Trial and Error: 3 Petite Skirts for Work

As a tiny petite, shopping is always trial and error. But that's probably for the better. If everything I tried on always fit perfectly, then my wallet would probably be hurting something major by now.

Anyways, lately I've been trying to find some new fitted pencil skirts for my currently lackluster work wardrobe. I wanted something conservative, but not too boring like my wool suiting skirts which I wear almost every day. First stop, Ann Taylor ...

1. Perfect Petite Ponte Pencil Skirt. Retail $80. This skirt caught my eye a while ago because it looked very nice and curve-hugging on the model. It was one of their classic "looks" for the season, so I had high hopes:

At $80, I was hesitant, but last week it was part of their "perfect pieces" sale for half price. Even though I know they don't carry 00p in stores, I wanted to try it on in person just to see if there was any potential:

Model ---> Me

The fit was just "ok." The waistband on a 00p should fit a lil' better, but the length would still need to be hemmed. The material was stretchy and comfortable. But one major issue - the ponte knit was so thin and unlined, I tried on a variety of tops ranging from a basic tee to thin silk blouses, and wasn't able to tuck anything into the skirt without major crinkles and bunching showing. The model must be wearing shapewear, or the pic was photoshopped!

Verdict: No buy. Not being able to tuck shirts in is a deal-breaker. This skirt was too little craftsmanship even for $40.

Click "Read More" for more skirts.

2. Petite Crepe Melange Pencil Skirt. Retail $110, was on sale for about the same price as the above. This was a more structured and tailored skirt. I liked the exposed seam piping and the fact that it was high-waisted and lined.

Model ---> Me

Model ---> Me

This skirt in a 0p was too huge overall, making me doubt how much better a 00p could possibly fit - could it be that much smaller? The waist is supposed to hit at the belly button, not dangling 3-4 inches below.

Verdict: Definitely not buy. Would require inches taken in on both sides, plus shortening. Not to mention, the cut made my behind look completely nonexistent:

Lesson learned - should only go for the skirts that look like "mini's" on the Ann Taylor models. Maybe those will fit as regular skirts on me. Here's a potential pick, it just needs to go on sale : ) - Petite Herringbone Skirt, $120:

3. Banana Republic Herringbone Skirt. Despite frequenting BR, I never noticed this skirt because they opted not to make it in petites...why?? I randomly saw this hanging in the fitting room, looking especially tiny. I grabbed it and was surprised to find that it was a regular women's size 0. The waist fit perfectly on me, and I loved the stretchy, warm, charcoal-colored herringbone fabric. Only after taking it home and "modeling" it did I notice some issues with the fit.

From the front, it looks nice and curve-hugging. I might even go so far to say it looks better on me in the front than the BR model (wow, please excuse the chalky white legs. Must remember to lotion up before taking pics from now on):

Model ---> Me

But from the side, it looks a little too fitted, accentuating my little tummy bulge and thighs:

Banana Republic Herringbone Skirt, Womens size 0

And from the back, it looks a little frumpy at the hips because I couldn't "fill it out." Also, since it wasn't petites, it was a few inches too long:
Model ---> Me

I see that this skirt is available in women's size 00 online, but I don't know if I could go down another size at the waist. The waist on the sz 0 is already teeny tiny! This skirt is definitely cut for someone with a small waist and curvy behind.

Funny enough, my sentiments were echoed exactly by a reviewer on "The stretchy material was kind of snug around the thighs so it exaggerated my not-entirely-flat tummy. Extremely unbecoming. Very disappointed because this was such a nice versatile color and interesting weave. I guess you have a smaller waist-to-hip ratio."

One more grudge I have is that it has no lining for a $90 skirt - wtf? The lack of lining caused this textured skirt to constantly ride up with friction when I tried it on with tights, to the point that I looked like I wear wearing an accordion.

Verdict: Return, but possibly buy again if it goes on sale, for wearing sans-tights or with a slip. With a proper hem job, I can see this skirt looking really cute on a petite. Cross my fingers that this won't sell well with "regular" women because the waist is too small, therefore ending up on major clearance for petites to swoop in on.


  1. I'm curvy and the ATL pointe scuba skirt fit great on me in size 0P I love it and scooped up all 3 colors with the 40% off

  2. Hi Jean! I've gained some weight recently, and I'm not sure if I should still wear my pencil skirt to work. If I send in a picture, do you think you could tell me? Thank you!


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