Cute Holiday Mini Dresses - $19.99

As the holiday season is approaching, I can't contain myself to just boring old work clothes. Give me cute mini skirts and cute holiday dresses! Target has a myriad of combo dresses in the juniors department that have the same exact structure - stretchy tee or tank top, combined with elastic waistband and an A-line bottom. They have great reviews on, probably because the aforementioned structure/cut is waist-cinching and flattering for a range of body types.

One of these dresses in particular caught my eye, because of its unique elbow-length sleeves (love this length, different from typical tank or 3/4 length) and colorful, festive brocade printed skirt. It was all sold out in sizes except for a lone XL, so I immediately went home to find it online.

Bleh! As usual, the photo on looks mediocre at best. Seriously, if they got better models, stylists, and photographers, these dresses would probably sell 10x as fast. What's with those clunker rubbery looking mary janes? This is a party dress, and it needs party heels!

Anyways, my size XS arrived yesterday. Since it is stretchy and in juniors sizing, it fits great!! Click "Read More" for more modeling pics : )

This dress is a great "holiday party" length for me (almost 5 foot tall). For anyone taller, I can see how it may be too mini.

Can't get enough of this festive brocade skirt!! Here it is again worn with H&M sheer tights and Aldo satin 4 inch pumps.

For those who are interested, here's the link: Xhilaration Juniors Brocade Dress, $19.99. Xhilaration ... shudder, the brand name just sounds so cheap and bad, almost worse than Mudd. But hey, the only other ppl who would know where it's from (aside from readers, of course) should be women who won't judge me because they also shop at Target, no?

Here are some of their other combo dresses with the same structure. Dress # 1 below is my favorite:
Here's two pic of dress # 4 which I took on my phone.

Not nearly as flattering as dress # 1 where the ruffles are on the skirt, but of course I'm technologically incompetent with iPhones (pushed the "home" button instead of "capture") and the pics of dress # 1 didn't come out at all. So irked! I ended up only buying the brocade one because I have enough black on black dresses. Stay tuned next week for H&M post...soo many cute holiday skirts!


  1. love the unique scoop back of the first dress too!

  2. Ooh, the first dress you posted looks cute. Will have to go find it at Target.


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