Flirty Sundresses for Petites - abercrombie kids and A&F womens

I was browsing the abercrombie kids website for jeans and happened to stumble upon these undeniably summer dresses. I'm a little confused about why they're available for sale considering there's a foot of snow outside my window, and A&F is supposed to be "east coast" style. Nevertheless, these vintage-styled dresses are pretty darn cute and have me wishing for warm weather.

A Med or Large in abercrombie kids fits me well, depending on the style and whether or not the material will shrink. Their kids sizing goes all the way up to XL / 16, which can probably accommodate women up to size S.

1. abercrombie kids Lizzy Dress, $59.50

First off, I like that the moose logo is masked by the floral print. I can also tell that this dress would be very flattering when on. The gathered sweetheart neckline is naturally flattering for smaller busts, the elastic belt emphasizes a slim waist, and the layered bottom is feminine and flirty. Is this what little girls wear these days? I'm very tempted by this dress, but the price is rather high for a children's dress.

2. abercrombie kids Bridget dress, $44.50

Love the sweetheart neckline again and the gathered empire waist. This dress would be so darling in the summer with a leather waist belt and some leather gladiator wedge sandals (if those aren't out by next year). I also like how most abercrombie camis and dresses come with adjustable length straps.

Click "Read More" for picks from the A&F women's store.

All the cute finds in the kids store led me to take a peek at the adult offerings. I'm even more confused now by this line. Some of the dresses look very different from their previous offerings, not at all like the preppy teenager brand I remembered. Take this mini dress for example:

3. A&F Payton Dress, $58

Everything is so cute, from the bustier top down to the waist bow sash and floral skirt. Material is 95% cotton, 5% spandex, which provides for a stretchy, close fit. I can typically wear an XS in A&F womens tops with no problem (not so much luck with their pants or jeans). This could be worn as a flirty minidress with flats or as a top over some skinny jeans, and no one would guess that it's from the moose-laden A&F!

4. A&F Trisha Dress, $78

This dress is really embodying the vintage theme. The top looks like an underwire bustier, which again can be super flattering with the right supporting undergarment. Love the huge sash waist, but not lovin the huge white moose (guess it ould be tucked in or turned inside out?). A cropped navy cardigan and strappy brown leather sandals would finish this look and prevent it from looking too over-the-top vintage.

5. A&F Mandy Dress, originally $78 sale $49.90

Cute and flirty seems to be the theme of the day. Note how the logo is embossed on a little metal plate (bottom right corner of the skirt) instead of a moose : ) This dress reminds me of a Tracy Feith for Target dress from Spring 2009. My friend owned it in white and she got compliments on it left and right. Remember this?

This dress was $44 at Target, so if you missed out on it here's a chance to own a similar one in navy for a similar price. I actually like the navy better - less romantic, more versatile, and more forgiving of stains. Happy shopping, and to those who celebrate it - Merry Christmas!


  1. Merry christmas :)
    I would have NEVER guessed those dresses were from A&F. I wonder if they're trying to revamp their brand? Regardless, they're surprisngly really cute and classy!

  2. Merry Christmas! Those dresses are really cute. Good luck on your DIY! =)

  3. I cannot believe those are kid's dresses! They look a bit too grownup for children imo. I would wear them myself though haha

  4. After seeing the Trisha (strapless floral) dress on your blog, I tried it in store today!.

    I was SHOCKED how TINY (and short) the XS is! In a good way. Being 32AA, strapless is usually a nonexistant word to me.. but the XS fit me perfectly and was flattering. However, if I was even an -inch- bigger I can see it actually being too small.

    If you haven't tried it in person yet, I highly recommend it -- it looks so much nicer in person, plus the belt can be tied without the ugly moose in the way. :)

    If your bust was any bigger then mine, I bet you'd be a S!

  5. Omigosh! I'm so glad it worked out for you. I was actually skeptical about the Trisha because it is strapless and has underwire cups, which could potentially be huge. Thanks for the tip!

  6. I can also tell that this dress would be very flattering when on. The gathered sweetheart neckline is naturally flattering for smaller busts.


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