Eagerly Awaiting: Foot Petals Shoe Cushions

Look what the mailman delivered today!

When the ankle boot trend came along last year (or was it 2007?), I missed the train. Being a skinny jean and tights aficionado, ankle boots were the #1 item on my must-get list, but I was not able to find a single suitable pair. I tried on so many styles ... shaft too high (awkwardly between mid-calf and ankle), shaft too low (cut into ankles), cheap-looking leather... the problems go on.

I saw these CK nappa leather and elastic booties on my friend, and knew I had to have them. Unfortunately that was many seasons ago. As luck would have it, I randomly came across a pair on eBay this week in a do-able size, for only $35! Yay!
But look at that smooth slippery sole. I bought those self stick-on grip soles but the glue was weak and they fell off almost immediately. So I think these need to go to a cobbler to get some traction soles applied. Anyone ever had that done and know the approximate cost?

Also, the insoles are equally smooth and rock-hard. Even though there is no risk that my foot will fall out of these, there is an immense amount of sliding around (these are size 6) and I know I'm bound to get blisters. Not to mention, the heel height is 4 inches - a bit more than what conservative me is accustomed to!

So per a tip from Nukem, I checked out the Foot Petals website. To see my loot, click "Read More."

Foot Petal cushions are made from "PORON Urethanes" which supposedly distributes the pressure of high heels and prevents pain, calluses, and blisters. Read more here about the material. They offer 8 types of cushions in this material ranging from full sneaker insoles to strips for strappy shoes. For my needs (slipping, chafing, sky high heels), these 3 offerings jumped out at me:

1. Killer Kushionz, $12.95 for 1 pair, $34.95 for 3-pack.
2. Tip Toes, $6.95 for 1 pair, $18.95 for triple pack.
3. Heavenly Heelz, $4.95 - $6.95 for 1 pair, $18.95 for triple pack.

I'm a little hesitant with heel inserts, because I bought these Dr. Scholl gel ones (shown below) and they wouldn't stick at all. I kept having to embarassingly explain to coworkers the gel sticks that fell out of my shoes every 5 minutes.
However, in addition to placement inside the heel, Heavenly Heelz suggested some alternative uses. It is shown with placement at the inside top of a shoe, or inside a boot to prevent your calves from sliding around :

I couldn't pick one cushion type, so settled on trying 1 pair of each. Some user reviews complained that the cushioning was either too thin or too thick, and that the adhesive was weak, so I adjusted my expectations accordingly before ordering.

Also, these cushions seemed very pricey to me for small pieces of foam. I browsed eBay and Amazon and found some for more only marginally cheaper, so I ended up just buying from www.footpetals.com. The price was mitigated by some current deals:

1. Retailmenot has a few 20% off coupon codes. I used "FACEBOOK."

2. The site automatically gives free shipping for purchases over $20 and appears to be a little lenient because my order was only $19.88. Now, why doesn't BR do that for Bananacard purchases? The other day I was in a rush and forgot to use "MYCARD" with my $100+ purchase and was charged 7 bucks for shipping. Another time my order came down to $99.80something after a coupon and the free shipping was reneged without me noticing until it was too late.

3. Foot Petals is currently including a free pair of "sexy Socklettes" (a $7 value) with every purchase.

Price for one of each cushion plus free socklette and free shipping, came out to just below $20. Not too bad : ) Review to come when these arrive.


  1. I use Tip Toes and Heavenly Heelz all the time!! Tip Toes make my 4 inch Jimmy Choos soooo comfy, but didn't work on my Louboutins b/c the extra padding made the toe box too tight...it just depends on the shoe. And the Heavenly Heels go in almost every single pair of my heels. I haven't had a blister in FOREVER, thanks for these awesome products.

    The gel Dr. Scholls were embarrassing for me too, but because the plastic feel of them would make squeaking noises when rubbed against my heel.

  2. Agree with the Dr. Scholls comments. They were plastic-y so I actually got a worse blister from the rubbing on my heels than when I had nothing in them. Plus, they kept falling out, and the glue separated from the gel rendering them useless.

  3. I bought Insolia's and they work amazingly, even in my 3 inch open-toed heels.

    Any hints on the cheapest/best place to get grip soles from?

  4. Thanks for the tip ... Insolia looks like it offers a bit more cushioning and is actually available in a selection of sizes. I want to try these but unsure whether to order (4-5.5) or (6-7.5) since my heels are between 5.5 and 6.

    I'm going to take my boots to a cobbler tomorrow to see what they can do and get a price estimate. I won't even wear these before then because knowing my luck I will slip on the carpeted office floor.

  5. The Dr. Scholl's plastic heel grips don't work for me either (I do like Dr. Scholl's insoles for heels though). Target also makes some good heel grippers but I like the Foot Petals the best.

  6. hi! this is derek's friend christine. i take my shoes to a guy on harvard street...he fixes all my shoes and added rubber soles onto my gucci and burberry shoes (lots of trust!) for $15 a pair. waban shoe is also a really popular place to bring high end things but it's about $60 for a rubber sole.

  7. Nukem - I was just at Target yesterday looking for a slip skirt, and found their self-branded insole collection right next to the slips. They had half and full insoles in gel or foam each at the same price - $3.99. Strangely, they also carried "Fancy Feet by Foot Petals" in the shoe department, which confused me since I didn't know FP had a lower-end line. I wonder if it's lower quality as well?

    Christine - thanks for the tip! Glad I saw this before going in to the cobbler where I work, since I would have had no idea what price to expect. He quoted me twice as much, so I'm def. gonna hold out and go to your guy.


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