Reblog @AlterationsNeeded "Jacket That Runs Small: Theory Gratian Jacket."

Second time in one week! What can I say...AlterationsNeeded has had some great finds lately : )

Theory is my most favorite brand for small work clothes, but I still need alterations here and there on their stuff. When I saw how well this cropped tweed blazer fit on AN in her post, I was beyond jealous. The style is so simple, yet sleek and contemporary. The cut which is meant to be cute n' cropped on regular women ends up fitting normally on small petites. The lightweight salt and pepper tweed is a versatile material that can easily transition from work (paired simply with black slacks or skirt) to weekend wear (spruced up with a floral brooch and paired with jeans). Unfortunately, I nearly had a heart attack upon seeing the retail price.
Theory Lecture Gratian blazer (retail $385), and Theory Joanie Skirt (retail $190)

Nevertheless, I went on a mission to find this blazer in my size, just to try on at least. Saks, Neiman Marcus, and Barneys all carried it for full retail price, but were each sold out company-wide in size 00. I was baffled - a $400 blazer sold out while still at full price? I was beginning to think that hope was lost...

Click "Read More" to see how this quest ends.

Yesterday evening, I made a pit stop at my local Bloomingdales. They only had a 4 and 6 left in this jacket, and a lone 0 in the matching skirt. However, as luck would have it, an SA looked in the system and found a few 00's scattered across the country. Purchases over $150 made on a Bloomingdales charge card are shipped for free from from either their "fulfillment center" or another store. I promptly opened a Bloomies card, and now the suit is on it's way.

Best part? I scored it at a decent price!

Jacket + skirt, retail: $575 plus tax
- 30% off from their ongoing "Winter Sale"
- 20% off printable coupon (email me if you would like this coupon which expires 12/14/09)

= $322 for the 2 piece suit in size 00, plus some change in tax (good ole MA luxury tax).
Still a hefty chunk of change, so I've made the difficult decision to return my H&M and AE purchases from the past month. I'd rather splurge on 1 or 2 items which I truly love, than purchase several cute or trendy items for the same amount of money.

Lesson learned:
If you see something you like but it's not in your size (even if it's on sale or clearance), do not hesitate to ask an SA to look it up in their inventory system. Going forward, this will surely revolutionize how I shop sales. I used to merely ask whether they had more in stock in the back, to which SA's would simply reply "no." I know Nordstrom ships for free for all customers if the size you need is not in stock, but apparently Bloomingdales will only ship free for cardholders on purchases over $150.


  1. Yay! You found it! I'm so excited to see the whole suit put together!

  2. Ok, you and AN have convinced me that I need this jacket! I found it on sale on Piperlime (size 2 though) and I had some BR gift cards for my birthday plus some more BR coupons, so I paid $138 for the jacket. I hope it fits (I'm about a 32-33 in the bust so I'm hoping and praying it won't be too big). But I guess I can get it tailored since I didn't pay full price. Can't wait to get it. Post pics when yours arrives!

  3. Nukem - How exciting! You will have to share your styling pics of the jacket, too : ) You got a great deal and that def means more $ for alterations if they are necessary.

    I just added the "related posts" link at the bottom of this post, and was surprised to realize the same exact suit was one of my favorite Theory "picks" back in October when I just started blogging. Guess my tastes don't change!

  4. I saw this matching tweed mini-dress at the Saks website (on sale!). But yikes, look how short it is (granted the model is super tall)! I measured 13" from my waist and I think it will still be too short for work. Boo. It's the Theory Cambree mini dress.

  5. I saw that dress too at the store and spent a bit of time debating between getting the matching dress or skirt. The dress actually wasn't too short on me (hit an inch or two above the knee). The way they measure the 13" drop factors in the model's long torso, so it was more like a 15" skirt on me. A 0 fit okay, but the cut is A-line, so I thought it may look a bit shapeless under the jacket.


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