Banana Republic Regular 00 Short Pants - Tiny Petite Friendly?

First things first - two more days to enter the winter casual outfit giveaway. I must have picked some bad timing (or an un-tempting prize) because there's only 1 entry so far! There were over 10 votes for this giveaway theme, so I figured there would be at least 3 entries : )

Secondly, after much hesitation I just added a pic to my blogger profile so to put a face to the blog. The pic is taken from a "photoshoot" that my boyfriend gave me for our 5 year anniversary - don't laugh! Just got the pics back and they turned out great...perhaps I'll share some later when I'm not feeling so shy. I don't want to scare away readers who stumble upon this blog looking for petite work clothes and instead find pics of an awkwardly hugging couple.

On a different note, got this email from BR today: "Our customers love: The Martin Skinny Pant"

Well, I love myself a good skinny work pant too. They are slimming, edgy, and show off your shoes. Over the past year I've accumulated about 5 pairs, all from Theory. Not that I love Theory (okay, perhaps I do), but it seems that it's the only brand to really have embraced the slim-cut work pant and are able to make it well (nice fabric, flattering fit, not too skinny).

I was a little surprised that I've never heard of BR's "Martin Skinny Pant." I peruse the BR petite's section online probably once a week, and I've been on the lookout for skinny work pants. Alas, my oversight is due to the Martin Skinny Pant being available only under regular and tall:

However, petites need not be discouraged ... looks like there is size 00 and the option of a "Short" inseam. I like that they offer a charcoal color which I've been looking to add to my slim pant collection. But now the question is - how does BR's regular women's size 00 with short inseam fit relative to their 00P? Have any petites out there tried this size, or these pants in particular?

I was also eying these lovelies from BR Monogram. The taupe fabric looks divine, but only available in 0 with regular inseam. Why oh why?


  1. I ordered a pair of regular Martin 00 pants a few weeks ago and just had to return them. They were too big and the rise fit really weird, like really baggy in the crotch. Hopefully these work for some people but they were a definite NO for me!

  2. I gave up on BR work pants after they got rid of the Ryan fit. The Martin is waaaay too baggy for me.

  3. Happy Anniversary! My bf and I just celebrated our 5 years too.

  4. - question - I got my BR non-iron tailored white shirt in sz 00P, but it may be too small? The sleeves hit the end of my wrists when my arms are hanging down my sides, but then if I bend my arms, the sleeves end up being too short and expose like an inch of my wrists. Is this normal? I imagine so but I'm not an expert on how dress shirts are supposed to fit. xP

    PS - love the pic! hehe

  5. Agreed - after trying a pair on, regular Martin 00 do NOT work (for me anyways). I did see some Ryan fit pants at the BR outlet and really wanted to try the cut, but none in 00. They also had PXXS galore!

    Sunny - you should try the fitted non iron shirt in regular 00 ( instead of petite and see which one fits better. I also heard that Uniqlo skinny jeans run small (my friend is a big fan of their guys stuff) but alas, like you said the only store to try stuff on is in NYC.

  6. I just bought a pair of size 00 pant from Club Monaco. It requires some alterations. However after the tailoring, it fits perfectly.

  7. I totally agree with you. BR's skinny jeans really show off your legs, hips and also the great pair of shoes your are wearing that day. I love wearing them with my adorable heels, I get compliments all the time.

  8. I'm new at this but I just tried on a pair of dress pants from BR. It is their winter collection so the pants are wool - I was amazed because they ACTUALLY fit! There are adjustable buttons on the waist so you can make it smaller. The wool is warm - perfect for northeast winters. It's a little long (I'm 5'2") but nothing a hem or a pair of heels can't fix.

  9. Also just tried some dress pants at BR from their winter collection, and they fit pretty well. I'm 5' and 115 lbs. The Martin pants in 4P fit, but are a bit wide legged. In comparison, the Logan pants fit nicely and were straight cut and more slimming. They were regular size, so will just have to hem the bottom for length.


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