Skinny Jeans for Petites - Abercrombie Kids Landon Super Skinny

I ducked into an Abercrombie Kids the day after Christmas to check out those floral dresses I had
blogged about. Not sure what I was thinking - I don't recommend anyone in her right state of mind to enter that store during the holiday season. I was elbow deep in screechin teeny-boppers and their Ugg-clad Jersey moms pushing and shovin for moosey stuff. The employees were pretty young and snooty themselves and rolled their eyes at me for messing up their denim piles. I waited a darn long time for a fitting room (and was wrongly assaulted by a large n' in charge mom - truly terrifying - for "butting" her daughter). I then discovered that I couldn't fit into hardly anything I grabbed to try on...sigh.

On a positive note, I did come away with a new pair of skinny jeans, so readers don't have to bore their eyes with the same pair of H&M skinnies post after post. I love skinny jeans because they elongate shorter legs, plus they don't drag on the dirty ground when I wear flats. Not to mention, it's easy to tuck them into boots.

This is called their "Landon Super Skinny Legging Jean" in "rinse" - a very dark denim, darker than the pics. Price is $49.50 (currently on sale for $29.70) and they come in several washes. Warning - they are super skinny alright ... I grabbed a sz 12 (my normal size in A&F kids) and I couldn't breathe, move, nor sit! I couldn't find a 14, so I tried on a 16, not expecting it to fit at all. However ... dun dun dun ...  
Abercrombie Kids Landon Super Skinny Jeans sz 16, J.Crew Cardigan in XS
To my chagrin, the 16s were only a tiny bit big in the waist and throughout the leg. I'm positive these will shrink after a first wash, thus becoming the perfect fitting skinny jean. These jeans are long on me so they can be worn cuffed, either ankle length or double cuffed (shown above). I never thought I'd see the day when I would need a sz 16! Either I have packed on a few lbs, or their kids sizing is getting smaller smaller smaller.

Click "Read More" for more pics and info.

The J.Crew cardigan I'm wearing above has these big sparkly rhinestone buttons, very similar to this Crewcuts cardigan shown below. Mine is an XS from the women's line and it has problematic sleeves - baggy and an inch too short - just like the kids Aqua ruffle cardigan I tried on here. Perhaps they were meant to be 3/4 length on someone with longer arms. I have to cuff up the sleeves or else they dangle awkwardly.
As a side note, I'm thinking about getting this cardigan from the women's line in either soft violet or heather fossil. Love both those colors. They are on sale for $55 (with extra 20% using "EXTRA 20").

More pics of the jeans:
Can't wait to try them on after being shrunken from a wash / dry! I really liked this Landon cut because they taper down at the bottom to a very slim leg opening.

I also tried on the less fitted, Maddy Skinny Jeans from Abercrombie kids, also on sale for $29.70:
The jeans I'm trying on above are in a size 12, and fit...whew. But note how the jeans are a little bunchy from the knee down to the ankle. I'm picky with my skinny jeans and I like them really fitted and tapered as to not ruin the slimming silhouette. This would probably be fixed by a shrink in the washer/dryer, but then the waist would be uncomfortably tight. Also, I liked the prospect of having cuffed skinnies, so I opted for the Landon cut despite having to console myself about sizing up to a 16!


  1. I envy all you skinny minnies who can fit into skinny jeans. Even though I'm short and petite, I have runner's thighs and can never find a pair that will fit my thighs. They look great on you!

  2. I love those jeans on you! I have a hard time finding jeans jeans don't fit me, and jr jeans are too...juniors-sy. I started buying jeans at Indidenim, and I love it! It took 3 tries for them to get the perfect me (would have been only 2 tries if I didn't measure myself wrong), but after that, they store your measurements, so buying jeans the next time is a total breeze. They cost around 145-250ish, depending on how many "extras" you want on jeans, the shipping is free both ways, and the customer service is great! It took 3 months to finally get my pair of perfect fitting jeans, but it was worth it because I don't have to waste any more time trying on jeans that don't fit. Now if only they made slacks.....

  3. So I heard that Uniqlo makes great jeans for small skinny ppl! I was hanging out w/my friend's bf and he was raving about his jeans (he's prob. 5'7"?) fitting well in terms of waist and inseam. Apparently my friend also got a great pair of skinny jeans (leggings style), which I'll have to ask about later since she just left for Hong Kong. I'm gonna go check out Uniqlo (only U.S. store is in NYC but they have a website) and report back. :P Also, not sure if you already own black leggings but I have a pair from F21 that's fantastic, the XS fits well and no hemming was needed!

  4. Thanks for the tips! They really have a ton of options on from washes to cuts and I'm glad it worked out for you after a few tries. Custom fitting is a luxury, though, one which I will personally reserve for something like a wedding gown .

    PS - black leggings are a staple in my closet : ) some F21 but mostly H&M (both kids and adults fit). I have a pair that is too long, but I actually like them that way to scrunch up at the bottom just like how some people wear super skinny jeans.

  5. Hi there, I stumpled across your blog while doing research for good tailors for alterations because I am a petite as well. I think I am exactly your size, 5'1, 90lbs, 30in inseam. I just want to recommend you another skinny jeans that are very tight and fit well. Those are the jeans from pac sun (solana). Those jeans run really really small that I have to grab a 0 instead of 00. They fit very nicely and are very tight to the legs (i have very small legs). You should try them out.

  6. Hi Elyse! I've tried on PacSun jeans as well and you're right, they are itty bitty! I needed a 0 as well! I held off on buying them as they were full price, and I was told that they occasionally go down to 2 for $40. One thing I was wondering tho - do they shrink much? I am curious as to whether I even need another size up.

    My H&M skinny jeans shrink like crazy even though I try to launder carefully because they're already too small, yet the A&F jeans I am trying to shrink refuse to become smaller...go figure.

  7. They won't shrink as much. To me they only shrink a bit at the waist but i have the waist stretcher so that takes care of the problem. The jeans just seem a bit tight when they are fresh out of the dryer machine. But after a while, they stretch out nicely.

  8. I love the Landon super skinnies, the perfect fit for me! now if only I could find work pants that fit just as well :( unfortunately living in Canada, I can't shop at many of the stores that work for petites :(

  9. I love those jeans! Its crazy we have almost the exact measurements!I no longer feel alone! I want to try the maddy skinny jeans! :)



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