Cute LBD for Petites - Theory "Chanesa" Paris Black Dress, sz 0

My little black Theory dress from the Bloomingdales December sale has finally arrived! I bought it a week or two back when they had all sizes in stock, but looks like only a sz 10 remains on the website. It's still available at Saks and Barneys online in sz 0 (links included).
Theory fitted dresses in a sz 0 usually do not disappoint...and sure enough...I loved this dress! It was well-made with quality materials, fully-lined, plus the cut was pretty flattering. When I was ordering it, I was worried that the length would be too long on me as a cocktail dress. It hits the model right above the knee, and I typically need dresses that look like minis on the models. Fortunately, it hits my leg at the same place as the model above:
The skirt part is a little wrinkly from the shipping, but the material is so thick that I'm sure a steaming outside my shower will rectify that. I love the velvet bodice with sweetheart neckline, with just enough boning to keep the corset shape intact. The wide silky waistband is also very flattering.

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The back has a panel of stretchy material down the center, which provides for a close fit.
The only view that I did not enjoy was the side view. The skirt looks puffier than I had imagined. I may have my tailor take it in on each side, but don't want to risk pulling on the pretty pleats.
More pics:
This dress retails for $325 but I ended up getting it for $154.70 after 3 rounds of discounts. Now I just need to find some killer heels that are not black.

PS - as evidenced by the pics ... I am no longer in my tiny 550 sq foot apartment in Boston (although I sure miss the coziness of that apt). To save on heating, my parents keep the house at a tepid 55 to 60 degrees. I froze my butt off trying on this dress!


  1. What a cute dress! Seems like Theory is a good place for petites. There's a Theory store in LA, but I never go in because it look so intimidating! I guess I'll have to try it out! =)

  2. Very cute dress! I have a similar dress from BCBG from last year that I have yet to wear (gotta find me a fancy event or cocktail/holiday party one of these days to wear it to!).

    Oh and my Theory Gratian jacket arrived. LOVE IT! And the size 2 fits, yay for no alterations!

  3. Cute dress! Hmm I agree with your assessment of the side view, hope your tailor can fix it! That does seem to be a bit of a hazard when it comes to bubble skirts like that.

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  4. Yay for the jacket! When are you starting your own petite fashion blog ? Of course mine arrived in Boston the day I left town...

  5. LOL, I would go broke much to my husband's dismay if I started my own fashion blog. I would feel the incessant need to feed the blog (thus shop more). It looks fun to do though, but time consuming! I love reading other's blogs like yours and finding great deals :)

  6. I'm so glad that you're blogging about this because I'm Asian and have similar problems finding clothes that fit a petite frame.


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