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Is there a proper way to cite and reply to a blog posting? My apologies to AlterationsNeeded if I am doing it incorrectly. I've already fallen behind the times and can hardly figure out Twitter, so I'll definitely be that technologically obsolete Mom in 10 years.

Anyways, this is a mix between a "retweet" and a response to a blog post that AlterationsNeeded made a month ago about her cashmere sweater finds. At that time, it was more than I'd like to pay for something by American Eagle, but thankfully she kept readers posted about deals and coupon codes. I ended up ordering a number of sweaters under the buy one, get one 50% off deal (still ongoing!), plus a 15% coupon code she shared. The cashmere cardigans ended up fitting great, and led to me finding more sweaters : )

1. The featured 100% cashmere sweaters. On sale for $59.50 plus BOGO 50% off.
With all discounts, it ended up being about $80 for two. As stated by AN, these ran tiny indeed! I should have listened and sized up to an XS. I ordered the same exact colors, Chalk and Summit Heather Gray.

The Chalk:
AE cardigan sz XXS, Forever 21 babydoll dress sz S, and Aldo heels
Click Read More for more sweaters.

The Summit Heather Gray:

AE cardigan sz XXS, H&M skinny jeans sz 11/12 kids, Nine West pumps

Closeup of where the logo is located (very far off to the left hip):
I loved the shade of this gray. It was a nice charcoal heathered gray, and matched lots of stuff in my wardrobe.

2. AE Classic Cardigan, $39.50, also currently Buy 1 Get 1 50% off.
I got this cardigan just to try on, and it ended up exceeding my expectations. It is a tightly knit cotton material, and felt cool and smooth against my skin. The composition is 59% cotton, 36% nylon, and 5% rabbit hair. I ordered the "Winter Oat Heather" and "Bell Navy," and probably would've loved the remaining two colors - New Sable Heather (looked like a camel color) and Winter Heather Gray - as well!
Winter Oat Heather is just a beige taupe color - pretty neutral and versatile.

Bell Navy:

I looove navy! I really need to learn how to accessorize and style pieces better. This little cropped cardi could be adorable if styled correctly.

Overall, I was very impressed by the fit of each of the above sweaters. As for material, you aptly get what you pay for. The details were on-point for both styles, and my eye was immediately drawn to the proportionately small, lovely pewter-colored buttons on these sweaters - a big plus in my book. I feel that so many cardigans are ruined by oddly colored, disproportionally sized, or flat-out ugly buttons! Thank you AlterationsNeeded for sharing your petite finds and coupon codes.

Now I have to debate which one(s) to keep, if any. My favorite is the navy, but these were all BOGO 50% off and I really don't need more than one. I'm going to cut down on shopping for myself starting now to focus more on gifts for my loved ones. That is, after all, my favorite part of December : )


  1. I love how you put together every outfit above. I love your style. In fact, I think I'll be wearing something silimar to work today. I love how you're so specific about kids sizes. Personally, I feel that kids nowadays are huge. Even kids sizes are big on me. I don't really consider myself petite since I'm about 5'1" but I round it to 5'2" and I'm about 115lbs. Kids sizes go up every year at Target at least. I used to fit into a XL in kids. Now, M would fit perfectly. I appreaciate you sharing where you get the kiddy clothes from :)

  2. Super cute! I'm glad they worked out for you! I love my little cashmere ones! The navy is a keeper for sure.

  3. Thanks, guys : )

    Kathleen - I agree that kids sizes are all over the place these days. A few years ago I wore a S in Abercrombie kids and now I need a L. I just ordered some little girls cashmere sweaters from Bloomingdales online (in my latest post) and had to size up to a Large. Their Aqua brand runs especially small in kids sizing.

  4. lol... i bit the bullet on those cashmere cardigans too (in the same colors!), when they had the extra 25% off on top of the BOGO 50% off... pretty good deal! and the XXS really was on the small side on me as well... one thing i didn't realize was that the sleeves were so long, although they could be folded up...

  5. Great find on the sweaters! I got all my neutral cardigans already, if AE has some colorful sweaters....I might have to get them!

  6. Liane- those "tween" brands always have ridiculously long sleeves. I've come to accept it and just fold them up without thinking twice anymore lol.

    Stylepint - I have a feeling these sweaters may go on further sale. The cotton ones at least are still fully stocked in every color! No need to delve into the $50 budget for these - not yet anyways : )

  7. what a great fit! i love cardigans that fit snuggly


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