steal, too! i love that u have fashion advice for petites here. i'm just under 5'3" so one of my main problems are pants lol

  6. I just ordered the sweater from :) I'm excited to see how it works out for me!! love the yellow on you, by the way!

  7. Nice! I noticed ON had 20% off today as well ... hope it works out for you : )

  8. I'm a new reader coming from Wendy's Lookbook :) I'm reading your blog like a book from the beginning.

    I just had to comment for the first time on here. The breakfast convo made me laugh! =P Coming from an asian family myself, I can just imagine how it feels like being nagged about spending too much on clothes. Hehe I love your blog and your family is funny. And awesome! :)


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